Rachel Suissa’s right of reply

After the very ugly attack on Ms. Suissa by Aftenposten, she was allowed her right of reply:

Rabid Jew Rejects criticism of herself

By Michal Rachel Suissa

On 5 November the Aftenposten published an Op. Ed. under the heading “Greetings from a Rabid,” a reaction to my comments on the latest conversion of Ms. Anne Sender.  Ms. Sender claims to have gotten a new understanding of the sufferings of the Palestinians.  We find nothing new in Ms. Sender’s narrative.  She has, like the editor in chief of Aftenposten, long experience from a close encounter with anti-Israeli organizations on the extreme left, a fact which has caused harm to Jews in Norway.

Anne Sender’s opinion about Israel is unimportant compared to that of Aftenposten which has a broader audience.  A couple of weeks ago the OSCE presented a report warning against the treatment of minority groups in Norway.  Aftenposten reported about this criticism but failed to mention that the objections were not directed at the people of Norway, but was first and foremost a warning against the anti-Israeli propaganda conveyed by Norwegian mainstream media.  The OSCE criticism was directed against Aftenposten other media, a fact which was withheld.

What I regretted in my comment about Sender was that she with her own project  is legitimizing the very anti-Israeli propaganda that Aftenposten and other colleagues are being criticized for by the OSCE. The fact that the newspapers don’t have the courage to admit how untruthful your presentation of the Jewish state is, will still be a topic for our comments, regardless of  the diagnosis of rabies or other words of abuse from AFtenposten.  If you don’t think the Debate of values” on the paper Vårt Land’s web site  has an anti-Semitic profile, you have not read comments therein.