Tromsø – the Israel hate capital of Norway

Once more does Manfred Gerstenfeld show that he is better than the Norwegians in pin-pointing the particular problem Norway has with Israel and the Jews.

Incredibly, Tromsø, that shitty little town up North in Norway, who for decades now has tried to pass itself off as a beacon of multiculti tolerance and bragged about its ‘sophisticated’ political culture.

But, as Gerstenfeld noted in 2010, in his book Anti-Semitism in Norway:

At the end of last year, the Israeli embassy protested against a comparison of the situation in Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto by the mayor of Tromsö, Arild Hausberg of the Labour Party. A few months earlier the Israeli embassy had already protested to Hausberg about an exhibition on Gaza in the town’s library.[1] In May this year, twenty-one staff members of the local university called for an academic boycott of Israeli academics.[2] Gilbert also teaches at that university. For these and various other reasons, Tromsö seems on its way to becoming a center of Israel-hatred in Norway .

Once more, in the wake of the unprecedented visit by the Israeli ambassador in Tromsø, as the guest of liberal politician Jonas Stein, the hate filled people in Tromsø (they seem to mainly be related to that unreliable rag Nordlys and the University) seem to have lost what little left they had of critical thinking. Other Tromsø dwellers may have a more moderate stance, but compared to the bucketful of vomit delivered by the more profiled anti-Israel activists, these voices literally drown under the aforementioned vomit.


Nordlys 2013 01 17, Editorial, Not Online

What are the thoughts behind the invitation by Tromsø City Councilor Jonas Stein of the Israeli Ambassador to Norway? This is in the eyes of many a planned provocation and the reactions fit this. At best it is very inappropriate and thoroughly unprofessional.

The reason for this is of course that at the same time there is a delegation of young Palestinians to Tromsø; invited by the TIFF, the Tromsø international film Festival, as well as the Mayor of Gaza, invited by Mayor Jens Johan Hjort (Conservative). If liberal politician Jonas Stein has invited the Israeli Ambassador as a sort of counterweight to the Palestinian visit, then it is not only myopic and banal. It is outright infantile and stupid.

At worst it can be interpreted as an outright insult against Tromsø’s Palestinian guests. There is a significant chance over the Israeli Ambassador finding it to be very remarkable if he had been invited as a guest to the TIFF a long time in advance, and some silly politicians disliking Israel in the last moment inviting Palestinian politicians as a “counterpoise”.

Perhaps City Councilor Stein holds the opinion we should invite the Ku Klux Klan while Nelson Mandela is visiting Tromsø, for the sake of balance?

The actions of the City Councilor turns even more strange when one is acquainted with the friendship city cooperation Tromsø has with Gaza is the responsibility of his.

He has been set to lead this work and then she should commit to the work he has been ordered to do on the behalf of the city. Perhaps our Palestinian guests are not insulted by these stupidities; however, the credibility of City Councilor Stein is strongly weakened when he arrogates the right to play the role of a private foreign politician.

Jonas Stein owes Tromsø, TIFF and our friendship city of Gaza an explanation. And perhaps even an apology.

And maybe the editor will be mindful that having gotten leglessly drunk at that depressive Tromsø landmark pub, Ølhallen, does not qualify for anything at all, least of all any coherent political analysis. Twat!


Nordlys 2013 01 17


I am in disagreement with the protests against the City Councilor’s invitation of the Israeli Ambassador to Tromsø. I believe the municipality of Tromsø loyally will express the Norwegian official view on the illegality of settlements in the West Bank, and their removal as a necessity for peace. The fact the Mayor of Gaza and the Ambassador of Israel is in Tromsø at the same time should be exploited for a dialogue in Tromsø. Surely, they meet in the Middle East, why not in Tromsø?


Nordlys 2013 01 18


Egil Arne Myhre

We were many in Tromsø filled with hope and delight over the positive news of the visit of the Israeli Ambassador, invited by the City council, in the context of the TIFF. The hissing outbursts of hatred by the Gaza/PalCom members say more about them and their agenda than it does about anyone else. Cultural editor Lasse Jangås is furious, talking of gobs of spit. Is it not about time for the political and intellectual cultural elite in Tromsø to see that the culture of hatred directed against Israel, being tinder for the young generation, should be turned away from illogical hatred against a whole people towards friendship with both Palestinians and Israelis?

