Conservatives and Progressives to be more critical of aid to Palestinians when in office

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Norwegian policies on the Middle East


Aftenposten 2012 12 07, Marie Melgård


Progressive want substantial cuts in aid to Palestine, FM Espen Bart Eide is concerned over this.


“I admit to having a wish for cutting support to the Palestinian areas. Norway is one of the leading donor countries; however, we believe Norway’s role should be downgraded. We don’t see this as a priority for Norway”, says Morten Høglund, seated in the Storting’s Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defense for the Progressives”.

This is of Concern to FM Espen Barth Eide:

“This is in breach with a longstanding and important line in Norwegian foreign policy. I believe Hillary Clinton will be disappointed if she heard this. I recently met with her; she is preoccupied with cooperation, pointing out the importance of us and USA and other contributors in creating a Palestinian civil institution, It is entirely unnatural for Norway to cut when signals from the international community goes in the opposite direction”, says Barth Eide”.

The Progressives propose cuts of 162 million NOK in direct aid, and cutting grants to UNRWA by 37.5 million NOK.

The article indicates the Progressives and the Conservatives by now are in agreement over these proposed cuts.

Morten Høglund makes statements on the UNRWA; stating this organization has outlived its role, and the UNHCR being better suited for this mission. In particular, Mr. Høglund is critical over UNRWA’s role in education.




“I have visited a school like this in Gaza. It is a problem when coming generations are taught Israel has no place in the Middle East. We question the usefulness of the UNRWA for its mission; we hold that if we cut support to the UNRWA, this will put pressure on the UN to transfer the refugee question under the UNHCR”




Dagbladet 2012 12 07, NTB

The Conservatives and the Progressives are issuing statements over a new right wing government changing its Middle East policies clearly. Discriminating of Israel must come to an end, and aid to the Palestinians must be reviewed, they promises.

From 2006 throughout 2011, Norway has donated more than 3.7 Billion NOK to the PA. The Conservatives and the Progressives now issue a warning over clear changes in Middle East policies, Vårt Land writes.

The CPP is not standing with the conservatives and Progressives on the proposals, however, the leader in the parliamentarian group, Hans Olav Syversen says the CPP will support these proposals.

The Conservatives and Progressives concretely intend to ask the government for an administrative audit of Norwegian aid the PA. The Stortinget is to ask for the government to end all aid to Palestine directly or indirectly supporting education with an anti-Israeli or anti-Semite message, and the Storting will ask the government to actively work against discrimination of Israel in international forums and organizations.