VGs take on Hamas


Verdens Gang 201212 08 p 3, Astrid Meland

Hamas celebrated its 25th anniversary on what they state is a wave of success.

The guest of honor in this weekend’s celebration is the political leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal. He has arrived in Palestine for the first time in 45 years in order to promote his candidacy for presidency; after the war against Israel in last month; the rockets against Tel Aviv were profitable.

He is leading an organization established through Israeli support. They hoped for Hamas to be antinationalist, a force to stem the militant line of the PLO. However, militant Islamists accused Hamas over being collaborationists. Then, Hamas threw themselves into the armed struggle for Palestine.

What do they want to achieve?

Getting rid of the Jews.

In their charter they blame the Jews over all the worlds’ evils. The charter is based on the conspiracy theories of the Protocols of the elders of Zion, the anti-Semite manuscript proved to be a forgery long time ago.

Hamas sticks to the Zionists having an unlimited plan for mastery of the world.

The only solution is Jihad: Palestine is to be liberated through holy war.

Then, a caliphate under sharia is to be established. Attempts have been made to update the charter; negotiations on this have however stranded. And the representatives of Hamas still employ this rhetoric. They attempt to be buddies to even more radical Islamists; the first to launch rockets at Israel in November. Negotiations or peace talks with Israel is refuted; this would be to recognize the existence of the state. In reality, they are negotiating with the state through a proxy, now lately this put an end to the war.

Never the less, there are few indications over them coming close to do what PLO did, recognizing Israel officially.

The Arab spring has given Hamas renewed self-confidence and improved relations to Turkey and Egypt.

Though relations to Iran are cooler, they still receive weaponry from this country. Hamas still prophecies the fall of Israel. The Arab spring is stated to be an avatar over this policy, being so remote from reality, becoming a viable policy.

They may be in possession of some more Realpolitik in reality.

However, Hamas has to profile itself as the guarantee against Israel.

Then, the word “Hamas” means enthusiasm.