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  1. Martin
    January 30, 2013 at 10:50 am

    It is an insult to invited his Excellency to a shite town to be confronted by bigots.

    If Tromsoe really wanted details to even out the hateful propaganda, they should invited youngsters from the embattled villages around Gaza such as Sderot. They have faced continual missile/rocket attacks for years and living in basements, schools being closed and with 15 seconds to find shelter.

    Yes the Nazi/Fascists in Tromsoe are well in accordance with the Fakestinian Islamonazis. A plague on them all.

  2. de Bacle
    January 30, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    “the Israeli embassy protested against a comparison of the situation in Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto by the mayor of Tromsö, Arild Hausberg of the Labour Party.”

    Most of those comparisons, when challenged, are shrugged off as relativisatons not intended to be taken literally.

    Mads Gilbert, however, in 2010 on NRK TV prime time, in a studio audience debate claimed that “Gaza is like the Warsaw ghetto, only worse”. Since Gilbert is a political representative of the red party, was an internationally exploited “material witness” in Gaza during the cast lead campaign, after the campaign had his book on Gaza sanctioned by the former foreign minister Støhre, his words here should be judged more seriously than that of others.
    His statements can’t be shrugged off, and are holocaust denial. He and NRK should have been charged for them.

    NRK know what to expect from him when they bring him to the studio. They should not be allowed to use his anti-Semitic propaganda without rebutting it; Støhre should be “coerced” to retract his support of Gilbert officially, and NRK should be brought to the presssombudsman (pfu) if they continue to use Gilbert for information of how Israelis treat arabs.

    Tonight (Wed 30 jan), NRK was heavily criticized, on NRK TV, in the debate program “aktuellt”.IN th epanel were editors who accused NRK of recurrent irresponsible and inaccurate reporting and for not retracting mistakes and errors.

  3. de Bacle
    January 30, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Tromsø also want to make Vanunu an honorary citizen of their city.

  4. solinski
    January 31, 2013 at 3:06 am

    Wasn’t Vananu once proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize? This from the country where Arne Trehold get 21 years of prison for selling some data on norwegian fishing to the Soviets.

  5. M S
    January 31, 2013 at 3:33 am

    What one or another idiot in Tromsø says is irrelevant until the Nazified media use it and blast it out as propagnda.

    NRK is only too gateful to have the likes of Gilbert and Willoch to provide them with mud, the moore the better.

    Now however, they may have fallen into their own dirt.–Grove-overtramp-setter-NRKs-troverdighet-i-fare-7107380.html

    Headlines in Aftenposten today:

    “- Gross violations puts NRK’s ​​credibility at risk”

    “The erroneous report of [the TV-program] “Dagsrevyen” about a Roma woman may have consequences for the state owned television channel, media critics think.”

    It is sad that there are so few in Norway who rise to scold NRK when it comes to the repeated similar transgressions on Judaica or Israel. Støhre, Willoch, Gilbert and the likes have virtually blank checks in using NRK to funnel anti-Jewish sentiments.

    Israel lacks courageous defenders in Norway. Some will always find it more convenient to argue for the “two faces” of Hamsun, run philosophical excursions to Ramallan or complain about the “right wing” in Israel instead of kicking a-s here, the way we gratefully see now for this story.

    When NRK violated Manfred Gerstenfeld by running a fake interview with him, he had to fight it alone, no localbackup whatsoever, on the contrary. As in the present case, NRK only reluctantly and after his persistent pressure agreed to “minimal” corrections.

  6. Martin
    February 1, 2013 at 6:05 am

    M S, very apt your comments regarding the nazified media, although I understand that Prof doesn’t like our using this term. Please note my list of contributors to the idiotic Oslo Accords, shown a little earlier under the “stuff we wont talk about in Norway.”

