Tittletattle from Norwegian media

The trend of relatively lesser focus on Israel persists, however the stuff that gets publishes still makes you raise both eyebrows in astonishment. Here is a snippet of stuff which has been published, note the Labor meeting in Rana, where Stine Renate Håheim will teach local union reps on the Labor party’s collaboration with Fatah Youth. I hope she will take the opportunity to condemn the rancid anti-Semitism the Fatah youth routinely strews about, but to be on the safe side, I dont plan to hold my breath in eager anticipation of such an event. More worryingly, she is to “teach” in schools – one must hope that the schools in question understand that public school in Norway is not a forum for political indoctrination and also allow a pro-Israeli politician to educate about other views on Israel/Palestine.



Verdens Gang 2013 01 15 p 2, 3, Per Olav Ødegård

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This article deals with Naftali Bennett of the Habadit Hayehudi, being described both as a “coming star”, an Israeli success story, a hardliner versus the Palestinians, and also as a symbol of a peace process that has stalled completely.


“Bennett’s opinions are so radical Netanyahu appears like moderate centrist in comparison”.

“PM Netanyahu says he is a proponent of a two state solution; outlooks for this have however diminished during his time in government”.



Aftenposten 2013 01 13, NTB


Israel removes Palestinian activists from E1 zone in the West Bank.

Also in several other news sources. Never the less, this issue has received relatively little coverage in media.



Rana Blad 2013 01 11, Arne Forbord


Stine Renate Håheim, member of the Storting (Labor) to teach local trade unions about Palestine and the Labor party’s cooperation with the Fatah Youth.

She is also to hold lessons at local schools.

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  1. Martin
    January 15, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    So political activism encouraging the youth to become radical in the hate fest of Israel is a reality. I really believe that this communist dogma is just a reflection of Nazi Germany’s hate for the Jews and Soviet Russia hate for Israel and the Jews.

    Wow, and Nrwegians are so proud of therir country? I know that my inlaws certainly aren’t. but then again, they are not, as one brother in law would say, “Bolsheviks.”

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