Delirious Linstad touts “Jewish” support – gets a visit from outlandish Naturei Karta sect

When was the Naturei Karta sect representative of anything in Judaism? Probably never, and you can count their members on one finger. Yet  this is sufficient for delirious Linstad to claim he and his views are supported by Jews. Tosser!


Nettavisen 2013 01 14, Sissel Kruse Larsen


Two Guardsmen arrived to retrieve the King’s Medal of Honor at Trond Ali Linstad’s office. By now, however, he shall receive a new award as a consolation.    The award by this organization, being against the existence of Israel, is felt as consolation by Trond Ali Linstad.

In November the profiled and controversial Muslim Linstad was set to receive the King’s Medal of Service for his work throughout many years for the integration of minorities as a medical doctor at Grønland and his work with the Urtehagen School.

The planned award ceremony at the Oslo City Hall was at first cancelled due to security reasons; after which a replacement ceremony at Urtehagen School was also cancelled.

After some days of contemplation, the Castle announced on the 15th of November that Linstad was not to receive the medal.

The decision took place after several people reacted to Linstad’s statements on Jews; and the Mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang, announcing he would not take part in the award ceremony.

Briefly after Linstad was told he would not receive the medal, the Castle wrote at its homepage:

“Some of Linstad’s statements as they appears and are understood are not consistent with the purposes of the medal”.

King Harald delivered an apology after the chaos surrounding this award.


A long row of defective evaluations.

On Monday, he expects a visit by ultraorthodox Jewish Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of the “Neturei Karta”.

The rabbi and another representative of this NGO shall visit Norway for a week; according to Linstad, he shall receive a “Jewish award of Honor” during this visit.

“I believe this proves the award was justified due to its premises. As it became known I was to receive the award, I received a large number of positive feedbacks. Then the Castle decided to withdraw the award due to external pressure and a long row of defective evaluations”, he says to Nettavisen.

At his “” web page Linstad writes this:

“Be critical towards the Jews worldwide when it comes to their influence, within newspapers and other media, in many political organizations, and through contacts and networks where decisions are made”.


Controversial rabbi.

The Neturei Karta NGO is against the existence of the state of Israel as they hold the opinion Jews are not entitled to a state of their own before the arrival of the Messiah.

Yisroel Dovid Weiss was part of a group of anti-Zionist Jews who met on friendly terms with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York in last year.

According to NTB; Neturei Karta has had several meetings with President Ahmadinejad throughout the last five years.

Weiss, 57, is the spokesperson of Neturei Karta. He is against the existence of the State of Israel.

According to Weiss, he is an anti-Zionist, having criticized the existence of Israel throughout many decades. In an interview with a pro-Pal website; Weiss stated the Zionists fear him and his NGO.

This controversial rabbi has also celebrated Iran; holding the country’s population to be God fearing.

During a Holocaust denial conference in 2006; he informed of his grandparents having perished at Auschwitz.

Having told of his grandparents deaths, he also stated many Jews have profited on the mass killings of Jews in WW2 in order to gain sympathy.


Consolation prize.

Linstad received the 8th place in the Simon Wiesenthal center’s annual ranking of “the worlds ten foremost anti-Semites and Israel-haters”.

Linstad himself refer to the NGO as “Jews against Zionism”.

“They have decided to give me a Jewish award of honor for my work. It is both very nice and a great honor to me”.

Do you feel this to be a consolation?

“Most certainly. As I receive a Jewish award of honor, all arguments for awarding me the medal are made invalid. This NGO has decided to award me this prize, seeing some of our work in Oslo. As I was relieved of the King’s Medal of Service some people used my supposedly critical thinking concerning Jews against me, turning everything upside down”, he says.


Guardsmen retrieved medal.

Some days after Linstad was told of the withdrawal of the award at a meeting at the Castle, by the medal council, he received a visit by two guardsmen in uniform at his office.

“They came from the Castle to retrieve the medal a couple of days after I was told the award was cancelled”, he says.

Before the award ceremony, Linstad had received the medal; safeguarding it until the guardsmen arrived.

Marianne Hagen, in charge of communications at the Royal Court confirms the medal was retrieved and is in the hands of the Castle.

“We retrieved it a few days after Linstad was told he would not receive it, “ Hagen tells Nettavisen.

This is also in several other news sources.

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  1. Martin
    January 15, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    This appalling group, the Naturei Karta pracice no Jewish ideals whatsoever. I met some of them in London when they protested against the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel. They began calling out his name followed by Ben Zona, son of a whore. They began to shove and lash out with their puny arms. I turned to one trouble maker and told him, that if he did not stop, he would received my foot forcefully shoved into his baytsim. He was “advised” to behave as well. I told him that I would never want to raise my hand against a fellow Jew. However, he is not reprentative of the Jewish people…..He shut up.

    This is the group that kissed Arafart’s ass, cheers when Jews are murdered by the Arabs, or are killed in Israel due to accidents.

    I have no idea why these people, who receive funding from the Zionist state of Israel are even countede as Jews. Why have the Chief Rabbis not stated that these people are expelled from the Jewish religion. They are sick, just like their terrorist friends.

    Strange… in Norway, a rich monetary country, but very little else (yes I know of the painters and literary giants), a people who use the term “Jew” as a derogatory, while in Holland the same term means “cool,” in a most positive manner. In Holland many years ago, I was in partnership with a Dutch company, one director told me of his father saving Jews etc, and how he trusts the Jews in business.

    When we were first introduced, he asked me my surname, which is a very well known Jewish name. He was delighted, and told me then, that he will always prefer to deal with Jewish people. I told him that we have our gunavim, too.

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