PM Stoltenberg – pushing for the release of a convicted terrorist

PM Stoltenberg, a man who usually tries to please everybody, thus frustrating all (his wishy-washy approach to most things has earned him a reputation of being… well, wishy-washy) now wants to be the misunderstood terrorists’ best friend, at least the ones who have been convicted in an Israeli court.

Imagine the justified outrage if somebody demanded that convicted terrorist Anders Behring Breivik should be released from prison… Or maybe Israeli lives are not as valuable as Norwegian lives?

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Demanded Arab terrorist released from prison in Israel

February 9, 2013

Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg demanded the release of Arabian terrorist Hussam Shaheen from prison in Israel. The PM considered him a “friend of the Labour party”.

Norway PM Stoltenberg was engaged in a campaign to get a PLO-terrorist ut of prison.

Norway PM Stoltenberg was engaged in a campaign to get a PLO-terrorist out of prison.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was engaged in a campaign to get former International secretary Hussam Shaheen released from imprisonment in Israel. Shaheen is now sentenced to 28 years for terror.

This is the story:

On April 10, 2007, the Israeli Military Court in Ofra- nearby Ramallah- imposed a 20 years imprisonment on Hussam Shaheen, the Secretary of International Relations of Fateh Youth Organization (FYO) and the elected chief of FYO in Jerusalem.

Hussam Shaheen is convicted for planning to slaughter Israeli buss passengers.

Hussam Shaheen is convicted for planning to slaughter Israeli buss passengers.

He was arrested on28/1/2004, and tried in court for smuggling of weapons and planning a suicide bomber mission against a buss inside Israel.

On 21st of April 2007, the terror convicted Arab is called a “political prisoner” by the Prime Minister of Norway, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg.

On the Labour Youth’s political summer camp on Utoya, Stoltenberg demands the release of Hussam Shaheen.

Hussam Shaheen has been on Utoya several times, and has many friends in the Norwegian Labour party and the AUF”, explained Stoltenberg.

LINK to the PM’s speech can be found at the home page of the Prime Ministers office in Oslo.

Here is another  link to the speech Stoltenberg gave (in Norwegian) on 21st of July 2007.

My comment:

Some few weeks back, The Supreme Court in Israel upheld the conviction, and made Shaheen’s imprisonment longer by eight years. Source:

PM Jens Stoltenberg branded this terror convicted man, an imprisoned Arab, as “a political prisoner”. Stoltenberg spoke after Shaheen was sentenced  to 20 years imprisonment. By doing so, Jens Stoltenberg tried to delegitimize Israel as a democratic nation, with a functioning and just legal system.

My questions are:

1. What was the legal base used by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg in July 2007,  when the PM branded this terror convicted man as a “political prisoner”?

2. Does Jens Stoltenberg still consider Hussam Shaheeen to be a political prisoner?

3. When was Hussam Shaheen a guest on the terror island Utoya in Norway?
4. What kind of actives did Hussam Shaheen participate in, during his visits to Utoya?

Will we ever get a Norwegian, or international journalist, to demand that PM Jens Stoltenberg shall answer these questions?

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  1. February 9, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    Thanks for sharing this. As I said at the source’s site:

    “Interesting to see the likes that Norwegian elites befriend, while lecturing Israel about law and morality.”

  2. Martin
    February 10, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    Prof, the answer to your question is a definate No! The likes of Stoltenberg, and there are so many in the establishment like him, place no value on the lives or deaths of Jews.

    To do what he did, has shown he is no wishy washy, but a blatant Jew hater. It runs in his genes, like the rest of the “clique.” What appalling people, at least he now shows his biased prejudice, if any was needed.

    The Israelis should demand the Norwegian ambassador’s pesence and give him a real dressing down fori nterfering in Israel’s legal system, which is light years ahead of Norway’s. Oh yes, then tell these godforsaken Scandinavianidopts to pack their bages, leave Israel and recall their own ambassador. End of story. This course of action is long overdue.

