Suggestions for what Gaza activists can do to alleviate the suffering of the Gazans

There might be something to the allegations made by Gaza activists that there is an ongoing crisis there on the Strip. However, it is entirely possible that the fault does not lie with their pet hate object, but with the terror organization they are so busy licking the lower back area of… So, perhaps the Israeli navy should consider letting these useful idiots through the blockade, then they may see with their own eyes the kind of hell Gazans are subjected to under the mob rudel of Hamas


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Heinous atrocities in Gaza

Hamas Security forces are  behind serious abuses such as torture of arrested, detention without a warrant, coerced confessions, biased trials and mock executions, according to a Human Rights Watch report.

John Solsvik
The international human rights group presented  a 43-page report on  Wednesday in which they are requesting Hamas to reform its security forces. The report states that at least three men have been executed after Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in 2007. The men were sentenced to death after extensive torture to elicit “confessions.”

Hamas representatives rejected the report, calling it “pure politics.” They claim it is written “under the influence of various external parties,” and regrets that the report does not address abuses by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.
Kangaroo courts

Military courts in Gaza often accuse  civilians for violations of international law, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says.

After five years of Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip the courts are unfair, prisoner rights are violated routinely and violent security forces have a free pass to do whatever they want. Hamas should stop that kind of abuses, abuses which Egyptians, Syrians and others in the region are risking their lives to put an end to, said Joe Stork of HRW to the Jerusalem Post.

The Independent Human Rights Commission, a non-partisan Palestinian human rights group, said it received 147 complaints of torture committed by members of the Hamas security forces only in 2011. HRW claims that some of the abuses were made  against Palestinian detainees suspected of collaborating with Israel or the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.
Internal strife

Hamas came to power in Gaza in 2007 after bloody battles with the Western-backed Palestinian Fatah party. After that, the Palestinians have been split between the Hamas-controlled Gaza and the PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S., EU and Israel for suicide bombings and other attacks aimed at civilians that have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people.