This is the kind of language that does not call for any specific reactions from the Labor Youth party (3x rated)

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Semi Vrazeni, who posted the original status update on Facebook, is apparently no longer a member of the Labor Youth Party, but 33 year old Ahmed, a former county secretary for the Labor Youth, contributed with comments which have been interpreted as supportive and with a most remarkable language:

In response to Toni Xhemail Blakas “Fucking Whore Jews, world shit people bro…they can all suck me 8 times each (actually, this person is deficient in the knowledge of Norwegian, he misspelled the word and ended up saying something to the effect of the can suck me 8 times weather)… afterwards I will burn them!”, Mr. Ahmed sees fit to answer : “Make sure that they suck you then! Your cock is going to give you problems! s

– We have clarified the issue with him, and he understands the seriousness of the matter. Therefore we do not effectuate further reactions in this matter, the leader of the Labor Party in Hamar Thomas Langeland Jørgensen says.