CPD for clueless FAFO researcher Høigilt

My eyes struggled to believe the blithering nonsense a so-called researcher and ‘specialist’ on the Arab politics and Middle East Jacob Høigilt published as scholarly work on NRK.no. One the one hand I think it is an insult to the entire scientific community that such a babbling idiot can call himself a researcher, when office assistant probably is the more fitting term.

On the other hand, what does this junior actually know about Arab politics and the ME in general. When you compare and contrast with what the average BBC journalist manages to uncover for a 30 minute radio program, you rally start to wonder what, if any quality assurance schemes they have in place at FAFO, or even at the University of Oslo (the lack of which may explain the fact that Norwegian universities fail to make it among the top 200 in the world…).

Here is a true BBC gem, well researched, with solid documentation, presented in a 30 minute package on the BBC Radio 4  program Analysis, which in many, if not every way contradicts Mr. Høigilt’s  poorly founded and directly untrue assertions.

Given the furious reaction by which Egyptians have reacted after Morsi’s power grab, I think it will be wise of me to continue to pay my BBC license fee to ensure that I get the correct version of events, and not whatever Mickey Mouse fantasy Norwegian wanna-be research assistants think they can serve up as a substitute for verifiable information.