Its official – Gaza better off than Israel (so the useful idiots on Estelle can now safely continue on to Syria where there is real hardship)

How this is relevant news coverage of Israel, Gaza or the Middle east in general beats me, but apparently, this is what the NRK wants the average Norwegian to know about the situation. In choosing this topic over say the continued tragedy in Syria, the inherent risk of a spill over to Lebanon and Turkey, or even the dissolution of the Knesset and early election scheduled for January 22, shows the morbid preoccupation this institution has with Israel.

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Gaza gets iPhone 5 before Israel

Although expensive, the new Apple iPhone 5 sells like hotcakes in the Gaza Strip, long before it is on sale in Israel.

Published 10.16.2012 7:54.


The new line of smart phones are being smuggled through the tunnels to from Egypt to Gaza, delivered from Dubai to Palestinian merchants.

Thus, the phones are available in the isolated Gaza Strip several months before they are presented for sale in high-tech Israel.

There, the iPhone 5 wont be launched  until December.

On Monday, the new smart phones were on display in  show windows of at least three stores in the center of Gaza City, at double the price than the US.

– I have ordered 30 and sold 20 so far. We can order as many as we want, but most people wait for prices to come down. They are quite expensive,  one of the traders says.