PalCom on Facebook: all Israelis are Jews, and all Jews are responsible for Israel

no comments necessary on this little gem lifted from the PalCom’s FB page, it wont exactly strengthen anyone’s belief in claims that the PalCom are the Jews best friends. In the same manner, they also show their disdain for Arabs as well, according to the views presented here, unable of moral thought or ethical integrity.


  • ‎”Muslimerna vill derepe jødene,fryd dere”…står att læsa på MIFF. Det førefaller vara så att muslimer “per se” ønskar dræpa judar. MIFF har sansen før dramatik. Ønskade judar dræpa nazister under WW II? Ær det ett plausibelt antagande att svara “ja”? Jag før min del,tror absolut ikke att muslimer rutinmæssigt ønskar døda judar. Att arabiska media har en retorik som vi ikke ær vana vid…ær en sak. Detta ær frustration som går ut øver ockupationsmakten,inget annat. Men,ju længre denna konflikten prolongeras,desto tætare binds muslimska grupper till varandra som tidigare var indifferenta. Vad Israel och USA håller på med,ær att gynna en gemensam muslimsk konsens. Judarna ær ikke alltid så intelligenta som pastor Myrland Sr vill gøra gællande. Så…Israel har bebyggt “beyond the point of no return”,de har inget att erbjuda palestinierna. Inget ersættningsland(var skulle det vara?)…ingenting. Det ser så som om judarna har lyckats “legitimera” sitt landrøveri. De har ju næstan nått sitt mål…samarien,judea(transjordanien och delar av sørlibanon fattas fortfarande)….men,det kommer kanske.


    “The Muslims will kill the Jews, rejoice”… can be read on the MIFF. It appears to be so that Muslims, “per se”  wish to kill Jews. MIFF really likes their drama. Did Jews wish to kill Nazi’s during WW2. Would it be a plausible assumption to say “yes”. I for one, do not at all believe that Muslims routinely wish to kill Jews. That Arab media uses a rhetoric we are not accustomed to is one matter. This is frustration aimed at the occupying power, nothing else. But the longer this conflict is prolonged, the tighter the bond between Muslim groups who previously used to be indifferent to each other. What Israel and the US are doing, is to forge  a common Muslim consensus. The Jews are not always as intelligent as his Reverend  Myrland would like us to believe. So, Israel has built “beyond the point of no return” they have nothing to offer the Palestinians. No replacement country (where would that be?)… nothing. It thus seems the Jews have succeeded in “legitimize” their land grab. They have nearly reached their goal, Samaria, Judea (Trans Jordan and parts of Southern Lebanon are still missing)…. but this might be coming.

    delightful reading dont you think. So refreshingly close to the EUs working definition of anti-Semitism.  Among other things.

    Not to mention the hopeless Swedish gobbledegook. Usually Swedes have a good command of their own language. This specimen seems to be challenged on most intellectual capabilities, including clear and correct writing skills. Good luck to the PalCom, no wonder you are badly trailing MIFF in membership number, supporters. 

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  1. : )
    January 21, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    My ex friend refused to take her kids to McDonalds because it is American??????? When people are pro multicultur as these people calme to be, why do they band American culture? Or do they really band, to me it seams as they never grow up, they need to make someone into their parents so they can have their childhood feeling. To talk to them about their childhood is really something all have bad experiences : ) Not likely, they are probably just a group of hm, well let them figure it out them self. Anyway they have really fun partys with all one need. Probaly where they spend most of the money they get : )

  2. Martin
    January 22, 2013 at 10:21 am

    Norwegian, I did read somewhere (MIFF?) that there is a strong anti american attitude among the young, along with their lack of empathy towards Israel.

    All to often it is believed that hate towards the USA is because of Israel. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is because Israel is so completely tied up with America. and the latter is too strong, they, that is the communists, take it out on lil ole Israel..
    Left wing parties might award themselves all different titles, secialists, greens, left, labour etc. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, they are just communists of varying degree.

    The Soviet Union is alive and well in European countries. Just look at most of the leaders, Mao’ists, Marxists etc

  3. March 10, 2013 at 6:10 pm

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