Norway will continue to fund anti-Semitic slurs and dangerous war mongering in Palestinian media

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The Holocaust center has confirmed that official Palestinian TV channels air material that only can be classified as anti-Semitic. Confronted with these corroborated facts the junior minister Torgeir Larsen trivializes them and says that Norway will continue to fund Palestinian media and that the Israeli organization Palestinian Media Watch has its own agenda and that the material that has been presented is part of a campaign.

Please note that in the name of pluralism and tolerance, the current government has cut short funding to Norwegian organizations that challenge the current policies on immigration and integration, sit on their hands while openly gay muslims are threatened and harassed in by fellow Muslims with an underdeveloped sense of personal liberties in democratic Norway. They also take the various reports from organizations such as B’tselem, the Norwegian People’s Aid, the Norwegian Church Aid as gospel and we hear nothing about the possibility that such organizations too could have an agenda and drive a campaign? Double standards anyone?

Please also note how the Palestinian representative in Oslo openly and without being challenged can get away with rejecting Israel’s right to call itself a Jewish state. The state he wants to establish is shamelessly calling itself Islamic where Jews are unwelcome, so could somebody please correct this man’s profoundly anti-Semitic  nonsense?

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– Palestinian television spreads hatred and demonization of Israel.

Palestinian children’s television is also a venue for hate propaganda.

A Palestinian television channel, partially controlled by the Palestinian Authority, occasionally conveys hatred and demonization picture of Israel, according to the Norwegian Holocaust Center.


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Published 2/10/2013 8:32 p.m..

Norwegian authorities contribute several hundred million in aid to the Palestinian Authority each year.

Palestinian television, funded and partly controlled by the palestiniske National Authority is now being criticized for contributing to building an image of  an enemy which demonizes the Jewish state.

Øivind Kopperud, a researcher at the Holocaust Center in Oslo, seen on several elements of the Palestinian television channel. He is in no doubt that this element has clear anti-Semitic traits.

– This contributes to a reinforced image of the enemy, which serves to demonize the Jewish state, Kopperud says.

Protocols of Zion
He has also seen programs that support the content of Protocols of Zion, a document that clearly stated is a forgery. These ‘protocol’ convey how the Jews work in secret to world domination.

It is the Israeli organization, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which has collated examples from Palestinian TV.

This organization, which belongs to the right wing of Israeli politics, is trying to document what values ​​Palestinian television and other media to convey its own population. They have published a book with examples

Danish Nan Zilberdik is a senior analyst in PMW. She says that the demonization of Israel and Jews have a large scope. She thinks Norwegian politicians would be surprised by the content of some of these broadcasts.

Palestinian children’s TV
A fixture on Palestinian children’s television can serve as an example. A girl named Leila recites a poem. It goes something like this:

“Our wars were for Al Aqsa Mosque. Our enemy is Satan Sion with a tail. ”

The presenters and the other in the studio gives her praise and applause.

In other programs, views that that Israel sells drugs to Palestinian youth, that Israel tortures and sells organs from Palestinian prisoners and that Israel poisoned Yasser Arafat are being presented.

– Has documentation

Emad Alsafar is program director of the Palestinian television channel. He denies that they spread hatred of Jews, and that they have evidence of the statements above. The overall charge of demonization and antisemitism he rejects.

– We have no problems with Jews, but we have problems with the occupation, he said in an interview with NRK. He admits that it is sometimes in direct broadcasts can reach undesirable views, but that it always tried corrected in retrospect.

Alsafar think the Israeli organization PMW deliberately trying to twist what is being presented on Palestinian TV.

– Jewish mentality
A survey made NRK has made various locations in Jerusalem and the West Bank shows that the myth of Zion Protocols is alive among Palestinians. A man NRK speak in Ramallah said that he believes in the protocols, and he refuses to accept that there is talk of a forgery.

– I do not think that it’s a fake. I think Jews have written this. This is the mentality of the Jews, says the man.

Several other NRK talking street is confident that the Protocols of Zion tells the truth about Jewish plans for world domination.

Palestinian TV also broadcast programs that glorify prisoners who have killed Israeli civilians. A Palestinian sentenced to 14 times life for plotting a suicide attack in which 13 Israeli civilians were killed. He is among those being honored.

– Honor those who have killed
– It is appropriate to honor those who have killed. It’s straight out of Islam, we honor our martyrs, says one on the street. Surveys show that this is a common attitude.

