The Israeli Ambassador in Norway: – Jews in Norway are first and foremost Norwegian

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The Israel Ambassador: – Jews in Norway are first and foremost Norwegian

Israel’s ambassador to Norway, Naim Araidi, believes it is important to make a distinction between Israel’s politics from Judaism. He stressed that the Jews in this country are first and foremost Norwegian.

Aftenposten 26 november 2012

Many Norwegian Jews fear incitement and discrimination, especially when the situation in Israel is heating up, like now.

– Support Israel’s case, that’s fine. But above all they are Norwegian citizens, says the new Israeli ambassador to NTB.

Monday morning he was present at the commemoration of the voyage of the ship Danube to Germany with Norwegian Jews aboard 26 november 1942.

– It was an important milestone. I also spoke with Norwegian students, and I know that many are still afraid. A large part of the reason lies in the media’s slanted coverage of the Middle East conflict, says Araidi, a professor of Arabic and Hebrew literature and poetry.

In Israel, we have copied much of the Norwegian democracy, which we look up to. But now it’s in danger. If a group wants to demonstrate in support of Israel, they are afraid. If someone will do the same for Palestine, they are not afraid. In five years, it is you who are afraid. You must not be naive, you are a part of the world, he said.