Delusional Trond Ali Linstad claims Israel is no democracy – Freedom House report makes a mockery of his stupidity

As the only only person  in history who has suffered the agonizing embarrassment of being stripped of the King’s Medal of Merit, it might not be that strange that he is trying to smooth over this major setback by dreaming up all sorts of fancy scenarios, however removed from reality they might be.

Now, he is using his website to claim that Israel is no democracy:

No democracy in Israel

By Trond Ali Linstad – 20/01/2013

Klassekampen really needs to shape up! The newspaper dedicates a on January 18 a full page to analyze the situation in Israel before the election. But the headline is worrying:” A democracy under pressure,” it states! Is it Israel’s” Democrat” they are talking about?
There is no democracy in Israel – just as there was no democracy in the former white South Africa. There is a democracy for one section of the population, the one section the state has defined as it exists for. And there is discrimination of the second part of the population, which according to the constitution becomes second class. This is how  Israel an apartheid state like South Africa was. No one should tamper with this, if you want to understand what is happening in the region.

Israel is a sectarian state and Zionism – the political foundation of Israel – is an aggressive and nationalistic ideology, rooted only in one population group. And with the exclusion of the other. Democracy in Israel? No, not for the people – as a whole – who lives there. Make no mistake about it.

Trond Ali Linstad
Holder of Palestinian Honorary Medal and Jewish Honour Medal.

Oh dear! Where to start? First of all, Mr Linstad, coining newspeak (“democrat”) is not your forte, it is hard enough to keep track of your ramblings as it is, and you are not making it any easier by introducing your nonsensical expressions. What on earth are you trying to say?

So to your impressive collection of lies and misrepresentations injected into the less than 300 words of your article. Chapeau! But you still stink to high heaven. Luckily, checking facts is also not your forte, so it makes it easier than pissing off an Islamic extremist to refute all of your lies.

Constitution? What constitution? Israel, like many other countries, famously among them, the UK, does not have a constitution, rather it has a Basic Law. If your reading comprehension skills were on par with what would hope one could expect from a medic (aint taking no chances, not taking prescription medicine from you, doubt you could manage to calculate correct doses if this writing is anything to judge by) – then no doubt you would have been able to understand sections 2 and 3 of the Nationality Law,  where your blatant lies are refuted.

Apartheid? You may want to consult the Israeli ambassador on that matter, he is not a Jew but a Druze. In case this is not enough, you could also ask Haneen Zoabi, that failed politician who is unlikely to get very many votes from her constituents in tomorrows election, she has simply gone too far for the tastes of the Israeli Arabs, who now are more likely to put their faith in the moderate Da’am Workers Party (whose female leader incidentally also is an Israeli Arab). You should also consult with victims of the real apartheid before you write such nonsense, they have on more than one occasion refuted the claim that Israel is an apartheid state, calling it an affront to the real suffering they endured.

And what is that odious remark that anybody who wants to understand what happens in the ME region, need to not tamper with how Israel is an apartheid state (your choice of words renders this essentially clear as mud?). Are you suggesting that the civil war in Syria somehow is related to Israel? That the demise of Egypt is in any way related to Israel? You just proved (once more) that you are totally unfit to receive any honors of significance, and that Mickey Mouse outfit from Naturei Karta – with some Jewish Medal of honor. FYI, the Naturei Karta do not represent any stream of Judaism, not orthodox, not liberal, not anybody, so not really something to brag about.

But then again, for you, any gloss over might serve now that your pants have fallen down around your ankles – once more.

Ah, and another FYI note – the hugely much more credible organization, the Freedom House recently released their annual report on freedom, which simply stated that Israel is the ME’s only free democracy. Its a tough one to call, who shall we believe more? The Freedom House or Trond Ali Linstad?

You hateful little gnat!

7 comments for “Delusional Trond Ali Linstad claims Israel is no democracy – Freedom House report makes a mockery of his stupidity

  1. : )
    January 21, 2013 at 10:51 am

    : ) McG, I think this guy put it well what it is to be Jewish:

  2. Martin
    January 21, 2013 at 11:54 am

    Is Linstad his real name? Ali Baba seems more realistic.

    Prof you swatted gnat or git well and truly. His ignorant fairy tale is remarkable and has reached new levels that other idiots strive for. No wonder he is so popular with his friends in the elitist establishment. They are unable to invite anyone with a true understanding and knowledge of events.
    What a twerp.

    He will make an excellent comedian

  3. : )
    January 21, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Lindstads future Norway enjoy

  4. Martin
    January 22, 2013 at 5:23 am

    norwegian, that is sooooo good. Not for nothing are police unforms similar to the Nazi SS. This will be the future, but it ain’t cigaretts, it will be hiding the Jews.

  5. : )
    January 22, 2013 at 8:00 am

    there is Jews in Norway that fear that this will come back yes. They care very much about that history repeat it self. To me it seams humans has a logic that makes similar situations repeating them self. But as Solinski often point out to him Jews are not a race, its the culture that is the problem to him. Personally do I more fear to lose my religion and culture in a modern sosiety that gets upset about equalness. I know that in a environment like that Jewish or not I can’t survive : ( So it might not be uniforms but suspision that break us. That is why we can’t have people runing around and get power in the Jewish environment, we need democracy and freedom to be our self, and learn from each other : )

  6. Martin
    January 22, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Norwegian, we are not a race.

    According to Jewish philosophy, there is one race that is the human race. According to various starands of Judaism, it is difficult to classify what a Jew is or not.

    We are a nation, we are a religion and we are a people. We are born Jewish, or convert to Judaism. We are born Jewish and depart to be something else, either intentionally or not. We are born Jewish and remain and desire to our offspring to continue with our Jewish traditions.

    It now appears the last remaining 400 Jews in the Yemen are departing via Qatar Airlines to take them to Israel. This is a very ancient Jewish clan and their Hebrew is pure and is spoken the way it should be spoken, also it is very difficulty for “westerm Jews” to pronounce the Ayin and the Khet and Khaf. They are wonderful people, very beautiful, both male and female.

    We also now have more “Jews” returning home from India, they claim to be from the tribe (from the original 12 tribes in the bible)of Menashe. You see Norwwegian, very few can make such a claim, as they do by going back thousands of years. India is one of the few countries (as in most of Asia) where the Jews were not persecuted but actually admired. They share the “oriental”/eastern attitude towards family, community, tsadake (charity) work etc. This is unlike western communities.

    So why not have self respect as a Jew? I certainly do! Be happy

  7. : )
    January 23, 2013 at 2:36 am

    : ) Martin this was so cute that I have to respond you as well. I respect all that can have peace with this reality. Its really not something to fear as folish men as Solinski does. Be happy : )

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