One says: – The Prophet said we should fight the Jews and kill them

How is it that the Israeli media? Do not they too present Palestinians as  basically evil?

The Norwegian Mideast scholar Asgeir Ueland has followed Israeli media closely for many years. He believes that the Israeli mainstream media, both newspapers, radio and television, does not resort to hate speech.

However, it occasionally you can find hate messages on  the settlers own media, and the media belonging to far out on the Israeli right wing, he said. This is a picture that is supported by other sources NRK has been in contact with.

300 million annually from Norway
Norway has since 2008 provided over 300 million a year in budget support to the Palestinian Authority. It is they who finance and partially control the Palestinian TV.

State Secretary Torgeir Larsen has read the material from Palestinian Media Watch. He admits that there are examples of anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews here, but he underlines that these are examples only. He also notes that PMW has its own agenda, and that this is a battle arena.

Larsen says that Norway has discussed these things with the Palestinian Authority, but there is no question of withdrawing the Norwegian support. The Norwegian support is to build Palestinian institutions.

– Never Part of our history
It has not been possible for NRK to get an interview with the Palestinian Authority, but the Palestinian representation in Norway writes in an e-mail to NRK that hatred has never been part of Palestinian culture, ideology or history.

– The problem has its roots in the occupation and the Israeli government that highlights Israel as a Jewish State and demand of the rest of the world to be recognized as such. Criticism of our broadcasts are aimed at violations of our rights made by the Israeli occupation and the illegal settlements, it added.

– The focus should be on stopping stereotyping of other cultures and religions, and to use the media as an important tool to bring nations together to establish lasting and fair peace, writes the Palestinian representation office in Norway.

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  1. Martin
    February 11, 2013 at 3:55 am

    Again I ask, why does Israel continue to have diplomatic relations with Jew/Israel hating Norway, when it refuses to hold them with Iran?

  2. : )
    February 11, 2013 at 4:34 am

    Norway is not a Jew hating place. We have had a selective media, but it has changed a lot. If you just bang now you will lose your points.
    McG I wonder now why did you not first write about NRK. For readers out of Norway its very hard to understand if anything is changing and not. Sorry I get a feeling that insted of analysing and give information you close in now. That can be regarded as propaganda and it will be not easy for people that don’t read Norwegian media to see the patterns and people that are involved. I like when you try to do your best and just write what you see. I see things very different from you, but I think your voice is important!

  3. herbert deutsch
    February 11, 2013 at 5:20 am

    Under your view your not Jew hating because you don’t use swastikas. However in the US, we have this saying: “If it walks like a duck and quakes like a duck the the chances are pretty good it is a duck. Martin is right. At bottom Norway is one ofhte most anti-Semtic countries in Europe

  4. : )
    February 11, 2013 at 6:18 am

    my point is that there is problems in Norway that the Jews her are given more responsebilety than what is correct. When it comes to how the Norwegian public regard Israel its a long way to go before there will be a normal coverage in the media. To give the Norwegian Jews that are only 2000 people left any responsebilety is madness. I think its easy to sitt in US and judge how is a self hater and what the duck should have done and not. Its makes me think of a Norwegian thing we say: you have to have the shoe on to know how it fit!

    As always Herbert have a lovely day all best : )

  5. solinski
    February 11, 2013 at 6:31 am

    Jewish State sounds a bit racist when Arabs make about 20 percent of the population.

  6. February 11, 2013 at 6:50 am

    What an odd statement, can you give me some arguments to support this view? Do you think it is racist that Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Indonesia to mention some define themselves as mainly Muslim while also being the home of large minorities?
    In exactly which point does underscoring national identity and values become a racist exercise?

  7. : )
    February 11, 2013 at 8:21 am

    personally have I never been in Israel so what I know is based on what people from Palestina and Israel have told me. I have never meet a israeli that really hate Palestinians even if they have lost a family member in terror. They speak very proud about their life in Israel and they also speak about that because of the terror that gives the Palestinians less fredom in general. They all hope that the terror will end. Most of the israeli I know has families that comes from other arabic land or old Soviet union. No one from Europa.
    The Palestinians I know some has family that has lived for generations there and other comes from other arabic contery. They comlain a lot about the Jews and how awfull everything are. Its impossible to talk about what terror does, and one that I had as a friend for more then 10 years has been learnt by his father her in Norway to mobb and hate Jews.
    My opinion is that we in the west has a more distance opinion about the conflict. We are a Christian part of the world and regard ME as a Muslim part. If you want the west to not regard Israels right to be Jewish well start to remove Christianity and Islam as well : ) Good luck to you because you will need it : )
    Agree McG this was really dum of Solinski. Shape up man you can better than this!

