Støre has some explaining to do

FM Støre has not had a very good year so far in 2012; his unusual way of distributing public funds among close friends had him appear in front of the Parliamentary Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs Committee (which sort of just fizzled out because Støre can of course rely on the automatic majority made up by the Red-Green Coalition, never to be keen on assuming any sort of responsibility), as well as being criticized by the Amnesty International for his very vague response to the Russian punk groups Pussy Riot’s harsh punishment for daring to criticize Putin. He has also not scored very high on his response on the Syrian drama, and now he is once more being hauled in to Parliament by angry members of the opposition who now want to know if Norwegian tax payers money go towards paying the “terror salaries” the PA dishes out for Palestinian terrorists (Lifted from

FM Støre challenged on Palestinian “terror salaries”

Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF) cannot fathom how Norway could be helping to financially support Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons, through the Palestinian Authorities. Now he demands an explanation from FM Støre.

By: Hanne Kristin Pedersen

Earlier this week, FM Støre Jonas Gahr Støre met with his Israeli colleague Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Liebermann informed Støre that 6% of the PA budget goes toward to paying “salaries” to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons as well as to the families of suicide bombers.
FACTS ABOUT ‘salaries’ for terrorists:

Earlier this week, it was made known that the Palestinian Authority uses six percent of its budget to pay “salaries”  to Palestinian prisoners accused of terror.
Annually this makes up about NOK 10 million.
Prisoners with the longest sentence get the highest support from the PA.
Norway is among the biggest contributors to the PA.

– Incomprehensible

KrF politician Kjell Ingolf Ropstad has sent a written question to the Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre in which he asks the State Department to check up the information from Liebermann.

– It is absolutely incomprehensible that Norway can support the PA if this information is correct. I would like the Minister and the Ministry to check whether this information is correct, Ropstad told Dagen.

– If the numbers are correct, Norway must send clear signals that this is unacceptable and consider cutting the funding, he said.
Norwegian Resources

Norway is one of the biggest contributors to the PA budget, and would through this contribute to paying “salaries”    to jailed terrorists.

According to Israeli media, a terrorist can receive support worth NOK 20,000 a month.

Concrete examples provided by the Israeli government show that the longer jail term a prisoner has, the more support he gets from the PA. The gran total for such “terror salaries” is worth tens of millions of Norwegian kroner annually.

Jonas Gahr Støre must respond in writing to the question by Thursday 13th september.


Another Christian daily, Vårt Land, has a slightly different angle on the story; they have hauled “Middle East Expert” Hilde Henriksen Waage out from the closet of forgotten objects, and she doubts this information could be correct. She thinks it is a little strange if the PA were to pay out money to their arch-enemy, Hamas:

It may well be that in the old days, from the PLO’s side, there was a system to support the families of those in prison. And it may well be that Hamas has had a system for its members which goes to the same end, whether they were imprisoned by the PA or Israel, said Waage.

She points out that the Palestinian Authority is currently “thoroughly broke.”

– That they in such a situation would  give large sums of money to someone who represents Hamas, sounds absolutely unlikely. Those who say it can not have any understanding of the internal relationship  between Fatah and Hamas,Waage said.

She does not rule out that there might be several other funding schemes from various Palestinian groups that support the families of the jailed terrorists.

This whitewash sounds as if it could have been delivered by Støre himself; last years on a similar question, a spokesperson for the MFA told Dagbladet:

Social benefits to the families of Palestinians in Israeli prisons are part of the total Palestinian social security system and is intended to compensate for loss of income.

Which of course is the crux of the matter, does Norwegian tax payers money go towards supporting Palestinian terrorists who have been convicted of their crime and are presently locked up in Israeli jails where they cannot harm more innocent Israeli civilians?

It will be very interesting to see if  Støre once more will ignore that very big and fat elephant in the room; Can Norway really be such a lousy friend of the Palestinians that we think it is a waste of energy to tell them that continued support for or glorification of terror, is in fact a very ugly thing and that Norway wont pay up until said practices are abolished.