what is going on at the DMT congregation in Oslo

A concerned member of the Jewish community in Oslo sent me a copy of the weekly newsletter which is distributed among members. In addition to the usual insights on the torah portion of the week, and the usual trivia such as birthdays and kiddush hosts, a most curious fact box has been included:


The information in the fact box is nothing less than stunning, and should ensure that the DMT immediately becomes the darling of pro-Palestinian organizations, all and sundry.

This is the translation:

Did you know
… there are elections in Israel 22 January?
In this election, around 23% living
under Israeli rule have no right to
vote. In East Jerusalem and the cities
surrounding which were annexed in 1967 live
almost 187,000 Israelis all of who
have voting rights while 255,000
Palestinians do not have the opportunity to
voice in elections to the knesset. That figure is
nearly 2 million in the West Bank.
Within the Green Line 5.5
million Israelis and 1.4 million
Palestinians are elegible to vote.
(All figures in the demographics are from
the Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel and the CIA
Fact Book)
Beyond the fact that this is a most curious piece to include in a shabbat newsletter, it appears to be not entirely accurate. Like most other countries, Israel does not allow non-citizens to vote, be it an oleh chadash who for various reasons does not take Israeli citizenship, or anybody else who lives there on a permanent basis but does not acquire citizenship. That might explain the inflated number of residents without voting rights.
Far more interesting – what is the purpose of this information? Who stands to gain on it, and where?