  8. Gábor Fränkl
    February 11, 2013 at 11:29 am

    “Jewish State sounds a bit racist when Arabs make about 20 percent of the population.” If this is not irony, then it’s laughably crazy what you write. I say the very opposite is true. The fact that Israel’s more than one-fifth Arab, others and meanwhile fully democratic proves conclusively that it’s the very opposite of being racist. In fact, it’s safeto say that it’s much less racist than Norway for example, which had it a 20 % plus minority, outright 1940 style Nazism would have erupted long ago with concentration camps everywhere all over ht eplace… So much about racism then.

  9. solinski
    February 11, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Egypt, Syria, Indonesia, Iraq are The Third World countries and may call themselfs whatever they choose, morover I believe, that full phrase is “Jewish State for the Jewish People”, can anybody imagine Danish State for the Danish People? There was once a German State for the German People and America for Americans, speaking about democracy, Democratic Republic of Congo sounds nice too.

  10. February 11, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    Actually the danes quite unashamedly say that they are the Danish state for Danish people, like Norway says the same for Norwegians, and in the UK, France, Italy, the USA, Argentina, Brazil, the Congo, and so on and on and on. Don’t think you took time out to think of a proper argument. That is a shame, I appreciate you as a sharp observer, but this was under your usual argumentative strength

  11. : )
    February 11, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    we have to stop using The Third world, that is rasistic. When I lived in Italy I had to pay more because I was from rich oil Norway. I argued that it was rasistic. They don’t have study funding as we have in Norway in Italy so students are normaly helped by their parents.
    Every time some one refuse to help you because of something you can’t change about your self or they have the wrong information about you, you have my sympaty. But what are you up to now? : )
    I think you are from ME, Israel?
    Hm, Martin I start to like this odd figure now, funny : )

  12. Martin
    February 11, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    Solinski, if the third world countries can call themselves whatever they choose, the UK queen is the head of the Church of England, so what if Israel calls itself a Jewish state.

    The ide aof the Jewish state is an old one. we waited for over 200 years of Christian persecution and 1500 years of Islamic dhimmi life in the Mellakh (an arab version of the Ghetto)

    In Mark Twain’s “Innocents Abroad, the landscape is defined as was prophesised in the bible. The land was barren. arabs diud not live there. Small Jewish religious communities lived there, as well as marauding Bedoui,.
    So norwegian, when a so called Palestinian tells you they have lived there for so many fgenerations, it is a blatant lie. There is enough documented evidence to belittle their claims. Even at the time of WW1, General allenby threw the turks out of the Levant. Very shortly afterwards, a more benevolent Christian attitude towards the Jewish people mean t an understanding of this land for the Jews in order for it to be a homeland. This was well before the holocaust. The Balfour Declaration was declared for a Jewish state this and was later the San Remo Declaration in 1920 confirmed this. The Arabs had their independence with newly named countries which were jusr distinguished as being part of the Ottoman Empire.

    the Arabs in Israel have a very good life, with the Christians and Moslems performing very well in their studies. The vast majority according to a survey said they will continue to live in the Jewish state of Israel rather than live in a future Palestine. so what does tell you? It will become another ethnically cleansed of Jewish people land fit for lazy scum whose main love is to hate the Jews suffuciently to massacre as many as possible.
    Needless to add, I don’t include the Druse, nor the Bedouin many of who serve with distinction in the IDF.

    norwegian I must disagree with you. Norway truly is a Jew hating country. when the word Jew becomes an insult, when Jewsisah synagogues are under attack and the government controlled news media join in with a daily barrage of hate towards Jewish Israel, when so called comedians think it funny to tell jokes about the poor fleas coming off Jews while they were being exterminated. Even you have said that you faced Jew hatred among ordinary people. I suppose the fact that nearly 40% of the people believe that Israel treats the Fakestinains as bad or worse than the Nazis treated the Jews sums it all up for me. Norwegians were very lucky that Hitler classified Norwegians as being Aryan, with about 200,000 norwegians at least sympathetic to the Nazis, when large Norwegian organisations such as storebrand, Den norske Creditbank, Fred Olsen, the Railways etc made huge profits by collaborating with the Nazis during the occupation. but of course, today this is all hushed u because Norway needs to show it is an awfully nice place, unless you you are Jew or particularly if you are Israeli.