    It must be evident even to the most hardened apologist, that Norway is riddled with a corrupt socialist (well let’s call it for what it is hardline communist) regime. This regime, whether it’s government, NGO’s, arts, diplomats, media, unions, all of the leftwing parties, government officials foreign,home offices , police, railways, financial institutes etc all made a high act of obediance to Nazi Germany during the occupation.

    By the way, as bad as the German occupation was in Norway, it compared most favourably with the real hardships that those in occupied eastern europe suffered. That is probably why such a large minority of people could even begin to think that Israel treats the Fakestinians ss badly or worse than the Nazis treated the Jews. If I were a Norwegian, I would not only be appalled at such ignorance, I would be utterly ashamed.

    The spirit of the Nazis in Norway (and to many other occupied countries in Europe) with her obediance to the current Communist and elitist doctrines is unerstandable. Afterall, will someone please let me know what difference there is between (here we go again) the extreme rightwing National Socialist scum hatred for the Jews and the extreme leftwing International Socialist filth hatred for the Jews and Israel, apart from the “inter?”

  7. yori
    March 13, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    the nice country i use to love become one of my worst enemy. i hate the stupid norwegens

  8. March 13, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    I dont think it is very useful to hate the Norwegians, after all, these acts have not been performed by all Norwegians,but rather by a small segment who have the audacity to believe that they speak in the name of all of us. In stead of hate, which is a waste of energy, you could rather become more active in denouncing how the Norwegian elites make destroy the good name of Israel and Jews

  9. Madeline Albright
    May 1, 2013 at 2:22 am

    Israel is ridiculous about Norway. First of all, Norway, as small country, tried to stay neutral in WWII. There was no internet or TV then- only local radio. When Norway sent Jews to Sweden to escape Quisling and the Brown Shirts. The Swedes, meanwhile, were complicit with the Nazis and allowed access to their railroads to ship Germans to Norway. Swede betrayed the Jews, not Norway. Also, Israel assumes that Norway is full of passionate Lutherans- when in actuality, Norwegians are not religious. Any “hate” crimes are by the Muslim minority. Norway has an ancient storied past- as literate as any of the Jewish people- sorry, that you cannot read Icelandic. Crimes against civilians as called out (settlements on the West Bank). Historical truth: WWI: 80 million killed. 1918 Great Influenza: 100 million die. WWII: 100 million killed, 6 million Jews. The media has over emphasized Jewish deaths and de-emphasized the deaths of Slavs, Catholics, Russians. The world has grown weary of the Chosen People. Live in Israel and do not demand protection from the West. Or wander again as your race has throughout history. Either way, Norway says-the only thing we did was help your race.

  10. May 1, 2013 at 2:36 am

    Interesting point of view. You are of course entitled to it. But just to start to pull your argument apart. As every Norwegian I have had to study old norse, which is not quite the same as Icelandic, something any Icelander would be quick to point out. As for your other arguments, you have an impressive google knowledge, but how is that relevant to Norway, Israel and the Jews? Good luck with your googling career, does not seem to have done very much for you.

  11. Madeline Albright
    May 1, 2013 at 2:38 am

    Tromso- that “shitty” little berg. That is the take of Israel on the hub of Norwegian and Swedish trade with the Sami people. Norwegians have been trading with the Sami (formerly known as Lapplanders since at least 400 A.D).” Does Israel not see it is a joke in the eyes of the EU and the rest of Europe. The US Supreme Court in 1980 ruled that Jews are race. Aid from the US will be gone by 2025- inevitable-as the populations shifts to majority Hispanic, Asian and other. The new majority is not white Christians. Rather,Chinese, Korean, Latin American, Black and mixed. The new majority feels no guilt for what happened on Germany and the countries which made up the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and why should they. The Turks are more secular than Zionists. Better to have an ally in Turkey than Israel which sucks over 3 million a day from the US.

  12. May 1, 2013 at 2:46 am

    Wow, one truly marvels at your excellent knowledge. I think many a person from the North would object to making Tromsø the hub of anything at all. Recently the lovely inhabitants of this town refused to incorporate it into the Sami language geographical area, since that would require them to also provide signposts in Sami language. We Northeners take the trip over the mountains to go shopping in Finland, I suggest you do a better google search before you try to teach me anything at all.

