Reactions to Kings honor medal to anti-Semite

I am pleased to note that many Norwegians, among them some very prominent ones react, as I did, with disbelief to the news that the anti-Semite and anti-democrat Trond Ali Linstad has been awarded the Kings Honor Medal.

Oslo mayor Fabian Stang refuses to hand over the award, saying that he really needs to feel that he can identify with the winner; researchers at the Holocaust Center call it simply a scandal that a person who is expressing classic anti-Semitic thoughts has been given this award, ¬†whereas the appointed trustees of the center find it ‘odd’ that Mr. Linstad has been awarded this honor. All the newspapers are abuzz with this scandal and have helpfully provided more information, such as that the Islamic Council in Norway has broken off its relations with Mr. Linstad for his clearly articulated anti-democratic ideas.

Jewish Community leader Erwin Kohn has also been interviewed regarding this, and says it is insensitive to give this medal to Mr. Linstad and detracts from the honor bestowed on previous winners of the award .

One can only hope that the King himself puts his foot down, this award is not only a scandal, but is also an ugly smudge on his Majesty’s very good and deeply beloved name.