New attempt to analyze Norwegian media and political elites attitude to Israel

this should be an interesting event. Not too sure if it will lead to anything in particular, but on the other hand…. after the media conference  the Jewish congregation arranged in Oslo in June 2011, followed up by several really embarrassing events, revealing the degree of intolerance and racism that thrives so well in Norway, the media and political elites have realized they too live in a fish bowl and simply writing and speaking in Norwegian wont hold as a impenetrable shield to  block foreigners to get a view of what really is going on here. So maybe, despite my innate skepticism, this conference will help to keep the usual suspects of the straight and narrow for another year?

“Anti-Semitism in the past and present – and criticism of Israeli politics”

Invitation to a conference at Voksenåsen, Ullveien 4, Oslo on Tuesday February 5th, 2013from 1 o´clock pm.

Voksenåsen, in cooperation with the Embassies of Sweden and the United States of America, the Holocaust Center in Oslo and Living History Forum in Stockholm and with the support of the Freedom of Expression Foundation hereby invite you to a conference over the subject  “Anti-Semitism in the past and present – and criticism of Israeli politics”

In both Sweden and Norway – as in many parts of the world – there are discussions going on about how critical remarks about Israeli politics can be expressed without being perceived as anti-semitic remarks. And how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may influence anti-semitic and/or anti-sionist sentiments.  This is the background for our conference, where we will present some historical facts as well as new findings through modern research. We will especially address the controversial issues around anti-semitism, anti-sionism and criticism of Israeli politics versus Palestine and  round up by a discussion between diplomats and political leaders from Israel,  the US and Sweden and Norway.


The conference is free of charge, however we need you to register by email at  – please state your name, title and organization. Deadline for registration is February 1st.

Voksenåsen – Norway´s national gift to Sweden given as a token of gratitude for Swedish humanitarian aid during and right after WW II – celebrated it´s 50th anniversary in 2010. Voksenåsen, owned by the Swedish state through the Ministry of Culture, is a great place for Nordic meetings – with modern hotel and conference facilities at 500 meter altitude, 20 minutes from the center of Oslo – with Sweden´s best view!



5 comments for “New attempt to analyze Norwegian media and political elites attitude to Israel

  1. M S
    January 25, 2013 at 5:07 am

    The summary in the introduction below applies to England, but it could have been Norway or Sweden. Same thing all over Europe.
    A bit depressing.

  2. Martin
    January 27, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    It is an international problem. Honest Reporting blog has a cartoon by Gerald Scarfe in the Sunday Times with Bibi bricking up a wall with the poor Fakestinians shrieking. I wrote to the paper exclaiming my disgust that on a day such as today (International Memorial Day (almost totally ignored by the BBC) mainly due to 6million Jews being murdered by the Nazis and their followers in all occupied territories including the CHannel Islands (British isles off the north coast of France).

    I mentioned that it is indeed a pity that Israel needs to enclose itself with in a modern version of the Ghetto, in order to save Jewish lives from the hateful Arabs who seek their death. I suggested Mr Scarfe should show a cartoon on this day when nearly 1 million Jewish refugees were wthnically cleaned from Islam lands without a peep from the media and Scarfe and others can explain to me just why only the Jewish people are told where they can and cannot live. What a racist attitude.

  3. solinski
    January 27, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an local issue with no interest to the outside world whatsoever. It became a kind of industry with the faithful traveling round the globe for taxpayers money. Reminds a little of a 8 mile club, or people concerned about Clima Change, same participants, same old stories, etc.

  4. January 27, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    clever observation

  5. : )
    January 28, 2013 at 12:11 am

    What can one do when people so easy want to buy them self a good feeling, like supporting a suppresed people or saving the clima by using big words but no action. To reduse the clima problems sorry to say so but it will involve less oil and confort her in Norway, at least in the winter. The sad old story to me is the one about winnie the pooh that can’t do anything else than just charming people. Its a lovely story, but winnie is not a role model. He is something to refelct about and make a distanse to.
    Like you new style Solinsky : ) Just remember that in this 8 mile club there are nice people that one can reach and make them see the game they have become a part of : ) I think you can reach people if you want to : ) All best : )

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