    May 1, 2013 at 3:05 am

    Yes, indeed. How would one know? How a religious bigot, zealot and fool know about the Arctic nations treaty with the Sami. The one that is so foolish as to say Norwegians learn Old Norsk? When was this? Indeed, I should like to speak to that Norwegian person. These people that speak this “Old Norsk” where are they in Norway? They can read the sagas? That is news indeed. Perhaps Aftenposten will run another cartoon. Keep Wandering. Russia is free now- they need more ethnic Jews.

  14. May 1, 2013 at 3:17 am

    here, you can talk to me. Now, go and suck egg!

  15. Madeline Albright
    May 1, 2013 at 4:19 am

    Excellent argument skills. Suck egg? That is the best a Zionist, Jewish intellectual pretending to be a Catholic can say? Again, tell me- where are these Norwegians that speak Old Norsk? Bokmal is not a spoken language. And who, gets there information from Google? The Jew who hates the world?

    But wait- you are right, Sweden does not border Norway in the Arctic. Too bad for you. Israeli, the treaty of Arctic nations allowing the Lapplanders (Sami) to move freely- which includes Sweden, Finland, Russia has been in place since before you were born. Even the USSR honored it. History outside the Zionist world view- is difficult- yes?

    But yes, Tromso- the capital of Norwegian hate speech against Jews. Tromso, impassable by anything but wooden sleds pulled by reindeer until the late 1970s. Tromso, where reindeer meat and skins are traded for dried fish, old cheese, whale meat and cod liver oil.

    Do you know how long Night falls there- oh servant of Elie Wiesel? You and at ther Zionists should move to Tromso. Go see what the Sami think of Israel. Be careful, Zionists, if you wander from the beaten path even in summer, you will die quickly be it by thirst, blindness, or freezing to death.

    Can you, Zionist, you of the Chosen People, tell which way is North in a white, blinding Arctic world by the frozen ice crystals? Can the Chosen People tell by the moon when a blizzard is coming?

    Go, Zionists, go Chose People, to Tromson and stop the HATE!!

  16. May 1, 2013 at 4:24 am

    you are too funny. I have an open position for jester, want to apply?

  17. Madeline Albright
    May 1, 2013 at 5:36 am

    It is a shame that the Israel must turn on the Norwegian people like they have. Norway never hated the Jews. Norway was never a center of Jewish life. It was and still is a tiny, cold, self- sufficient country. Zionists pojnt to Norwegian law against some weird creepy Jewish ritual animal sacrifice in the 1850s. 1850s: Norway is under Danish rule. Main diet is fish. Sorry, Norway and Denmark had the right to prevent Jewish ritual slaughter in the 1850s. THE ZIONIST STATE OF ISRAEL NOW CONTROLS THE PRESS IN ISRAEL. During WWII, many Norwegians Jews followed Quisling. Such as Gulla (“Gold” pa Norsk) who still said “Prosit” (cheers in Austrian) and had pictures of himself with Quisling in the 1970s. Old Norwegian families did not do this- why?- because family name and honor was and is important. Norway suspended its ban on the death penalty to hang Quisling.

    I knew instantly you did not speak any Norwegian and did not live in Northern Norway. Why, because I would know. No Norwegian says, “As a Northerner” or speaks “Old Norse.” The language is not phrased that way. But perhaps, your family is unique.

    So, tell me, Eli Stein of the North, how do you prevent frostbite when telemarking? Tell me Eli Stein, the traditional Norwegian Children’s song and dance on the 17th of Mai. Tell me Eli Stein of the North, what fjord your family hails from. Tell me Eli Stein how the dialect of Western and Southern Norway differ. Tell me Eli Stein, which areas in Norway say “STOOVE” and which say “STAEVE” (phonics of course- cannot google that)…

    Again, knew you were a Zionist plant when you claimed to be from Northern Norway– — no Norwegian would say, “As every Norwegian, I had to study old Norwegian.” And no Norwegian would announce they are from the North- that is not something you would announce.

