Not in Norwegian news; how Hamas rockets kill Gazans

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Hamas rockets kill Gazans


Hamas rockets kill civilians in Gaza

Mohammed Yasser Sadallah (4) was held up by the Egyptian prime minister as an example of innocent Palestinian blood that flowed because of Israeli aggression. But it was a Hamas rocket killed a Palestinian boy and a 20-year-old on the 16th of November.

By Odd Myrland Published: 19/11/2012, at. 11:45 pm, Updated: 19/11/2012 at. 11:55 pm


The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) keeps track of every single rocket from Hamas. Many of the rockets are homemade, and are more and less accurate. Approximately 1 out of 10 missiles does not make it over to Israel, but lands in Gaza.
Israeli missiles and bombs are very carefully calibrated to affect as few civilians as possible. Sometimes mistakes happen, it happens in all wars, and fewer in Israel than in other countries (including the war Norway itself is involved in).
But it is reasonable to believe that a place as densely populated as Gaza, a number of deaths in Gaza is due to own rockets. Monday 19th November, when this was posted, nearly 100 Hamas rockets hit Gaza itself, according to Petra Marquardt-Bigman in  on Monday 19 november 2012.
For example, it is reason to believe that a boy who was killed while the Egyptian prime minister was visiting Gaza, was hit by a Hamas rocket. Israel did not fire any rockets during this visit. The CNN calls the boy a “symbol of civilian casualties.” He was in fact killed by a Hamas rocket.
– It is certainly not the first time that such an error occurs, says Hamdisha Kura, deputy chairman of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights to The Telegraph. His organization believes the boy who was held up by the Egyptian prime minister was killed by a rocket from the Palestinian side.
Similar episodes have been reported several times, for example in 2008 and 2005.
Hamas uses civilian casualties on their side to create international condemnation of Israel, says law professor Alan M. Dershowitz in an article 19 november.
This YouTube clip shows a number of international journalists reporting from Gaza rockets that are fired at Israel from densely populated areas. This is how Hamas and Islamic Jihad put its own civilian population in danger of being hit by Israeli hits on missile batteries and missile stockpiles.

– Hamas reiterates its old tactic of putting civilians in the line of fire, and they are [therefore] responsible loss of life among their own, says British Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of the British forces in Afghanistan.

Terrorists are plainclothes
– IDF do their utmost to prevent damage to persons not involved in the fighting, while also continuing with the operation’s objectives – namely to protect Israeli civilians by destroying rocket-launching sites, missile storage and command centers for Hamas, writes Captain Bjorn Hermann, spokesman the IDF, in a press release Monday afternoon.
– In most cases, terrorist organizations in Gaza are plainclothes when firing rockets from densely populated areas against Israeli civilian targets. Israel can not tolerate 10 years of persistent rocket attacks against its civilian population. Gaza citizens are not the enemies of Israel and is therefore not a target for the IDF. IDF holds Hamas and the other terrorist organizations responsible for the use of its civilian population as human shields, adds Hermann.
Conrad Myrland contributed to this article.