Norway, Israels best friend is now working to take the EU junior championship from Israel

Even in sports, the battle against Israel gets free reins. It is interesting to note that the president of the Norwegian Football Federation readily admits that he himself has worn the Palestine lapel pin, but worrying to note that the does not appear to realize that he represents Norwegian football (which honestly isn’t a very big deal), and not his own privately held beliefs. I also wonder why he has not shown the same enthusiasm to be helpful to other groups, or why indeed he has not bothered to enquire how come Israel, an Asian country, can only play football in the European league. It is baffling how he so easily accepts this most intolerable anti-Semitism that lies behind the Asian Football Federation’s exclusion of Israel from its midst in 1974. And to their eternal shame, neither the UEFA, FIFA or any other of the useless, yet massively corrupt football organizations.


Dagsavisen 2012 11 10, Tor Kise Karlsen

Soccer. Norway has qualified for the under 21 European championships. This shall take place in Israel. Pressure to move the championships from Israel has started.

On this picture (go to link in title to see picture), the president of the Norwegian Football Association, Yngve Hallèn willingly poses beside the Palestinian flag after having received an open letter by something referred to as the “Working group UEFA Israel Y21”. An appeal is forwarded to the Norwegian Football Association to remove the European championship for under 21 years olds from occupier state Israel.

Yngve Hallèn willingly received the open letter and the appeal to influence the European Football Association (UEFA) to move the European championship to another country than Israel.

A badge for Palestine accompanied the appeal.

“I have been wearing such a badge myself”, the Soccer President states.

Shall meet with Platini.

“I shall meet with the president of the UEFA, Michael Platini, on Monday, Yngve Hallèn states. “And I shall raise this issue with him”.

This is because Platini have made strong statements on Israeli policies  towards Palestinians and Palestinian football in particular.

Israel prevents Palestine from playing national matches, because Palestinian players are denied exit from the Palestinian territories. Palestinian cup finales have been forced to cancel due to soccer players not being allowed to move from Gaza to the West Bank and vice versa. This is not according to the fair play campaign of the UEFA, appealing for respect. Platini has the also threatened Israel to cancel the championships- a threat not likely to become a reality.

Incarcerated football players.

Also, Israel harass football players. On July the 10th ,football player Mahmoud Sarsak was released. By then, he had been detained by Israel without any charges or verdict since 2009. After a 96 day’s hunger strike, he was finally released. By then, soccer legend Eric Cantona and a number of French football players led by Frederic Kanoute had attempted to put pressure on the Israeli authorities, supported by Platini.

Using the championship.

Still, the Palestinians Olympic team keeper Omar Abu Rois and player Mohammed Nimr of Ramallah are incarcerated with no charge or verdict. Nimr is stated to have been subject to torture.

Arranging this championship for Israel increases its status.

“I fear Israel shall use this championship for propaganda purposes”, says Yngve Hallèn .

“But then we shall use it from the other side to highlight the problem”, he continues.

Yngve Hallèn also states the Norwegian youth players shall receive an introduction to the Palestinian conflict.

“Yes, this shall be a theme for the Norwegian players awaiting the championship”, he says.

No boycott.

A group of Norwegian football supporters including some well-known names like Jon Michelet and Gerd von der Lippe are behind the appeal sent to Hallèn, which he received on yesterday.

“This is not a question of a boycott; but over having the championships moved”, says Gullbrand Giacobbe-Helleberg, one of those behind the initiative.

“And this is a struggle for Palestinian football to develop freely. This is something Platini has also demanded”, he continues.

If they are not to reach their goal, however, and the championships will be arranged in Israel, he sees it as likely that some will travel to Israel during the championships, to mark their own views.

“In some ways, one can say a bad cause is turned into a good cause. This gives us the opportunity to focus on the Palestinian conflict until, and during, the championships”, he says to Dagsavisen.

Lets just hope the “schooling” prospective football players from Norway will receive also includes unbiased information on the number of suicide attacks, successful or thwarted from the West Bank and now, precisely as I am writing, rockets aimed directly at school children, women and elderly in Israel from Gaza.

However, with the admission from the football president is a badge bearing pro-pal, I am afraid whatever schooling that will take place, in reality will amount to brain washing.