    You cannot fool me, Zionist. The nuances of Norwegian culture and history are beyond what even the most intellectual Jew could imagine. Sleep well, Zionist-Keep One Eye Open- Your Perpetual Victimhood has worn then.

  18. Ellen
    May 1, 2013 at 10:32 am

    What an interesting debate. What a highly intellectual level.

    Norwegians in Videregående Skole study Old Norse (the proper English name for Gammalnorsk) in the third year. It’s part of the national syllebus. You’re of course not required to learn it fluently, just to be able to recognize it when you see it.

    how do you prevent frostbite when telemarking
    You wear mittens.

    no Norwegian would announce they are from the North
    Of course. No Nordlending, Tromsing or Finnmarking is proud of their culture, dialect or hometown…

  19. Madelina Albright
    May 2, 2013 at 3:43 am

    Good afternoon, Zionists,- Hello “Norwegian” “Ellen”, from your comments (mittens??), you are from the East side, yes? Thank you correcting my English. Did you also help write this illogical, error-strewn and often unintelligible Zionist propaganda piece by Martin aka “McGongall” aka Paul Marrane. For you both, a famous poem about a Zionist and his lovely wife.

    Til Martin og Ellen:

    Har du sett noe to kjerringa mi?
    Langet nord i leitom!
    Går og gjeter geitom!
    Svart hatt,
    rau stakk,
    lita, gammal, låghalt!

    Why is it that after being confined to its room for a few hours while friends play under the windows, a child comprehend that it must change its ways. Yet, for One Thousand Nine Hundred Forty odd years from the destruction of the temple and exile, the Zionist wandered from land to land. Is God as cruel as to punish his Chosen People so long, so terribly, so unmercifully and remain silent by both word and deed in the face of vehement cries and laments of Zionists? Why did it take the defense and blood of millions of Goyim to save the Zionists from certain annihilation and to return the Zionists to temporary sovereignty in Jerusalem? Since the Zionist is allowed to sit in Jerusalem by Goyim, not God, why is the Zionist so stupid as to spit in the eyes of those who saved him from certain death?

  20. May 3, 2013 at 2:49 am

    oh dear! what pills are you on?
    here is a small language test for you. In dialect, if you get it.
    Kjøss mæ dær æ e høgst når æ plokka blåbær!
    du sett nu dær som en diger fjått å trøkke på de dærre tastaturet dett, pass dæ så du ikkje trøkk det ned i den svære kjæften din. Kommelpong!

  21. Ellen
    May 3, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    I think you forgot to add “hæstkuk”?

  22. May 4, 2013 at 1:39 am

    No, hæstkuk is an expression of honor. It conveys an image of something grand (duh!), whereas kommelpong, well, it is a rather sad thing. A squishy little useless thing.

  23. : )
    May 4, 2013 at 4:21 am


    let a man talk about what he has in his pains and you get him around your littel finger if you think that is fun. But never forgett to bring your own duracell plessure to a party like that, because this things has a tendensy to fail when it comes close to fun ; ) Men that meet a woman that don’t suck the thing, but say urk no way I put that thing that you use to pie in my moth, they have a tendency to let their freinds know that poor them they have meet a women with mental problems ; ) I don’t know what is most sick to put the thing everywhere or to think that there is something one can live fine without having to taste ; )
    Emotions no we don’t need that do we ; ) I would love to meet this girl and have a coffe with her, but guys don’t ask her to take her hands on your nuts ; )

  24. Madeline Albright
    May 7, 2013 at 3:14 am

    Gibberish- the last refuge of the fool. It is late now but tomorrow- a 300 year dialect spoken by the woman who tends Betna when we are in London.

  25. Madeline Albright
    May 7, 2013 at 4:19 am

    You are both passionate, extremists (the moderate Israel press excoriate and mocks you). Your article is incomprehensible. It reads like someone vomited stream of conscience of the page- there is no structure- is no cogent argument : Learn to speak and write proper English.

