Norwegian Muslim stands up for Norwegian Jews, but attacks Israel for defending itself.

At first glance this oped published in Dagbladet, seems like a frontal attack on Muslim anti-Semitic sentiments, but careful reading reveals that the writer in no way has understood the criticism the OSCE lodged against Norway, nor has he got the slightest grasp of modern the hallmarks of modern anti-Semitism. If he truly had wanted to condemn Mr. Hussain’s anti-Semitism, and confront his unveiled threats against this tiny ethnic minority, he would of course not have made any references to Gaza or the fact that Israel rightfully apprehended Norwegian MP’s and other useful idiots who were headed to Gaza in an intent to block the legal blockade Israel upholds against the Hamas regime there. Or, if he really thought the two incidents were remotely connected, which they are of course not, he could have taken the time to also add his concerns regarding the near daily barrage of rockets and mortars Israeli citizens have had to endure… Interestingly, the writer, Kamil Azhar, is employed by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. They are not exactly famous for their fair and unbiased treatment of immigrants in Norway… Maybe he should focus more on this and if and when he has a need to address anti-Semitic sentiments among the Norwegian Muslim population, he should not deflect focus on this problem by trying to bring Israel into the equation. This is exactly the kind of stuff the OSCE and others have severely criticized us for, this failure to keep matters related to Norwegian Jews far away from stuff related to Israel and the ME conflict.

Today, we are all Jews

I will neither confirm nor deny whether I think you’re a dirtbag, Ubaydullah.

Political scientist and UDI-employed
Thursday 25 October 2012 kl.13: 20

Kamil Azhar holds a master in political science and work at UDI.

It is anybody’s guess just what he meant by his comments  but under the colorful towel on his head, and with the quasi-pious beard and baggy pants you belt out one stupidity after another. The latest such stupidity is your refusal to confirm or deny that you threaten Norwegian Jews.

A congregation in Oslo, a religious group, is not a part of an occupying power. Nor  is a whole people, regardless of the occupation in question. A Hindu temple at Ammerud is not responsible for India’s occupation of Kashmir. Moroccan cultural centers in Oslo are not responsible for Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara, the Turkish grocer shop on the corner is not responsible for the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus. In the same manner, your old congregation cannot be blamed for the shooting of   Malala Yousafzai. Similarly, you are also not to blame for this shooting.

According to you, we Muslims are one nation and one people. Now, it is probably unlikely that I am a Muslim in your eyes, and thus not part of your people (which is a good thing)  but I can’t imagine anybody who would like to be associated with you and your nation?

Behind your “Insha ‘Allah’s and” peace be upon him ” your hateful and twisted mind shine so clearly that it amounts to being ridiculous to take you seriously. But as you said: it is correct to react when an injustice has taken place. And your comments and opinions are not only unjust (in the literal sense), lewd and un-Islamic, but so unreasonable that it is impossible not to react.

A week after the boat Estelle defied the Israeli military power and attempted to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza with their voyage to the Gaza Strip, while Israeli Jews Elik Elhanan, Reut Mother and Yonathan Shapira were treated to electroshock and imprisonment only for having shown their disgust against the occupation,  you hang out at Birkelunden and “neither deny or confirm” that you have threatened  a group of people in Oslo. One assumes that your so called studies in religion has taught you that it is prohibited to attack  buildings belonging to other religions ? That only combatants in a war are legitimate targets and not the whole nation? And preferably not 2000 km away from the occupation in question.

The occupations of this world require the world’s attention. We need Estelle. Injustice needs idealists! Bloggers! Yes, as we’ve seen in the last two years – even revolutions! The last thing they need is idiots like you!

You’ll wear what you want, Ubaydullah. You are free to have as long a beard as you wish. But you will not go unchallenged as you spread your message of hate and cause fear with your statements and opinions in my city. That I can assure you of. And you cross not only moral boundaries – you threaten people on their lives. I trust the police that you can not do it with impunity. Insha ‘Allah. You and your buddies in your Ummah have already been given free reins for too long.

That’s enough now, Ubdaydullah. I grieve for what you do with the name of Islam. But today is not that what is most important: Today we should all be members of the Jewish community.

In contrast, this is what Abid Raja had to say about the same situation (abysmal translation by google translate – apologies to Mr. Raja for mucking up several of his finer points) Lifted from :

Unacceptable harassment of the Jews

The radical Islamists are few. But several thousand Norwegian Muslims attitudes toward Jews that can not be accepted, Abid Raja.

