Støre’s whitewash

here is the reply Støre provided to the MP Ropstad (conservatives) regarding PA financial support to Palestinian terrorists and  families of suicide bombers. As expected, a whitewash… Not even attempting to investigate, but send off a fax to the PA to ask if the figures are right or not… Somehow that does not seem very credible. Tax payers could at least expect that somebody would do the semblance of an investigation before hurrying to absolve the Palestinian Authority widely known for being the incumbent world champions in corruption.


QUESTION IN WRITING NO. 1876(2011-2012)


By the member of Storting Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (CPP) to the FM:

“According to Israeli media, the PA is paying out large sums of money to people incarcerated in Israeli prisons, sentenced over terrorism and murder. Those sentenced to the longest terms, are rewarded with the highest remuneration. Fiscal support also goes to members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. In which fashion will the FM bring up this matter with the PA, safeguarding Norwegian funding from being used in rewarding terrorists?

The FM’s reply:

“I will at first refer to a reply in writing no 1905 (2011-2012) in this same matter by the Member Syversen.

Social support for Palestinians incarcerated in Palestinian and Israeli prisons, and the families of inmates, is anchored in the Palestinians system of Social Security. The purpose is to compensate loss of income. Similar arrangements can be found in the Israeli Social Security system.

We have made enquiries on this arrangement with the PA. According to info we have received, direct support to inmates cover PX expenses.  The PA also covers expenses to paying fines in order to have underage Palestinians released from Israeli prisons. Additionally, families of inmates may receive social aid from the PA. What is paid in support is dependent on how many children the family has, and how many years the inmate has been incarcerated.

In Israeli media there have recently been published claims over up to 6 per cent of the Palestinian’s public funding being used for supporting Palestinian prisoners. We have recently checked upon this with the Palestinian ministry of finance, the IMF and the prisoner’s administration. They have informed about the total support to inmates being significantly lower than Israel media claims. This support cannot be described as having any decisive influence on Palestinians economic hardships,.

Concerning Norwegian funding, I refer to my former reply to the member Syversen.