NRK caught in the middle of a real booboo

The all-mighty NRK is suffering a major upset, not quite on the level of the BBC Savile scandal, but manipulating facts, presenting a convicted human trafficker as a victim of the Norwegian Courts of Law, omitting central aspects of the verdict proved to be one tall story to far for the Norwegian audience. Worse, in stead of just quietly disappear, the scandal is growing day by day. Not that they haven’t told worse tall stories before, in particular with regards to Israel, but this is the first time they are getting a real thumping for bending the truth, however, sadly without any of the gumph BBC journalists are capable of when attacking their bosses…


Dagbladet 2013 01 25 p 21

Anders Grønneberg, Not Online


Norwegian media watchdog PFU reprimands NRK over repeated ethical offenses in their journalism, even members of NRK council, in this case Frank Rossavik, states concerns over ethical and journalistic standards, though Sylfest Lomheim, the leader of the NRK Council states there are really no reasons for concerns.

Only this week, evidence was presented, proving the NRK had lied to the public in a report concerning a convicted Gypsy woman- omitting the fact she had been convicted of selling her 11 year’s old daughter to what appears to be a prostitution ring.

Mr. Rossavik, a respected journalist and commenter,  has formerly also expressed concerns regarding NRK’s coverage of Israel .Also, in this issue of Dagbladet, commenter Andreas Wiese launches a strong attack on the journalistic practices of NRK.



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  1. Martin
    January 28, 2013 at 3:50 am

    The NRK still practices Bolshevik issues

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