Andreas Slettholm, Arild M. Jonassen, Hans O. Torgersen
Published: 27.okt. 2012 10:42 Updated: 28.okt. 2012 10:27

Yesterday he visited the Jewish community in Oslo. Outside the synagogue, he meets Elisabeth Malting and hugs her spontaneously. As a Norwegian Muslim it was important for Raja to demonstrate this support for the Jews rather than to celebrate the Islamic festival Eid.

Yesterday was in many ways unique to Norwegian Jews. It was the day after Ubaydullah Hussain (27) of the Prophet’s Ummah was arrested for threats against journalists and Norwegian Jews. And it was exactly 70 years ago since 336 male Jews over 15 years were arrested in their homes and brought to the camp Berg in Vestfold before deportation to Germany.

– Hatred of the Jews must be stopped. Attitude change must begin in each home. We are naive if it be denied that many Muslims receive prejudices against Jews with mother’s milk. I pointed out this hatred in an article a short while ago. Many Muslims denied it. Now the truth can be seen in broad daylight. The police must have zero tolerance for extremists, says Raja.

The family of Elizabeth Malting fled to Sweden when the net contracted around Norwegian Jews in 1942. Her maternal grandfather was lucky and escaped because he was in hospital when Jewish men were taken for deportation to Germany.


– It is painful to see this hatred again 70 years later, she says of the latter-day threats Hussain set out on Facebook. In the last message was this about Jews:

“They are real pigs and must be stopped. It is a pity that the brother who shot the synagogue in 2006 did not hit anyone!

On the wall of the synagogue the bullet holes from the shooting attack six years ago are still visible. Arfan Bhatti, one of the key people in the Prophet’s Ummah, was convicted of complicity in the shooting in 2006.

Before this attack the Jewish community always had police guard in connection with services. In later years, they had no such protection, except when there is trouble in the Middle East.

Throwing rocks and bottles
Stones and bottles are regularly thrown at the synagogue, by both ethnic Norwegians and others behind. Occasionally the perpetrators also shout hateful words towards those who come and go to events in the synagogue.

Malting says they spend considerable amounts of money on security measures, and that they could wish for more help from the police.

Abid Raja and other Muslims who oppose radical Islamists are  also threatened, but he says that Norwegian Jews receive a different level of hatred.

– There is no harassment as systematic as against Jews. I call for political will to protect them, says Abid Raja, who has received a threatening call from Arfan Bhatti.

– Abusing Islam
CEO Ghulam Sarwar in the mosque Ahl-e-Sunnat in Urtegata in Oslo enjoying himself with good food between id celebration and Friday prayers, when Aftenposten came to visit yesterday. He said the radical Islamists in the Prophet’s Umma are abusing Islam.

– Why are these extremists so angry?

– They have an intolerable attitude which is hard to explain. Such thugs are everywhere. Recently I was asked by students visiting the mosque how anyone could attack the 14-year-old Malala in Pakistan, she was shot in the head because she fought for the right of girls to education. My daughter knew well 16 year old Sigrid as the summer was kidnapped and murdered in Oslo. They attended the same class, says Sarwar.

And to round it off, in a radio debate in the program the Value Exchange, the program presenters brought up for discussion the OSCE criticism of Norway and its intolerance to Jews and Muslims, a criticism that pointed out that Norway’a lopsided coverage of the ME conflict, where Israel is often demonized, can give rise to anti-Semitism. 3 people were invited, including the leader of the Jewish Community in Oslo, Erwin Kohn, Holocaust center researcher and co-author of the report on anti-Semitism in Norway, Øyvind Kopperud, and the leader of Ship to Gaza in Norway, Torstein Dahle. It was a most bizarre performance, where – naturally – Kohn and Kopperud correctly defined modern anti-Semitism and correctly placed in today’s context, whereas Mr. Dahle, with all his hatred, publicly stated that he thinks Israel itself is responsible for the rise in anti-Semitism in today’s world. He obviously and most energetically was firmly put in place by Kohn and Kopperud (Kohn even using the F word), but I note to my great satisfaction that Mr. Dahle has himself shown us the anti-Semitic platform of his so-called pro-Palestinian activism. In his very own words and long winded explanation, only Jews who are opposing Israel are worthy of his admiration and respect, whereas for him, the vast majority of Jews around the world today, who do not share his extremist views and who do not feel that they have to stand up to Israel, are themselves the cause of the racist abuse they suffer merely for being Jews.

I am so glad this idiot used his time on air, on public radio to clarify his thoughts and ideas. He is – in his own words- a regular and run of the mill bigot. Thank you NRK, for inadvertently pulling down his pants.