with focus off Israel, Norwegian papers also cover other stories

Apart from some base attempts to smear Israel on various NRK channels (will translate when I have the time), Norwegian news media seem to have discovered a new world now that the infatuation with Israel, at least for the moment, is suspended…

See below for a random selection of items that made up the news the last 48 hours:



Dagbladet 2012 08 22, Morten Strand


Fighting has erupted between Alawis (described as Shia) and Sunnis in Tripoli. It is feared Hezbollah will intervene in the fighting, escalating the conflict even further.


Aftenposten 2012 08 23, NTB

Also in other news sources

Syrian Sedki al Malik, 45, released after 27 years in Israeli prison.

Miff.no have as usual dug out the details that were missing from this story, where one might be tricked into believing that Israel jailed this man on a cruel whim…. however, for anybody caring to check out the details, the man had been jailed for planting a bomb at an IDF base, among other things. Our official news agency NTB found it inconvenient to amend their entry after the original news agency AFP saw it relevant to include these details, but it is the Palestinian news agency Maan that gave away the real story. Well done, Maan, too bad you were bragging over this man’s murderous intent…



Nrk Verden 2012 08 23, NTB


Egyptian editors and media people are being jailed and also being legally persecuted over “insulting the President” and “inciting ethnic violence”. These media people are of the liberal segment in Egypt, in opposition to the Islamists.


The Norway Post, 2012 08 23, NRK

The Conservative Party (Høyre) is the nation’s largest political party on Opinion Perduco’s poll for August, made for the news agency ANB.(Photo: Høyre leader Erna Solberg)

Høyre has the support of 33 per cent of those asked, up 2.3 percentage points from the previous poll, and now has overall majority together with the Progress Party (FrP), which is up 1.8 points, to 17.4 per cent.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s Labour Party (AP) drops 0.3 points, to 30.4 per cent. Coalition partner Socialist Left (SV) drops 1.2 points to 4.1 per cent, while the third coaltion party, Agrarians (SP) is up 0.4 points, to 4.9 per cent.

The Christian Democrats (KrF) drops 1.9 points, and now has the support of only 4.0 per cent of the elctorate, the same as the Liberal Left (V), which dropped 0.4 points on Perduco’s poll.



NRK Verden 2012 08 23 NTB

Links to video, see at 32.18

A man speaking Norwegian, referring to himself as Abu Bilal is a figure in a propaganda film by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan; having al Qaeda ties.

The Swedish daily “Svenska Dagbladet” journalist Per Gudmundson writes in his weblog on this film; being of a relatively new date.

The man is telling of his exciting life in Pakistan; living in what he terms the Jihadi life.

“Living in Jihad, living in Hijra and Ribat land, it is an exciting life with great variables. Ups and downs, happy days, sad days. Days of success and trying days”, the man says in a brief performance in this film, lasting about an hour; intended for a German speaking public.

The man tells about sudden events turning life upside down, about marriage and martyr deaths.

“Today we bury martyrs, next day we celebrate weddings”, he says.

“Anything can happen suddenly. In Jihadi life you cannot plan for the next three days, sometimes not even the next hours”, says the man, calling himself “Abu Bilal”.

Link to Mr. Gudmundsson’s weblog, links to film: http://gudmundson.blogspot.se/2012/08/abu-bilal-fran-norge-i-propagandafilm.html




Human Rights Services, Rita Karlsen


This is a threat letter, sent to a number of politicians in Norway by e-mail. HRS has access to the original; they have deleted the names of a number of politicians receiving direct threats.

“We are a group of Muslims sending this request to protect us against pollution and negative values. Additionally, we Muslims want to stay away from this community and will not mingle with you and your dirty values and attitudes. You do not respect your women walking around half naked, behaving unchaste. You allow the dirty disease of homosexuality; being against the humor of nature, and promotes it. Additionally, you permit gender mixing freely, leading to sin only. You have divided families and children out of wedlock for core values, not to mention your loans with interests, alcohol and drugs.

We appeal to you to give us the borough of Grønland which we can rule entirely with our ministers, border guards, police and legal system ruled by Sharia; banning the evil you represent, being against the laws of Allah.

We shall also mention our opposition to the government’s policy; and the Norwegian government has a great responsibility over killing Muslims in many countries. I appeal to you strongly to withdraw your soldiers from Afghanistan and other Muslim countries as soon as possible, also sopping all aid and cooperation with the enemies of Islam. If Norwegian soldiers can fly to Afghanistan, Osama or Mohammed can fly a plane to Norway Inshallah. The government must now waken, taking a responsibility before the war comes to Norway. Before the opponent responds. Before the Muslims take the necessary step. Do not confuse the silence of the Muslims with weakness. Do not misuse the patience of the Muslims. Do not force us to commit something that can be avoided. This is not a threat, only the words of truth. The words of justice. A warning over consequences becoming fatal. A warning over a September 11th on Norwegian soil, or a greater attack than on 2277. This is for your own best and in your own interest.

We shall mention in particular (Names blocked by HRS) who are particularly subject  as they are the ones directly ordering attacks on Muslims. You and some others (blacked out) can and will be held responsible if the war comes to Norway.

Withdraw your soldiers from Muslim countries, stop all cooperation with the enemies of Islam and give us Muslims the borough of Grønland; so we avoid tuning towards other menus, making other necessary measures”.