    Your English is is abominable, nonsensical and so poorly written- misspellings, grammatical errors, run on sentences- that my Norweigan mother who have spoked Engish since 3 years old ) could not understand what the hell this was supposed to mean :

    ” Other Tromsø dwellers may have a more moderate stance, but compared to the bucketful of vomit delivered by the more profiled anti-Israel activists, these voices literally drown under the aforementioned vomit.” VOMIT? WHO VOMITED? WHO DELIEVERED A BUCKETFUL OF VOMIT? Does not work as an analogy as written- comical at best.

    This apparent insult (presumably to a Norwegian Official): “And maybe the editor will be mindful that having gotten leglessly drunk at that depressive Tromsø landmark pub, Ølhallen, does not qualify for anything at all, least of all any coherent political analysis. Twat!”

    Sir, you are TWAT- definition, “an uneducated person, usually of the semi-literate class, commonly referred to as “football thugs- these thugs are characterized by unruly, uncouth behavior at matches, low educational attainment (5 form or lower), unable to express themselves in a comprehensible, proper English, they rely on insults, pointless and ignorant political attacks—–

    400 year old families (that is from the Christian records- they were older than that , lost everything, their towns were bombed to the ground by the Germans, they lives in barracks with dirt foundations until the 1960s, and lost their 400 year old business trading salted cod to Portugal. What is you personally lose in WWII, angry, hateful, Wandering Jews- if you claim family- it is can be checked- so be careful.

    On you, and your Journalism at its finest: “Perhaps City Councilor Stein holds the opinion we should invite the Ku Klux Klan while Nelson Mandela is visiting Tromsø, for the sake of balance?”- Your knowledge of history is sorely lacking….

    Blacks hate Jews- Read the Autobiography of Malcom X, the Black Pather literature, listen to the Sermons of Jesse Jackson….


  26. Madeline Albright
    May 7, 2013 at 4:41 am

    Tell the African-Americans how you were slaves to…..better it by the exit.

  27. : )
    May 7, 2013 at 4:53 am

    Madeline Albright,

    I dont call this my refuge, but I do notice its hard for you to accept that if you show up at my door or phone me etc. I will let you know that you have no right to go after anyone MA, because its harrasment what you do! I was a fool once but not anymore, now I live my life and that is a right all have in a democracy! I just had to get out of the believe we all had to be good Norwegians and that was to do as AP says. Well sorry MA AP is not the law in Norway, its a political way of thinking that is very different from SP, SV and Rødt. If AP lose this election Stoltenberg will have to go, as King Harald has pointed out they both was born into where they are. Perhaps Stoltenberg needs to see the fact that a priminister job has to be a realistic dream for all in politic to motivate people to use time and energy there. Its something crepy about people that just hold on to power. And a prove that they try to do so fools like you MA that run around and scare people. Krist look you self in the mirrow and see what you really see after writing a comment like you have! Hope you can get on better thougts for your own happiness!

  28. Madeline Albright
    May 8, 2013 at 1:39 am

    Fool- we never lived in the US during the Indian Wars, slavery, the Civil War, the Mexican American War, or the civil rights movement . Fool, we spend summer at our “cottage” on the fjord. Fool, I am a Norwegian citizen. Luckily, I went to university and graduate school in the UK. That is why I can write a proper sentence. AS FOR YOU HATEMONGERS, LEARN ENGLISH. LEARN THE PRESENT TENSE, LEARN THE PAST TENSE, LEARN THE FUTURE PRETENT PAST FUTURE TENSE- LEARN TO WRITE A SENTENCE THAT MAKES SENSE- FACT: ENGLISH TOO DIFFICULT FOR A NORWEGIAN TO UNDERSTAND NUANCE, HISTORICAL REFERENCES AND JOKES —- Sending you hate filled rant to Aftenposten- more cartoons will ensue. Read international newspapers, Israel is in big trouble- Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan are not fond of the Zionist state (but hey, you is?)

