Palestine… where is it?

As one could expect, Norway was all too eager to nail the final nail in the coffin of the already moribund “Peace process” – perhaps just as well that “we” were the ones to finally slit the throat of an process that has not really brought anything but a heap of corpses, and apparatchics who have seen the “process” as a means of making a name for themselves as some sort of peace maker, king maker, Messias-like figure with the magic wand to end all suffering on earth.

So, now Norway has done the morally correct thing to finally show our loyalties, which we now with abundant clarity know does not lie with Israel, nor with the process we have invested so much energy, time and money into realizing. As we Jews know, it is good to know who your friend is, but much better to know who is not your friend. That gives us the necessary clarity to know how to deal with a non-friend in a way that is not hazardous to us.

However, the decision to grant Palestinians the status of observers at the UN, and also to now refer to the PA as Palestine, albeit without borders and in the very confusing statement of our FM Eide, where he says that this move does not imply a recognition of the Palestinian state (?), is in plain language… weird. To start with, who is the leader of this entity? Abbas? Hamas? Where is it, in Ramallah?, or Gaza?, or are the two mutually exclusive given that the Palestinians are a bitterly divided people? The “state apparatus” is 100% dependent on foreign aid and donors (the very few who remember to fulfill their obligations under international agreements) worry that even with all the aid in the world , the bird still wont get off the ground and fly on its own.

So the very fascinating questions after all the bravery at the UN linger in the air; where is Palestine, and how does it function? Who is the leader? Is it a democratic state, or a place where cleptocrats take what they can for their own, and leave the people they are set to govern to sail their own miserable sea…

I am currently on journey, so will follow up with comments and opinions from Norway as soon as I have the opportunity.


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  1. Russ Nixon
    March 26, 2013 at 10:21 am

    History shows without a doubt that there isn’t and never was a “Palestine” or “Palestinians”. I don’t understand all the anti-Semitism in the world, especially amongst “Christian” nations. I’m a Christian and my Bible says very specifically that the Jews are God’s chosen people and that’s all the reason I need to stand with you until the end of my life or the end of times, whichever comes first.


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