70 years after the dirty deed, the Norwegian Police offers an apology to Norwegian Jews

Editorial Aftenposten November 27


Exactly 70 years, on the day, after 523 Jews were deported by the S/S Donau to the extermination camps of the Nazi regime, recently appointed Director of Police; Odd Reidar Humlegård has apologized on behalf of the Norwegian police. On this year’s Holocaust day, the PM apologized over Norwegian citizens having participated in the arrests and deportations. 300 Norwegian policemen took part in the arrests. Many of them displayed a enthusiasm leaving little doubts over being without any objections against the atrocities against Jewish compatriots. Other policemen clearly displayed that was happened was a frightening example of devotion to duty gone astray.

“Perhaps I can say this was on time”, Samuel Steinmann commented to Dagsavisen. The 89 years old is the only survivor among the deported Norwegian Jews. He receives Humlegård’s apology bearing “good will”; in the words of Steinmann.

This shows largesse of spirit with Steinmann. Nor do we see any reason to criticize the brand new Director of Police over employing this 70th anniversary for an apology. However, we do not cease to amaze over the time it has taken the police to do what little could be done towards the few survivors.

What happened was- and remains- a blot on the honor of the history of the Norwegian police. One would have believed some greater will to issue an apology would have been shown earlier. This has not been the case.