The Israeli election, seen from Norway

It is always easy to be wise with the benefit of hindsight, but the Norwegian coverage of the Israeli election was unnecessarily bleak and pessimistic.

After the results have been known, nowhere the same amount of energy has been invested to analyze who this man Yair Lapid is, other than some reserved comment that he is a journalist and former TV star who none the less will join Netanyahu in a coalition government. Not and extreme right government, but a Netanyahu government which is a no-no for Norwegian journalists. Practically nothing was written about the election in Jordan, which is surprising due to the difficulties this kingdom is going through, in the shadow of the Arab socalled spring.


NRK Verden 2013 01 22





Likud, Netanyahu favorites in elections. Objective and informative article.








NRK Verden 2013 01 21, Odd Karsten Tveit


OKT makes accusations against Israel in this rather inflammatory article, bearing the heading of an “analysis”.


“In the 1992 election campaign, Yitzhak Rabin promised to reduce grants to Jewish colonies in order to make peace with the Palestinians”.

“The ‘peace process’ being out of the elections campaign does not mean the conflict with the Palestinians will disappear. Rather than talking of the occupation as ‘the bothersome uncle’, it should rather be described as a stinking cadaver in the basement of the Israeli society”.

“The Palestinian leadership are not doing anything else than watching the elections from the sidelines, making no political initiatives in fear over reprisals”.

“The PA fears the worst after the elections of January the 22nd”.


NRK Verden 2012 01 22

Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen


Article on Naftali Bennett, surprisingly objective in content and analysis.


“The last time we pulled out of a piece of land, we created an area with ongoing bloodshed, back and forth. They have launched ten thousands of rockets against Israeli homes in later years. It started only days after we withdrew from the area, it also took place as we gave back Judea and Samaria (West Bank, editor’s note), at once suicide bombers flourished, since 2000 1600 Israelis have been killed”.

“How many bombs, how many rockets does it take, how many Israelis must die before we understand a new approach is needed, from both sides”.




Dagbladet 2013 01 22 p 3

Jan Erik Smilden, Not Online


Op-ed on the Israeli elections; surprisingly objective for being Smilden, though defaced by a Finn Graff cartoon, demonizing Netanyahu in his best Stürmer-style.


“The present Israeli government may be the most conservative and nationalist since the establishment of Israel in 1948. The new one, likely to be created after counting the votes tonight, may be even more extreme. While civil war is ongoing in neighboring Syria and unrest and lack of security is the mark of other Arab countries, most Israelis are certain of relations with the Arab world deteriorating further in coming times. They are likely to be right about this. Then the question arise, whether accommodations to their neighbors would have been easier with a more moderate government. One thing is for sure. We shall see a future of more polarized (relations) between the Jews and Arabs in the Middle East”.

“The Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt was bad enough, and a shot of warning across the bow. The first real bomb was exploded as it became known Egypt’s president Mohammed Mursi had referred to Jews as monkeys and descendants of pigs”.

“Bennett has promised to not yield a square millimeter of land to the Palestinians if he enters government, promising well for the peace talks, which are stone dead already”.


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  1. Martin
    January 25, 2013 at 3:20 am

    The Norwegian media is so blinkered that if they saw the truth, they would never recognise it. Their hate pf Israel is so deeply ingrained, that nothing they write or communicate everr be taken seriuosly. Unles of course, you are a brainwashed Norwegians, without benefit of accurate, truthful and honest reporting.

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