Norwegian MP en route to Gaza to buy iPhone 5

Among the crew of really useful idiots en route to Gaza on the ship Estelle, is the Norwegian MP Aksel Hagen from the moribund Socialistic Left Party. I note that the MP is traveling during the regular session of the Storting, in other words letting his hatred of Israel getting in the way of the work he has been chosen to do, to represent the will of the people. I hope the Right Honorable gentleman has noted that his party is poised for being kicked out of Parliament all together at the next election and that his pathetic leader, Audun Lysbakken is moronic enough to interpret Espen Barth Eide’s – our new FM – strong warning to the Norwegians headed for Gaza, not as a criticism of the Socialistic Left Party’s baffling refusal to accept the UN’s verdict that Israel’s blockade of Gaza as lawful and that they are entitled to enforce it. Since these two gentlemen are unable to understand that the Norwegian electorate is about to read them the riot act (kick them out of the Storting), I suppose all we can do is to yawn and be bored while we casually observe the agonic fizzling out of this really, really useless party. Bye bye, keep the change! The new FM also makes himself no favors buy insisting that Israel’s blockade of Gaza is unacceptable. What does he propose Israel should do? Ignore the thousands of mortars and grad rockets sent from Gaza with love? Or wait for the UNSC to intervene, just as they have been helpful in Syria? Or actually protect Israelis who are unfortunate enough to live close to the Gaza border? Maybe the new FM should inform himself on how his previous ministry, the one of defense, has silently accepted that Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan have killed unarmed and unsuspecting civilians just because they were afraid the hapless Afghans could do them some harm! There is a new book on the market, maybe he could get a good friend to buy him a copy?

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Verdens Gang 2012 10 18

Erlend Skevik

FM Espen Barth Eide issues a direct warning to the Norwegian activists this weekend  making a renewed attempt at breaking the Israeli maritime blockade of the Gaza strip. The ship “Estelle”, carrying pro-Pal activists is on its way towards the Gaza strip. According to the “Ship to Gaza” NGO, the ship is expected to arrive at the coast of Gaza this weekend.

Aboard the ship is, among others, Aksel Hagen, a Socialist member of Storting.

FM Espen Barth Eide has now issued a robust warning towards his RedGreen government partner.“Norwegian authorities issues a warning against breaking the Israeli naval blockade; this being connected to great danger”, Barth Eide tells VG.

Not behind.

Barth Eide points to the member of Storting himself being responsible over his actions; making it totally clear at the same time that the government is not behind this action.

On the contrary, he repeats the warning by his predecessor Jonas Gahr Støre, who has formerly established the “activists being in danger of being exploited by groups having other motives than those they intend to support”.

He also reminded the activists over the goods entering Gaza going to a “Hamas controlled economy”.

“I hold the opinion there is still a reason for issuing such a warning. This having been said, the expressed goal of this convoy, as far as I have understood it, is primarily to make a political manifestation; (and) not to bring goods into Gaza”, Barth Eide says.

“At present there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Goods are entering Gaza in sufficient amounts to cover the basic needs of the population”, he points out.

The leader of the Socialists, Audun Lysbakken, points out he does not regard the FM’s warning as criticism of the participation of the Socialist member in this action.

“In the opinion of the Socialist Party, the blockade of Gaza is not acceptable; this is what Aksel wants to point out through his participation”, Lysbakken says.

 Criticizing Norway.

Israeli authorities has formerly criticized the Norwegian government over not having put enough pressure upon Norwegian activists attempting to break the blockade on Gaza.

Barth Eide confirms such convoys have been a theme in several talks in later years. Never the less, he does not fear the participation of a representative of a government party in this action will damage Norway’s relationship to Israel.

“The Israeli authorities are well acquainted with Norway’s view over this type of convoys, and the Norwegian authorities issuing advice against attempts to break the Israeli naval blockade”, Barth Eide says.

 Will stop the ship.

Israel has formerly halted most attempts at sailing to the Gaza strip. In 2010, nine activists were killed and several Israeli soldiers severely wounded as the Israelis boarded an international emergency aid convoy.

In June of last year, Norwegian Gaza activists made a new attempt at reaching Gaza, the ships were however withheld by the Greek authorities; never being allowed to leave Greece.

Israel has now made it clear the ship containing Norwegian Gaza activists will be stopped before arriving at the coast. Captain Bjørn Hermann, a spokesman of the Israeli military (IDF), confirms to VG the IDF’s intent of stopping all ships attempting to bring goods to Gaza.

“We maintain an international legal maritime blockade on Gaza. The reason is numerous attempts to smuggle weaponry and munitions; regularly being used against the civil population of Israel”, Hermann says.

Rocket attack.

In later weeks, a series of attacks have again been launched by militant groups in Gaza, directed at Israel. According to the IDF, 45 rockets have been launched at Israel in October only. Israel has responded through bombing a number of targets in Gaza.

 “Rocket attacks directed at Israeli population centers from Gaza may enable Israel to implement certain measures to prevent supplies of weapons and other means of attack to Gaza. It is however not indifferent how or where such control or force measures are actually executed”, Barth Eide says.

The FM at the same time pointed out the Israeli blockade is unacceptable.

”Convoys still being planned directed at Gaza is a sign of outspread international frustration over the Israeli closing of Gaza. I can understand this frustration. Though some relief was made in 201o, many Israel restrictions still remains, not least concerning export from Gaza and the free movement of people”, Barth Eide says.