    There are decent Norwegians, of there are. Unfortunately, they appear to be amall minority.

    We have just had delivery of a Spark, hopefully we may have more snow. Is it Norwegian? Ni! Is it Swedish? No. It is from Finland.

    Finlly, perhaps norwegian or the Prof inform me why it is important for Israel to retain diplomatic relations with a fascist/communist controlled Norway and what benefits there are for Israel/ I fail to see any.

  13. solinski
    February 12, 2013 at 4:00 am

    Read yesterday on the “American Thinker” an article “How not to defend Israel”, it seems, that Balfour and Reno are rather shaky arguments. Author referes to by the way to the “Innocent abroad”.

  14. : )
    February 12, 2013 at 4:41 am

    Solinski if you really want people to read what you do, give a link. I don’t get payed to write on this page so make it easy or be ignored!

  15. Martin
    February 12, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Thank you solinski for the details in the American Thinker. The author certainly had a point. However, some discrepency. He writes of 500,000 population. Hardly, when Mark Twain visited the area, he stated that Jeriusalem had a population of 14,000. I am trying to figure where the rest of the population lived. Other travellers, particularly Christian missionaries, priests and historiacal also confirmed the barren earth with swamps, where the Arabs would not live nor would they approiach forests.

    The write also quesries the legality of Israel in the UN without ther sevcurity council. A fair point to raise. But what does that tell us about Britain and France covering up old Ottoman district liners and redrawing political and geographical bounderies. Masking new Arab countries over which they would hold power. When Churchill gave away 78% of Palestine (east bank of the Jordna) it was only meant, as was understood at the time to be a temporary situation until the Jewish state came into being. That clearly would not happen, as oil began to take control of British politics.

    I notice too, the mention of the Samaritans. It is so strange for me as a Jew to read of the good Samaritans. These people did not welcome the returning Jewish people from Bebylon and did everything possible to stop the building of ther second temple. So the Jews were bad, but the Samaritans were good. Note the bad Judas compared to the others. Why Judas? Well Judas -= Jew. Anything further required to show at the early stage of Christianity the hate of the new religion (broken away from the original versions) for the Jews.

    But again solinski, thank you for the interesting article.

  16. de Bacle
    February 13, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    ref: How not to..Israel”. Mike Konrads reasoning is shallow and not less “pointelss” than many of his claims. (Obviously space here is restricted). Just take his first claim that “people get inveted all the time” and comapring with Argentinians etc. The political invention of a Palestinian people is distinct from, say, the Sami of Scnadinavia, Argentinians, Basks in Spain, etc., and certainly relevant in discussing the justifiction for a future possible solutions. Whteher it is pointless or not requires a much more sophisticated abalysis than Konrads simpek dismissal. “Newt Gingrich” is hardly alone in this claim and Konrad can’t dismiss the argument by tying it to Gingrich alone. Cheap.
    Similarly with the UN vote, Balfour declaratikns etc. who said the British had legal rights of it in the first place ? If not, then the “promise” needs to be judged in much more detailed context. Similarly wirh the UN vote . Konrad can not nullify teh collected arguments by refering to the “legality” which has nit been challenged in court. The UN, or Hague for that matter, would hardly question the legal grouds, based on teh UN vote and subsequent reocgnition by a majority of countires (one by one) so what precisely is Konrads argument ?
    All of it is very shallow, there is no such thing as a mathematically rigorous proof of the correctenss of any of these arguments.

    Simply: Konrad has no legal grounds to disqualify the legal grounds that are claimed. He falls on his own shallow arguments.

  17. solinski
    February 13, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    As to inventing names, why not apply the same principle to the cities, Palestinians could rename Ramallah Jerusalem, or even better al Quud and declare it their capital, everybody’s happy, low cost solution, maybe a poststamp, Jesus the First Palestinian seems a tastefull choice.