  29. Madeline Albright
    May 8, 2013 at 3:13 am

    We lost our 400 year cod exporting business to Portugal in WWII. My grandfather studied in England (and spoke 6 languages). Our town was bombed to the ground by the Luftwaffe. People lived in barracks with dirt floors- in winter they froze-suicides were common- hopelessness hung like a thick fog. Stupid, man, using the Chinese argument about slavery and Americans. AND YOU, JEW, WHAT DID YOU SUFFER. IN THE WAR? MARTIN LUTHE WAS RIGHT- GET A CLUE AFTER 1405 YEARS IN EXILE.

  30. : )
    May 8, 2013 at 3:30 am


    do you try to say that if a Jewish person says his opinion to aftenposten they will print cartons as a response? Serioulsy McG how much popcorn are you making today? Are you MA McG just to make a show? If not this is a nut case!

    MA if you try to keep people you dislike down like this I hope you understand it do exist mental help for people like you. When it comes to Norway well ask the 5 millions that live her how it is, my guess is that you will get 5 millions different opinions! I live well with that fact!

  31. Ellen
    May 8, 2013 at 10:58 am

    Quote #1 from “Madeline Albright”:

    I can write a proper sentence. AS FOR YOU HATEMONGERS, LEARN ENGLISH

    Quote #2 from “Madeline Albright”:

    What is you personally lose in WWII […] it is can be checked

    And then there was the question of the unclosed paranthisis, the 7-line run-on sentences and the abuse of hyphens. One is adviced to re-read ones own posts before attacking others.

  32. : )
    May 9, 2013 at 12:20 am


    its odd to see grown ups like MA that live in a fantacy world when it comes to knowlege and sciens.

    Ellen my best advice to you is to see all the fiction drama you can, you will be suppriced how many “smart” people that do fiction to people they regard as fools.
    Alice in wonderland a good movie to start with. Its a reason people use energy on these movies. My way of thinking about people that do so are that they must have problems to respect other humans. My experiense in life is that its better to smoke them out than to join them. Its as Soliski in fact smart pointed out they are just 5 %, 95 % of the people on this planet live as normal humans. So Ellen hid your identity and be carefull to say your opinion loud when you are unsure about people you have around you. Freedom to speak if nice but a smart woman like you must have people around one to not get into problems! McG its going to be fare more easy to be political active in future Norway when its just a right and left. Now I see why I lost interest after the election in 2009, I really enjoyed to see political debatts her in Norway when it was many different opinions.The future will be goverment or private and interest organisations screaming about things. Its no way to stop it it has come to fare her in Norway and most people want it like this. It is a good reason to figure out what kind of inerest groupes one need! Glad that is not my cup of tea. I’m only a memeber of a local history group. MA the history group lack people with your caracter that can be the new furer and make sure all write correct. Grab your red pen and join in. I find the facts, speak to old people (hope you see that they might get a heart atac if you come in with your 50 kg + lot of make up and bad perfume!) and then you can correct as much as you want. Well I will keep you bissy for a long time, just adding some extra by typing with out seeing ; ) then you can add your name on as well if you behave well and don’t make a drama!. But you have to do working or no cake for you MA! Martin I bet MA will only write in capital letters from now on. Krist a Jew writing Norwegian history.

    MA do as this brave Norwegian teachers
    Melding fra Gutt 13 år
    Hei. Jeg går på en ungdomskole. Lærerne påstår at det står i reglene at de har lov til å beslaglegge tlf-en din dersom den blir sett 3 ganger. Er dette lov i Bergen/Oslo? Jeg mener at jeg har lest her om at selv om det står i regelverket at det er lov, så er det egentlig ikke det. Jeg har også sett at foreldrenes samtykke avgjør om skolen får lov til det eller ikke. Tenk hvis noe skjer med meg, og jeg ikke har mobilen??? Litt forvirret 13 åring!

    Ingen skoler har lov å beholde mobilen ut over skoledagens slutt. Skolen kan kun ha regler for mobilbruk i skoletiden. I tiden etterpå er det eleven og foreldrene som bestemmer.

    I Oslo kommune har de laget en veileder til ordensreglement der det står at skolene ikke kan beslaglegge mobiltelefoner.