  3. : )
    February 11, 2013 at 1:26 am

    Ivar Fjeld probably made NRK make this as well,
    its really dangerous for Norway to have people that has a so big influence. Palestinians are nice, arn’t they McG, that is what they had told us her in Norway all the time. Hm, I have to get my other six arms in order (doing so much you know) I’m still not so smart that I can write whit one hand. Have heard that really smart people just need one finger to write : )

    And I have to pay tax today so that there can be produced more telly around the world to educate people in the art in hating : )

  4. : )
    February 11, 2013 at 3:53 am

    Stoltenberg is not a Jew hater. I would love to shagg bibi so that he become less arogant (its a joak!) These people just do what other tell them. Feel sorry for them most of the time.
    You are a man with a lot of info, there is a lot of rumors going around Arbeiderpartiet and NS. You can probably find a lot for history writing. To trie to change the reallity to people that has grown up in the different groups will just make one into the madhattmaker. There is a fight about the 2 ww and the history and the politic today her in Norway.I really hope that the Jews do not end up with the NS. What matter what they trie to say, Quisling never liked Jews! He as a lot of others just wanted a easy democracy. That does not exist and will never come! It was this fight he and the rest lost. Sadly are a lot still working to make it happen and the people they manipulate are important to help.
    Whit out McG the right will win, because people in Norway want a change. But it has to be ok to talk about how the situation was and are and will be. If one can’t then we don’t have freedom to think and speak free.

    Know I used this before I just love it:

  5. Eric R.
    February 11, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Stoltenberg is not a Jew hater.”

    Yes he is, Norwegian. He is every bit as much a Jew-hater as Hilter, Himmler, Ahmedinejad or Nasrallah, just better dressed and smoother with words.

    I venture a fairly safe guess that had he been alive 70 years ago, he would have been an ally of Quisling.

  6. Martin
    February 11, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    norwegian, how could you? bibi is a married man! :)-
    Is the NS natioanl socialist? Bibi has to make amends for certain things, which is the problem of run ning a government with people from about 5 or 6 other parties. However, I doubt that he listens too much to others. He is pretty well assured. He made Obama look the rank amateur that he is when he last visited Washington.

    You do have some pink tinted views of certain Norwegian individuals. You even stated that Gule was really decent as was Halvorsen etc. I am unsure how you ever come to these conclusions.

    In a normal world, I do not like to judje, nor negatively criticise others. however, when I view themas a dangeroud enemy, then it is a case of use anything at all to save onself. These Jew/Israel hating politicians are a threat and will be ridiculed for the rubbish they represent. They have no relevent arguement, which is why, the right to respond to malicious allageation is verboten in Norway. soem democracy, you must be joking.

  7. : )
    February 12, 2013 at 8:25 am

    you have all right to be mad at me, I do my best to show the human side of you on this page. You are really sweet when you are angry at me : )
    The image Gule and Halvorsen and a lot of Norwegians has about Jews are scary, really. We are not regarded as equal at all, I can’t cont all days I had to do things I was scared about, lack of 100% support from the people I should lead etc. As long as I believed that all the hard times in my life came from my own misstakes as a human I could handle it. And still I have to protect my self as I look back in the past and say well it was probably not a Jew hater that did that, I probably miss jugded the situation. I understand your and everyone that has been used in any way by a system and the need to find some one to direct the anger against. But it create very littel and it makes more noise than what one need to get the message about the situation to the power. I want fast solutions for the Jewish children her in Norway so they can feel 100% safe!
    As a Jew you can’t have idol, so your bibi if a free man to play with for me. But I will not go down the sex road again, its to bitchy!
    I think bibi would be more happy to hear about my joake than to see the cartons some draw of him : )
    NS is the old Qusling and they try to become right by explaining all the misstakes to Arbeiderpartiet did before, in and after 2 ww. Its smart to show a huge distanse from them.

    I enjoyed to read this:

    No doubt the right will win the election her in Norway. Jens can drag down Dorvegubben but no one her in Norway lisend to the man any more. I turn my telly off when he, Halvorsen, Gule and their gang come on.
    I just get sick and dissapointed over them!

  8. Martin
    February 12, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    I have emailed an article video that was sent to me. It is from CBSNews.

