Labor Youth pooh-poohs anti-Semitic slur

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Following yesterdays shocking revelation that prominent Labor Youth members spread anti-Semitic slurs on Facebook, today’s follow up is even more shocking – the Labor Youth organization in Hedmark thinks it is not necessary to react against prominent member who thought it was “funny” to add “sarcastic” remarks to a strongly anti-Semitic posting on FB:


No consequences for participation in anti-Jewish slur

There will be no further consequences for AP-politician and local politician Khalid Haji Ahmed after he participated in anti-Jewish slurs on Facebook.


This is the conclusion after an emergency meeting with the management of Hamar Labor party today.

– He should not have participated in the discussion, if he wanted contact with the other participants, he should have called them, saying in Hedmark Labor Youth County Secretary, Anders Nysæther.
Leader in Hamar AP, Thomas Jensen Jorgensen says that there won’t be any further consequences for Ahmed.

– We have cleared the matter with him, and he understands the gravity. This is why we are not going further with this, he said.

The local politician Khalid Haji Ahmed was convened to the meeting and was asked to explain why he took part in the anti-Jewish discussion.
County Secretary in Hedmark Labor Youth, Anders Nysæther, says Ahmed should not have participated in the discussion.
– The things which have been written, grossly over-step the mark, says Thomas Jensen Jørgensen, head of Hamar Labor.

– This is something Hamar Labor strongly opposes, and this is something I have also made abundantly clear  at the meeting.

Anti-Jewish slurs

Langeland is especially referring to the quote: “… I wish Hitler could come back and shower you some more … damned Jews …”

The status update which spurred this discussion, was quickly deleted by Facebook. The person behind the contested status update then remarked:

“Good that Facebook deletes my status … probably Jews running the shop there, too.”

Khali Haji Ahmed did not himself utter anti-Jewish slurs, but he did participate in the discussion without distancing himself from the racist expressions.

– I regret that I was thrown into this, and I’m sorry that it caused so much fuss. There was no meaning behind what I wrote, it was meant humorously, Ahmed told NRK.

I wonder if the good Mr. Ahmed understands that it is not very credible that an active and therefore also seasoned politician as himself thinks he can serve a fib as “I was just thrown into this…” I am sorry Mr. Ahmed, but to respond to idiocies on FB requires several conscious decisions, among them to actually click on the share button, surely as a politician you must have been schooled in the consequence of mindlessly participating on social media. It is simply not credible, and Mr. Ahmed should take the opportunity to  challenge the problematic inculcation he has received from his own community with regards to Jews.