  18. : )
    February 14, 2013 at 12:17 am

    de Bacle,
    the only people that accept this kind of propaganda are people that has their own personal problems. Its a easy way to help people if one help them to see pattern in the world. I have comed to the conclution that to change the present madness in the world one has to change psycologi into more individuall process. To me is it clear thet we need less psycologi at the televison and in the media and more focus on skills. Well I’m odd I like better to look at cars being fixed, food programs and deep political debatts that I have to read books to understand than to see homeland.
    Have a nice day de Bacle and let the mad people enjoy their scarf its probably the only thing that keeps them up : )
    Solinski you really let me down again, how could you? : )

  19. Martin
    February 14, 2013 at 6:29 am

    solinski, let us look further at your writing here. The Arab Muslims already call Jerusalem by it’s Arab name Al Quds. Arab Christian still call it Jerusalem, as after all, that is how it is known in both the Jewish bible and of course what is called the “New Testament.” Obviously, as it is a testament, it must be correct.

    Jesus the first Palestinian? Well we are aware of course it was good old Arafat who first put this out to further strengthen the case of his new land of Palestine. No doubt, some of the churches leaders will gladly accept the title of Jewsus the Palestinian in order to cast away any Jewishness about this person. However, I am sure others, nore decent people such as Harry Jess and members of MIFF will disagree.

    Prior to Israel independence in 1948, there was a people known as the Palestinians. They were the Jews, not the Arabs. Those Jews who fought in units within the British armed forces were named as Palestinians. The Arabs could not be trusted as they were fervently pro German and anti British. Their leader the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (I believe wwas Yasser Arafat’s uncle, form the same el Husseini tribe was a Nazi in all but name. He visited Hitler in Berlin and between them made plans to slaughter all the Jews in what was then known as the British Mandate of Palestine. The Arabs under British occupation were called……. Arabs. At no time were they called Palestinians.

    Upon independence, the Jews disposed of the hated title of British named Palestine and called the new state Israel. I appreciate the need of the local Arabs to want another country of their own, only to dispel the Jews, but if they were serious, why call themselves Palestinians, a Britisah colonial title?

    Who is everybody that will be happy? Are you serious? Solinski, you show such a childish view of the situation, the only reason why anyone writes back is to try and give you a history lesson. which you lack totally. I believe in order to grow up, why don’t you become a volunteer on a kibbutz, meet Israelis, see the country and then offer some concrete advice as to how people might become happy. Actually, solinski, the Arabs won’t be happy until all the Jews are ethnically cleansed (Abbas has confirmed that no Jews will bew allowed to live in Palestine. How do you feel about this?) The real problems will then start. The so called arab Spring which has become a nightmare will escalate in the holy land, as the Arab faction fight to gain control. The Syrians will make the largest claim to the land, as they do to all of pre 1918 Palestine, this includes Jordan

  20. Martin
    February 15, 2013 at 4:00 am

    Prof, I have tried to forward you via googlemailshare and google+ an article without success.

    The article is from the PMW Palestine Media Watch blog, titled “Kill a Jew – Go to Heaven.” Perhaps you might find it interesting enough to share it with your FM Mr Eide. seeing as how “Innocent, ignorant and naive,” he is. Do you think that he might want to learn something he already knows?

  21. solinski
    February 18, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    It’s a rather stupid discussion, what Norway gives, and how Palestinians use the money is their own problem, moreover 300.000 millions is really penauts, considering Norway’s GDP, using this money to describe Jews as descendants of pigs and apes is a waste, every Arab child knows it alleready.

  22. February 18, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    huh, do you mean to say that every Arab child knows that Jews are descendants of pigs etc, or is this just some unfortunate way of expressing yourself? Leaving all jokes on the side – as long as Norway is a major contributor to the Palestinian state development, and as long as Norway has no compunction in denouncing any perceived or real sleight in Israel’s behavior, then it certainly is very interesting how official Norway responds to reports of hate speech, gross anti-Semitism and even encouragement to commit genocide, the wider world needs to know that Norway in this matter is apologetic in the face of dangerous war mongering, calls for murder of Israeli citizens. In common parlance, this is called double standards and is an ugly spot on Norway’s beauty appeal…

  23. Martin
    February 19, 2013 at 4:26 am

    Solinski, it is only a stupid discussion due to your own ignorance. You make many ignorant comments and staements, which are answered by myself and others, including the Prof. So I need to ask you, why do you not try to answer with facts, not opinion those questions put to you.
    I have mentioned before this game you play, and never answering direct questions. It was also pointed out to you that your opinions count for 0, when you are unable or incapable in answering other points of view. Do yuo actually consider what you write before you put pen to paper? I think not.

