O Come all Ye faithful translated into Norwegian: Come and bash the Joos

Christian organizations in Norway who claim to be friends of Israel, now also resort to age-old anti-Semitic trick to use the upcoming Christian holidays to bash the Joos. Obviously they are coy about it, but you need not be very clever to figure out that the reference to Israel, Israelis, IDF, etc, in effect refers to Jews.

While it is very heart warming that these organizations have such love for the Palestinians, it is disappointing that they show nothing than flagrant disregard for Jews, in particular those outrageous to live in the heartland of Jewish history, but also Jews in general, be they Israeli Jews or Jews elsewhere. Or Christians in the Middle East, for that matter, judging by their silence in the face of rapidly disappearing Christian communities in the ME (except for Israel, but there you have the Joos, so not convenient to praise Israel for guaranteeing religious freedom for all). Of course, the Norwegian Christian organizations who support this petition, also remained silent when rockets hit Israeli towns in the latest flare up of violence in Gaza, as they have done steadfastly during the 13 or so years Israeli civilians have had to endure war crimes and crimes against humanity from Gaza and the West Bank.

Walled in Christmas in Bethlehem

“A child is born in Bethlehem,” we sing. But in today’s Bethlehem the Christmas message of peace seems more remote than ever. The birth town of Jesus is currently surrounded by an 8 meter high wall. It’s not just Bethlehem that’s affected. Along the wall about 700 kilometer long route, thousands of olive trees have been  destroyed and hundreds of houses have been demolished, and whole towns are divided into two or isolated. The wall is disastrous for the Palestinians.

Normal traffic is restricted, access to hospitals and schools is impossible for many and families are split up, while the economy is hit hard. The construction of the wall causes the Palestinians to lose access to about 50 percent of the West Bank. The wall violates several human rights, such as freedom of movement, the right to health, education, work, food, and is condemned by a number of states. The International Court of Justice declared the wall illegal.

Show your opposition to the wall and turn up at the Bethlehem stable at Railway Square in Oslo, Monday, 19.12 at 17.00.

If we are many, we manage to make a better selection and visibility. The celebration will take place in connection with the Church City Mission’s annual Christmas figures. We will build a wall around the stables to illustrate today’s Bethlehem. The event will include theater and musical appeal.

This is a brilliant opportunity to remind ourselves and the Norwegian people on the situation in today’s Bethlehem and the consequences of the wall. We will not let this pass in silence!

If you have questions, want to contribute something to help them with practical matters, please contact Signe Myklebust on: signe@emmausnett.no.

See you there!

Signe Myklebust and Veslemøy Ash, participants at the Companion Program in Israel / Palestine, July-October 2005.

YMCA-YWCA scouts
City Mission
Companion program
Norwegian YMCA-YWCA
The Council on Ecumenical
Norway’s Student Christian Federation
Student Church in Oslo

I for one wonder if the undersigning Christian organizations have chosen to ignore the fact that Jesus was Jewish and his mother, Maria, who also was Jewish, would have been heartbroken to see that Betlehem had been occupied by foreigners. That nothing in fact had changed since the Romans occupied the town. An uncomfortable fact, but none the less a fact.

But for these Christians, all that matters is that they now proudly uphold a 2000 year old anti-Semitic tradition, to blame the Joooos!

5 comments for “O Come all Ye faithful translated into Norwegian: Come and bash the Joos

  1. Eric R.
    December 23, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    “But for these Christians, all that matters is that they now proudly uphold a 2000 year old anti-Semitic tradition, to blame the Joooos!”

    Well, OK – at least you added a couple of “o”s, but you forgot the “da”….

    You will get it right with a little more practice, I’m sure.

  2. paul almond
    January 2, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Not to mention the words are a lie: Bethlehem is not surrounded by a wall, there is only a partial wall to stop suicide murderers from entering into Israel proper. And of course these concerned Christians are not concerned about their fellow Christians in the middle east, whose numbers have been reduce by 25% to 50% in the last few decades as a result of Muslim intolerance – but why be concerned for your own when you can bash the Jews?

  3. Jayson Rex
    January 9, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Israel is but a “trial balloon”. The real targets of Islamists are the Christians (not the Jews) wherever they live: be it in New York (9/11/2001), in Madrid (3/11/2001) or in London (7/7/2005).

    When the real war between Islamists and Christians will start in earnest, who will the antisemites blame? As certified cowards, they will have to find an explanation that will exempt them of any guilt or responsibility. Quite frankly, it will be fun to watch.

  4. nepatar
    January 9, 2013 at 11:29 am

    This is a very interesting article. Of course, one can only expect such an angle from a Norwegian professor. Very interesting that that Jan-Erik Smilden makes a case that Jews=bad, Arabs=good, sorry, jooooos…
    It is most interesting how Smilden points that today’s Palestinians care so much about Christianity and Christmas. That is OK though, as I write, most Norwegian Jews are leaving Norway and more Muslims are arriving into Norway.
    I, for one, am very happy to foresee that in the near future, Muslims are going to be majority in Norway. The land which was ones a beacon to the Viking culture will more likely look like a beautiful landscape of minarets, where women will be forced to wear burkas and homosexual men will be executed. What a lovely neo-Norwegian Judenfrei site… can’t wait for Norway’s decadence in a very democratic way…
    Cheers to a new Muslim Norway, let’s see then who kills Christmas…

  5. January 9, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    eh, I dont think the viking culture had very much to offer other rape, pillage and blood drenched violence… Not sure if that is a culture that we Norwegians identify with these days?
    Your point regarding Smilden however is spot on. We also manage to to machinate our own ragnarok without any Muslim influence – where we previously had a very proud culture of politicians who earned their stripes through hard work and getting on the soap box, we nowadays have power hungry bureaucrats who have been hatched out in some party affiliated broiler factory. Not very reassuring to be micromanaged by gnomes who never have held a proper job and much less earned their stripes on the street. That is to me a much more serious threat to our democracy than Muslims.

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