Adresseavisen and their idea of permissible caricatures

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After assurances that Norwegian newspapers are not anti-Semitic, only critical of Israel, it is hard to think what Adresseavisen’s editor was thinking when he or she approved of this fascinating piece of art?

Maybe the editor in chief, Arne Blix, could be bothered to update himself on some very inconvenient facts before ever again allowing such anti-Semitic garbage to “grace” the pages of his worthless rag?


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  1. JvB
    December 12, 2012 at 5:38 pm


    A friend has pointed out that “Jews” in the Title “Norway, Israel and the Jews” should be capitalized, as the proper name of a people and they are correct – just was one would say the English or the Norwegians. Any chance to get this corrected? Thank you.

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