    The educational books supplied by the United Nations, are renowned for their hate of Jews. You see solinski, the problem is not hate for Israel, but a hate for the Jews and their own tiny bit of a homeland. Miniscule by comparison to Arab lands which have been ethnically cleansed of Jews and going that way for Christians. Those UN books also included the mathematical question of if you have a number of Jews and you kill so many Jews, how many are left.
    This is a fact. So, do you consider this to be correct and a good way of spending your money? Answer Yes, or No please. Thank you.

  24. Cattie
    June 8, 2013 at 11:15 am

    Mr. David is correct in his own pensoral review about the many facts in his book. Many of the figures, documents and the like are perfectly legitimate. My problem isn’t the facts. It is how they are presented.They are recorded as just plain facts without the historical context in a form in which anyone can interpret them any way they choose to and present their version of them as gospel. Mr. David has done a marvelous job at taking his own slanted interpretation of events and recording it as history in his book. Lets take his theory that Middle East terrorism had its genisis with pre state Jewish underground organizations and movements. To anyone that knows the history of any of these groups, Mr. David’s assertion must appear to be absolute rubish. The Haganah was founded in the aftermath of Arab violence against Jews. 1920 and 1921 saw horrific riots against the Jewish community in Palestine. It is against this backdrop of Arab violence that the Haganah was created and an organization from which the Stern Gang and the Irgun would later split. The violent actions the Haganah, Irgun and Stern Gang did take were against British military targets and not an innocent populace of women and children. It is true that later on a few officials not associated with with the British military were murdered by some extremist elements within the Stern and Irgun. It is also suggested that Israel invented the art of plane hijacking in 1954 when a Syrian airliner was hijacked by Israelis. It is true that the Israeli airforce did force to land a Syrian plane. No one was harmed and the plane was allowed to return to Syria in days. The tactics used had nothing in common by the tactics used by the PLO in plane hijackings. No one was ever threatened and no goals were achieved by it. This is in stark contrast to the aircraft hijackings carried out by Palestinian terrorists. Mr. David appears to have a little bit of an anti-semitic attitude as well. His final demand at the end of his book is that prominent Jews admit that we stole Palestine. He mentions several non-Israeli Jews that do not live in Israel, have never served in the IDF and do not participate in Israel’s political system. In his mentioning of the protests of Israeli Jews after the Sabra and Shatila massacres he mockingly writes that the Jewish people cry about Sabra and Shatila while being indifferent to the Palestinians. He doesn’t refer to Jews as individuals and he clearly sees us as collectively guilty for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and that this ethnic cleansing was the end of Jewish innocence. Mr. David does an incredible job of misrepresenting the King-Crane Commission as well.The King-Crane Commission was made up of people who were decidedly anti-Zionist to begin with. That is specifically why they were chosen by Wilson for the job. One feature for which the report is still remembered today was an early statement skeptical of the viability of a Jewish state in Syria. The logic of the commission went along the lines that the first principle to be respected must be self-determination. Since the commission had a very maximalist view of Syria what would today encompass Syria, Israel, Palestine, Jordan and the Gaza Strip it pointed out that a majority of Syrians were against the formation of a Jewish state. It is important to remember that at this time there was no distinct Palestinian nationist movement and most Arabs living in what would become Israel, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza Strip saw themselves as Syrians and were proponents of reuniting with an independant Syria.What is telling about this affront to democracy is that three years after the King-Crane commission was sent to Palestine the American House and Senate voted on a resolution favoring the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine. The Author also ignores that the facts on the ground changed tremendously between 1919 when the King-Crane Commission studied Palestine and 1948 when Israel declared it’s independance and that several other studies were done on the population after 1.) Syria and Jordan were independant states in charge of their own populace. 2.) Substantial Jewish immigration to Palestine had occured and 3.)Substantial Arab immigration had occured to Palestine in the wake of the economic oppertunites created by Jewish immigration and settlement. I am running on the assumption that Mr. David is an American or possibly Canadian. As an American or Canadian, I would assume he is ashamed of himself for continuing to live in a land that literally was stolen from it’s native population. Maybe he should write a book entitles Whites and Native Americans for beginners and discuss America’s ethnic cleansing of an entire continent. Maybe he should seek residency in Europe so he does not remain on stolen land and his conscience will be clear.

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