Norwegian People’s Aid attacks Statoil’s plans to participate in Israeli petroleum industry.

Yet a sample of the anti-Israel mood in significant quarters of the Norwegian Labor movement. Let us not forget that it is the Labor movement that sponsors the Labor party to to the tune of NOK 18 million (the money they coughed up to sponsor the last general election campaign, not included the several millions they pay up annually). And they brag about how this money gives them unlimited access to power.

So, it really is worth listening carefully when the same labor movement gets involved in big business. It will be very interesting to see whose interests will prevail; the ones who want Norwegian industry to prevail and ensure that we have jobs to go to in our oil based economy, or the ones who prefer to cut their noses off to spite their face and trump their anti-Israeli interests before the national interests.

The latter faction do not hold themselves too good to serve lies and smears in order to justify their vile attacks on Israel. And they do have access to big money. So well worth careful monitoring.

– Statoil should not engage in Israel

Technical Review reports that the company is considering engaging in  Israel. The Norwegian People’s Aid and the Union believes Statoil should steer away from Israel as long as the occupation continues.

– Statoil should not invest in Israel while Israel as the occupying power is unwilling to change its policy towards the Palestinians, including allowing them to dispose of their own natural resources, says Liv Torres, Norwegian People’s Aid, the Klassekampen today.

The Norwegian People’s Aid and the  Union believes that Norway must be careful not to go into Israel just as they should be careful in other countries where  conflicts prevail, or where the government suppresses local residents affected by the oil and gas industry.

– Israel systematically deprives Palestinians the opportunity to dispose of their own natural resources, such as soil, groundwater and marine resources. Outside the Gaza Strip is a gas discovery which could brought great value to the Palestinian economy, but for which Israel has blocked development. In the same part of the Mediterranean deprived Palestinian fishermen can fish off the coast of the Gaza Strip, where they are kept within a line of three nautical miles from shore, says Torres to Klassekampen. The Oslo Accords stated Palestinians should have a zone of 20 nautical miles.

– Israel systematically denies Palestinians the right to develop infrastructure and utilize their own resources, so Statoil shouldalso refrain from investing and build a gas industry in Israel, says Stein Gulbrandsen, AU member of the trade union.

Funny, I could have sworn that Israel spends billions a year to help to develop Palestinian infrastructure, train scientists and participate in regional development and protection programs, among them water conservation programs that benefit the whole region. I must have dreamt it.