Islamist thug threatens Norwegian Jews over their security concerns

Following the damning OSCE report on Norwegian intolerance towards Jews and Muslims, national newspapers have reacted with make belief remorse and crocodile tears, but also renewed efforts to address in some way or another the real dangers the Jewish community is exposed to. So, in what can only be construed as good spirit, VG published an article yesterday highlighting the vulnerability of the Jewish community in Norway (appalling translation courtesy of Google translate… apologies in advance)

Jews in Norway feel unsafe in the wake of the terrorist attacks in other European countries.

The report from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on hate crimes in Norway, Norwegian authorities harshly criticized for not protecting the synagogue.

“Governments have paid for some protection around the building. But the guard they must take responsibility for themselves, which means a huge financial burden for such a small percentage of the population, “the report said.

Last week it was also announced that participants in a hunting course should have come with extreme threats against Jews.

The Jewish community in Oslo has repeatedly found that they do not get police protection, that the police do not call on their own initiative and that inquiries are not answered said Trustee Ervin Kohn.

He lists among other things the following examples:

*** Part of the Jewish festival of the harvest was completed without the police had no security in place.

*** After a bomb at a Jewish kindergarten in Malmo, it was completely silent from the police and it was not put into any security at the synagogue, senior center or nursery in Oslo.

*** When Mohammed Merah in March shot and killed eight under several attacks, amongst other at a Jewish school in Toulouse, it was not put into any ward in Oslo.

Until a few years ago it was permanent guard outside the synagogue worship on Saturdays, after assailants shot with large caliber ammunition against built in 2006. Arfan Bhatti was convicted of mental involvement shots and vandalism on building.

– Parents call me and ask if it is safe to take the kids in kindergarten today, says Kohn, who says that it is hard to know what to answer.

– I said that the police protect us, but that it should be up to each individual to make their own judgments, says Koh.
He believes that better security is particularly important during the Jewish holidays.

– It also has a deterrent effect and a psychological effect that you see that the police are present. It affects the perceived safety says Kohn.

Probable terrorist

A source with intimate knowledge of threats against Jews in Europe believe that it is more likely that a terrorist will strike Jewish targets synagogues, schools and kindergartens, than the embassy buildings. The source stressed that there are no known threats in Norway, but that anti-Semitic attacks in Europe often have a following effect.

– There is a history here where there have been incidents in the past. But there’s no denying that there will always be a disparity between the desire for protection and what the police are able to conduct. We deal with the current threat assessments and the information police. have access to. If we have information that indicates that something will happen, we react, says chief of staff Johan Fredriksen of the Oslo police.

– If the Jewish community feel that they do not get a response, it is regrettable. That said, is not it best to have a dialogue about this through the media, says chief of staff.

Will go through routines

He still takes the criticism on behalf of the police.

– We will verify a routine. A good communication is good for both parties.

Contacted Justice

He confirmed that police were guarding the synagogue during the Jewish harvest festival celebration after Kohn wrote to Secretary Paul Lønseth the Justice Department (JD).

– When was the caseworker advised the letter, but as I understand it was working on this when already started, says Fuller.

– Later in the day I was also confronted with the fact that there was a need for this and said that since we only respond to it.

The talkbacks to this article are shocking, to put it mildly, and one wonders if the moderator is on permanent vacation on any article relating to Jews and Israel. However, the most shocking response came from a diapered thug called Abaydullah Hussain, some self-made pathetic brainectomized Islamist chauvinist, had this lovely message to the Jewish community on his Facebook:

I shall give them protection… Inshallah, as soon as I get my hunter license (a loop hole sly islamists use to legally get their hands on guns in Norway M.McG) and get myself an AK 47.

The rest of his posting was equally disgusting, holding Norwegian Jews responsible for anything Israel might do, confirming the Islamist principle that Norwegian Jews are the enemies of Islam just because they are Jews. The police had a botched attempt at nabbing this nob for these clear threats, however, Mr. Hussain, no doubt after receiving sound advice from his lawyer, presented himself to the police later on today.

Aftenposten too has found the time opportune to shed a couple of crocodile tears, but for what it is worth here is a “translation” (courtesy of google translate…) by political editor Harald Stanghelle’s (who on several previous occasions has done his outmost to stir the pot) oped following the scathing OSCE report…

Justified apprehension
It is both sad and surprising that the Jewish community must use half of the member revenue security.

Sunday Aftenposten published an OSCE report that reeks of concern for a growing anti-Jewish attitudes in Norway. Unfortunately, we know that the report has much right. A series of incidents, violence and surveys over the last ten years have shown just the same tendency as described.

Harald Stanghelle
The OSCE report also criticizes police efforts against hate crimes. And few groups are more prone to this than just our own small Jewish minority.
It just sad that outrageous fact is that there are reasons for his apprehension. It is fired at the synagogue in Bergstien. More and exercised various forms of contamination and vandalism around this Jewish gathering place. Different types of threats are no rarity.

Besides scaring tracks from other countries, including our neighbor Sweden. It’s just a short month ago that the Jewish community in Malmö were subjected to a dramatic bombings. Fortunately no one was injured – it is only due to pure chance.

Reacting strongly to attitudes to Jews

OSCE delegation is concerned about the Norwegians’ views on Israel and Jews. A recent report criticizes police efforts against hate crimes and present ban on Jewish and Muslim slaughter of animals.

Cautious criticism
With such political-religious voldsbakteppe it is not at all strange that the Jewish community here in Oslo taking precautions. Board and CEO Ervin Kohn says with a degree of caution about the religious community funds must use safety rather than more positive activities. Kohn shows admirable restraint in criticizing society and the police. Yet it is less than what he says you miss the security support that had been natural to get for a small and vulnerable minority.

The time for acceptance is over
This is something particularly fresh Oslo police should take into account the fact. It is sad and discouraging that it seems as if the Oslo police and other relevant authorities look the other way when it comes to the necessary safety precautions around the minority who are among the groups in this country often pointed out as hatobjekter. Some support is given, but not nearly enough. Such should not be accepted anymore.

Especially at a time when both the Defence Intelligence and Police Security Service has recently seen its obligation to inform Parliament’s extended foreign and defense of a dramatic increase in terrorist risk. It is caused by radical and violent wing Norwegian Islamists who now receive combat training in countries like Syria, Pakistan, Somalia and Afghanistan. The fear of what these extremists are planning on home, is great.

We know, of course, not what is planned, but one thing is certain: These extremists are Jew hatred intense and widespread.