    Today, it was announced that the German government has finally opened the archives of official Nazi docments in which names and family details of those slaughtered were registered. As Stoltenberg is attempting to reward with freedom the scum thatwas responsible for killing Jews, this is a most apt site to mention the above.

    you can locate it at;Ist;9 I hope I wrote this correclty. It is a must and many questions will be asked. It will also place the final nail in the holocaust revisionists coffin regarding holocaust denial. Well, they may still preach, but the proof is written out by the Germans themselves. If you do open it, a chain is planned to commemerate all tohse slaughtered, Jew and non Jew. Please do pass it on.

  9. : )
    February 13, 2013 at 8:18 am

    Its really hard to see this old men and how the memories come back to them. My grandfather also always bit his lip and svoloved when we spoke about hard subjects. We always changed subject then into something happy in the present time. I think he liked that. Thank you Martin!

  10. Martin
    February 13, 2013 at 10:41 am

    I am not mad at you norwegian, how can I be? you try to be so nice even about those who probably hate you, or have been discourteous, insulting towards you. I give eveyone a chance in life to prove themselves decent. If they make a mistake, which we all do, I accept an apology if necessay. However, if that person continues to knowingly insult my intelligence (as limited as it might be), or makes the same mistake against me, then……
    I have all the patience in the world, working with people who have learning difficulties. However, I dom’t suffer fools gladly.

    At the same time though, you mentioned in the past both Havorsen and Gule, and thought they were nice people. I really don’t understand how that can be, knowing how much they hate the Jews and Israel. For Stoltenberg and his communist friends to supposedly commemerate the holocaust for me was a real insult to those who were murdered and the survivors.

    One little thing to consider. We understand from the news media how terrible it has been in Iraq and Afghanistan with many allied military people returning with complex mental problems. They are given some support. How strange that the Holocaust survivors were treated with total indifferanc eand told to be grateful they were still living and get on with their lives as best they can. Tell me norwegian, whom do you respect more?

  11. : )
    February 14, 2013 at 12:59 am

    I doubt that I have really harmed anyone I have meet. But I might have confused people, and some might have made plans for me that I did not full fill at all.
    I have a great lojalty to my family and they are so Norwegian as one can be. But I also accept that I’m a human with feelings and that I can’t continue to support the Labor as long as they are in conflict with Israel, as I see it. I have spoken a lot with my family about this and we all agree that Labor and the read green are not Norway, even if Gule, Halvorsen and Stoltenberg try to make it look like this. I don’t know what the read-green really trie to do anymore. As I see it they lack the capability to get down on the earth and now they just keep on to the power as long as they can. Its not a good show for anyone.

    When it comes to respect Jewish men (this is probably what you ask about), hmmm, what can I say. The men I have meet has been more uptaken that since I’m not married with a Jew I’m free. Have feelt that if they could get a one night that would had been that. Not very much saviors : ) The attention I have recived has made a lot of chaos in my marrage, its worst for people that know me to see that I connect with people in a different way than they have seen before. And a lot of people had fear that one day I would be told the past.
    I just trie to take things easy and read as much as I can so that I don’t lose controll that is what I always do my best : )
    I like to talk to you her on this page : ) Have a nice day : )

  12. Martin
    February 14, 2013 at 6:37 am

    My dear norwegian, it is always nice to communicate with you. Allow me to make a positive suggesstion to you, as you always confirm that you need to read more.
    Actually, I believe Solinski might want to accept this advice as well.
    You can visit the blog Honest Reporting. It is an English language Israeli site and it reviews various comments made by individuals, organisations and countries which invariably are anti IKsrael and anti Jewish. On their home page, they show an E-book on the Israeli Arab conflict, this you can download onto your computer free of charge. Please do so and you will have a much greater impression of the real problems that Israel faces today. You will also be better armed to counter the untruthful and malicious allegations that the anti Israel and pro Fakestinian factions continually make. You, like I, should never lose an arguement when it comes to Israel, nor indeeed being Jewish.

    Khazak ve ametz.

  13. : )
    February 14, 2013 at 8:44 am

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