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Ivar Fjeld has written a book on his experiences in the Labour Youth organization in Norway. I am sure he will cause many a upset when his book will be launched (today, January 29), however, many more will think it is about time we get the facts out regarding the cozy relationship between Norwegian center left youth organizations and Palestinian terror organizations.

These relations have not occurred in a vacuum; as the political centrum in Norway has shifted to the left, so too have we had a steady growth in anti-Semitic incidents dressed up as Israel criticism.

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Norway: The Red Terror Island

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In 2009, on the island of Utoya, the youth wing of a political party in Norway collected money for the terrorist organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.(PFLP). This terror-organization is banned in the USA, The European Union, Canada and the United Kingdom. Two years later the Fascist terrorist Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 Labour party youth on the same island. The truth about this massacre in Norway is painful. This island was used as an educational base for Arabian terrorists who work for the full destruction of the state of Israel. This book is a documentary of the activities that took place on Utoya, years before the worst terror-strike on Norwegian soil after World War II.
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