Ship of really useful idiots stopped, FM Eide says it was a bit too much

It is hard to figure out what FM Eide was thinking about, when he first warned Gaza sailors that they should take care to not attempt to break Israel’s legal blockade of Gaza, or risk facing the consequences, or, in his own words 

Norwegian authorities issues a warning against breaking the Israeli naval blockade; this being connected to great danger”, Barth Eide tells VG.

Not behind.

Barth Eide points to the member of Storting himself being responsible over his actions; making it totally clear at the same time that the government is not behind this action.

On the contrary, he repeats the warning by his predecessor Jonas Gahr Støre, who has formerly established the “activists being in danger of being exploited by groups having other motives than those they intend to support”.

He also reminded the activists over the goods entering Gaza going to a “Hamas controlled economy”.

“I hold the opinion there is still a reason for issuing such a warning. This having been said, the expressed goal of this convoy, as far as I have understood it, is primarily to make a political manifestation; (and) not to bring goods into Gaza”, Barth Eide says.

“At present there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Goods are entering Gaza in sufficient amounts to cover the basic needs of the population”, he points out.

 Today, after diplomatic efforts to stop the ship failed, and as warned on several occasions, Israel took action to stop the ship.
As one could expect, the tossers on board the ship (including two Norwegian MPs, Aksel Hagen (Socialistic Left party) and Herman Reksten (Labour), claim that the ship was attacked by the Israeli navy, a dirty trick to try to stick another lie on Israel and Jews. But that our new FM should stumble so quickly in his own words (see above), really does raise questions about his moral compass and judgement.
Lifted from and appalling translation curtesy of google translate

Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide (Labour) says Israeli soldiers boarding of the sailboat Estelle, heading to the Gaza Strip, was a bit over the top.

The Finnish sailboat Estelle, with four Norwegians on board, was on its way to the Gaza Strip, bringing footballs, books and medical equipment when it was boarded by Israeli soldiers on Saturday.

The boat was later the same day towed to the Israeli mainland by Israeli naval vessels. Nobody was reported injured in the take-over, which occurred in international waters.

– An inspection in itself would not be so problematic, but to arrest those on board and towing into this boat is massive over-reaction and far beyond what one can say is reasonable.
They hardly had anything illegal on board, Eide said.

MFA will help

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the impression that the crew on board are treated in a good way. He said that the Foreign Ministry will provide consular assistance to the four Norwegian citizens currently detained by Israeli authorities.

– Such forays are risky, and we have advised Norwegians against taking part in such missions. Fortunately, it appears that this takeover has been peaceful, Eide said.

On their homepage write Ship to Gaza that the attack occurred in international waters.

Israeli authorities had already warned in advance that they will stop the fleet.

In a press release, the Israeli military said  that the people who were on the ship will be detained by Israeli police and immigration authorities under the command of the Interior Ministry.

Previous attempts stopped

Israel has previously stopped most attempts to sail to the Gaza Strip.

In 2010, nine activists were killed and several sira love soldiers seriously wounded when Israelis boarded a international aid convoy.

 I also wonder if the MFA will offer consular help to the many Norwegian Islamic extremists who now are flocking to Syria, probably not in order to sunbathe or enjoy the pretty landscape. Said macho-cum-violence adventures now worries many security specialists all over Europe, who now have to face up to the fact that we are now going to have to look out for Islamic extremists who have participated in illegal bootcamp in Syria, as illegal warriors. When I come to think about it, I cannot remember to have seen that the Red Cross wants to prosecute said Islamists for taking part in an illegal conflict. I think the Norwegian Red Cross only reserves such initiatives for Norwegian Jews who also are Israeli soldiers.
Meanwhile, does somebody know where I can lodge a complaint against the two MPs who are embarrassing Norway and who also are skiving off from work as legislators in the Norwegian Parliament which now is in session. it does not get any better with the leader of the moribund Socialistic Left party howling that he holds Israel responsible for the safety of the Norwegian fraudsters who have taken part in this “convoy” (they promised many ships, and scores of people, one lousy yacht and 30 clueless loonies certainly does not raise the wow factor significantly. What an embarrassment to the nation these fraudsters are!