    Skolen kan ikke ta mobilen din og beholde den til neste dag. Da kan du klage.

    Klagen skal leveres til rektor. Dersom rektor ikke er enig med deg, så skal rektor sende klagen din videre til Fylkesmannen.

    Fylkesmannen er den som skal kontrollere at skolen følger de lover og regler som gjelder.

    Hilsen oss i Barneombude

    Melding fra Gutt 13 år
    Jeg og tre andre hadde tent opp fyrverkeri etter og utafor skolen. En uke senere så skal klassen og skolen ha “rettsak”mot oss, selv om vi har snakket med lærer,rektor og rådgiver. Noen i klassen ble utnevnt som “aktor” og noen skulle være meddommere(læreren var dommer). Læren tok da frem en bibel som vi måtte ta hånden oppå og sverge at vi snakket sannheten. Og disse “aktorene” var mobbene og mente at vi var syke i huet og burde få streng sftaff. Læren brydde seg ikke. Etterhvert som vi hadde mistet både storefri og lillefri så skulle vi få vår dom, dommen var å måtte skrive ett brev til noen som “aktorene” trodde eide en lekehytte som fikk et lite svimerke. De som vi måtte skrive til var tre som gikk i klassene under oss. “Hytta” var jo også ikke på skolens eindom. Alle i klassen fikk vite om dette på grunn av “rettssaken” og det er litt flaut. Og elever i 12års alderen fikk bestemme vår dom.

    Det læreren din har gjort noe mot deg og din kamerat er ulovlig. I tillegg er det læreren har gjort mot de andre barna ulovlig. Det står i opplæringsloven at lærerne på skolen har plikt til å sørge for et godt miljø på skolen. Denne “rettssaken” er ikke en måte å skape et godt miljø på.

    Læreren viser at han heller ikke har skjønt noe veldig viktig om domstolenes arbeid, nemlig at alle – uansett hva de har gjort – har krav på at noen tar dem i forsvar.

    Dersom skoler vil at barn skal oppføre seg bra, så må også lærerne vise at de er i stand til det. Vi synes saken din er så alvorlig at vi vil varsle Fylkesmannen og Utdanningsdirektoratet om saken. De har ansvar for å passe på at skoler følger de lover og regler som gjelder.

    Fylkesmannen har bedt om å få klager fra barn som ikke har det bra på skolen. Vi synes derfor at du og dine foreldre skal klage til Fylkesmannen. Du kan vise denne meldingen til dine foreldre.

    Dersom de trenger hjelp kan de sende oss en e-post. Dere kan også ringe til Fylkesmannen for å få råd. Dere finner mer om Fylkesmannen på

    Hilsen oss i Barneombudet

  33. : )
    May 9, 2013 at 1:34 pm
  34. Gertrude Stein
    May 26, 2013 at 1:29 am

    Ellen, your fluency in English, all of the UK and US, dialects and permutations, may even outweigh your staggering knowledge of the history of your own mightly socialist welfare state. So, I gather that the new welfare state education does not require one to read Bokmal or perhaps you did not the most widely published Norwegian children’s book before 1945? So, tell, enlightened member of the liberal socialist state of Norway- which languages did most educated Norwegians read and speak before WWII? Why? What was Norway’s largest export from 1900-1920, 1930s? 1950s? 1960s? 1970s? Did Norway receive foreign aid after 1945? How did people travel in Lappland before the 1950s? What does PC mean in most English dialects today? Is Norway racist? Which best describes Norway: (a) an enlightened hotbed of intellectual debate and culture; or (b) a nouveau riche welfare state on fossil fuel? Now the hard questions: assume war breaks out, the EU dissolves, and the US is at war with communist China- which country will defend Norway from invasion by Russian mercenaries-pick one and defend your choice with facts: (1) the famed Prussians; (2) the powerful new Deutschland; (3) the United States; (4) the UK; (5) the French foreign legion; (4) the Islamic nations of the Middle; or (5) none- Norway can defend itself.

  35. May 26, 2013 at 1:41 am

    Now I am really tickled?

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