The Government’s paymaster blames Israel for Palestinian failures, the MFA sponsors BDS conference

Nobody should forget the fact that it is the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions that bankroll the Red-Green coalition. They wield an enormous clout so everybody should sit up straight and take note when leading unionists feel free to maliciously smear Israel. These people brag about how the Red-Green coalition is quick to comply with their smallest wishes:


Fagbladet 2012 09 27, Per Flakstad


The deputy leader of the LO, the Norwegian Histadrut equivalent, Gerd Kristiansen, makes emotional appeal during solidarity conference for Palestine. Ms. Kristiansen criticized Israel over the occupation and the settlements, and stated the Palestinians need of economic growth; she criticized Norwegian businesses over being involved with the occupation. However, she states she was content with the LO not breaching ties with Histadrut.

Copyright: Per Flakstad.

This article is a sanitized version of Ms. Kristiansen’s appeal at this conference.

Her appeal, in full, is to be found at:



“The peace process is at a standstill, illegal settlements are expanded, new are constructed- and there is no Israeli will to negotiate on an independent Palestinian state”.

“In the meantime, the Israeli war machine keeps the Palestinian population more or less “herded in”; preventing the possibility of any positive development in Palestinian businesses”.

“Israel has perpetrated a policy in which the country’s own inhabitants are suppressors, with many young soldiers in war service- many resources have been spent on the occupation. Instead the resources could have been spent on internal development”.

“To the Palestinians this is a question of justice. They have now attempted decade after decade, to negotiate with Israel; the only result being everything turning to the worse. Soon, they have no land left”.

Ms. Kristiansen attacks Histadrut over not having distanced itself from the Israeli Navy’s actions against Mavi Marmara, and for not taking serious the discrimination of Palestinians taking place in Israeli professional life.

Ms. Kristiansen will not however take part in a total boycott of Histadrut, however, she proudly states the LO’s close connections to Palestinian trade unions, the PGFTU. She also states her support over boycotts of Norwegian businesses active in “occupied territories”.

With this as a backdrop, we can now make better sense of why my tax money goes towards sponsoring a BDS conference (in the guise of a “globalization conference”)


Globaliseringskonferansen/Norges sosiale forum


Leftist NGO’s to hold conference in Oslo 1st through 4th of November 2012. Part of their program is undisclosed activism. Their program states “BDS” is to part of this conference, along a great number of selected radical causes. This conference is supported by Norwegian taxpayers, through NORAD and the Norwegian MFA.

Program in Norwegian

The money trail can be found here: Budget, i.e my tax money.