Senior Pal-activists angry with press because they are not being sufficiently harsh with Israel

While major media outlets have either a) focused on the dramatic events spelling out in Syria, threatening to drag the whole of the Middle East into the fray, or b) been obsessed with the poor Norwegian olympic results, or c) covering the Anders Behring Breivik terror trial, or d) choosing to downscale obsession with Israel since it made them look very bad or e) a mix of all of the above, Pal activists of all ages and creeds are struggling to adjust to this unusual scenario:


Morgenbladet, issue of 24th through 30th of 2012 p 20

Siri Lill Thowsen, Letter to the editor, not online


Siri Lill Thowsen, signing herself as a representative of the “Seniors for Palestine- Norwegian People’s Aid”, writes on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, stating it is not a conflict at all, but all problems are due to Israel using military force against the occupied “Palestinians” through the last  45 years. Morgenbladet is accused over being far too benign in its language versus Israel, and a number of general accusations against Israel are made, concerning breaches of human rights etc.; ending up on this note:

“The ideal of a ‘balanced’ description, as the article refer to, of the relation between a occupied people and the occupier, is entirely absurd! As absurd as it would be as a presentation of Nazi-Germany’s occupation of Norway 1940-45. It is Israel’s occupation and blockade which is central in any description of the situation between Israel and Palestine, I criticize Morgenbladet over omitting this in the article”.

However, it is not only union affiliated Pal activists who have a go:

As usual, NRK journalists bend over backwards to see who can invent, or bend the truth to fit their particular fantasies:

NRK radio P2 program Ekko (go to the program on August 20, Jericho), served a cock and bull story about who Israelis are inventing antique history in order to attract tourists to the Israeli part of Jericho, and Israeli farmers who steal all the water resources and use it for crop irrigation, all served up by Saeb Erekats near relation, Viann Erekat. No Israeli representative had been invited to participate, or share other aspects or comments, so well done to Ekko for keeping up the proud propaganda. has published a story on how even seasoned activist NRK journalist Sidsel Wold dropped her jaws to the floor when the anchor on a news and debate show, Anne Grosvold (on this day dedicated to an ongoing property conflict involving a Palestinian hotel owner and his Norwegian wife and the IDF), stated (in an attempt to provide “balanced and nuanced debate, after having spent a significant amount of time for this part of the program on doing exactly the opposite – google translate the MIFF story to get the gist of the level provided): “So, one might understand the Israeli’s drive to construct is religiously motivated”, ignoring 200% the security situation that prevailed back in the early naughties, when Palestinian suicide bombers went on unending killing sprees in Israel.

Our dear FM Støre is of course up in arms over this and has issued statements where he accuses Israel of breaching international standards and human rights. He is mum on illegal Palestinian construction anywhere in the areas covered by the Oslo Agreement and has managed to be censured by Amnesty for his strange inaction and silence with regards to Russian girl punk band Pussy Riot and their jail sentence for having had a go at Russian Bimboman Putin.

And finally, and old gnome who apparently has nothing better to do with his life than to vomit out lies, distortions, wild fantasies and good old fashioned anti-Semitism, with his near daily diatribes on Christian daily’s Vårt Land’s public debate pages (oddly called ‘debate on values’, pretending to be very ethical, but the comments they will allow…).

In a talkback to an entry where the author Gullberg has translated an article by Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld on Honest Reporting, has a man called Elias Per Vågenes let his divine fury fall over my sinful back. He must have been spitting feathers since an entry back in January this year, I translated his dribble which he so freely publishes on an ostensibly ethical debate forum, and here is his revenge:

I know about this person (he refers to me). A cowardly shit thrower (not an english idiom, but it gives you an accurate impression of his debate technique) who does not even write under full name. If he (macho man assumes that anyone who can write must be a man…. I am a woman, Vågenes) is an example of what Israel wishes to use to defend its reputation (as if Israel cares? Maybe Vågenes is used to living in a controlling society, where you must have the permission and blessing of the political leaders to write whatever you want), we cannot expect any improvement from that department…

So, just to give his heart another round of furious palpitation (calm down, dear!), I have taken the liberty of translating his own entry on the ethical debate forum on July 17:

Hate against an enemy!  Published 17 July

Here at VD many people point to the Palestinians and their hatred against the enemy Zionism and the formation of the Zionist State  Israel. But it is not quite natural to hate those who oppress and who has declared an intent to conquer the area?

Ever since the first Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897, it has been the movement’s goal to conquer Palestine, expel the Palestinians and create a religious state where adherents of the Jewish faith have a privileged status. How can we expect a group of people that ever since the Zionist invasion started in an hostile manner, has been pushed from pillar to post, house and home, will look with favor and confidence of an enemy that knows no limits to their greed?

There cannot be many readers here on the forum who will make a fool themselves by  claiming that the Zionists and the State of Israel, wish the Palestinians well? Or deal with them in a just manner?

I experienced the war. A nation / tribe that has been occupied and abused need not indoctrination to hate. The German invasion of Norway lasted only for 5 years. Nevertheless, many of my generation regard the Germans with suspicions tas a consequence of the experiences  made from 1940 to 1945. In Palestine, the Zionist threat, and invasion and oppression has gone from generation to generation. How can we imagine that love can grow under such conditions

The hatred that exists in the Palestinian population against Zionism and Israel, is a natural consequence of the Zionist crimes against the Palestinians.

Wow! Well done, Vågenes, not only have you published a thoroughly anti-Semitic article on an ethical debate forum (where is the moderator here?), but you have with the same, savage and hateful mindset also insulted any Palestinian with a sliver of decency. To my knowledge, you have as a consequence insulted the entire Palestinian nation. I do hope you do not pretend to represent Norway, you just make us look more intolerant, more hateful. Shame on you.