Leftist comes out of the closet – lets give him a warm hand

Mr. Færseth deserves a round of applause, it is not a small thing he has done here, to stand up for Israel and Jews may cost him friendships, social standing and even money.




NRK Ytring 2013 02 17

John Færseth

Certain forces on the left in politics are allowed anti-Semite statements, in newspapers and in the lecture halls. Is it a wonder many holds such expressions are legitimate criticisms of Israel, John Færseth asks.

In the best of traditions of the left, I shall commence with criticism of myself.  Many of my statements will seem to be a political intimate disclosure, a procession of individual statements made by individuals. Unfortunately, they show a pattern.

Anti-Semitism is racist, religious or culturally based hatred, in which being a Jew is to possess certain – negative- characteristics.

The sociologist Helen Fein defines this as “ a latent structure of ideas about Jews as a collective; manifesting itself as attitudes on the individual level, as myths in culture and ideology, and in actions as social or legal discriminations or political mobilization directed at Jews; all having the result of or the purpose of removing, the running out of or the destruction of the Jews only over being Jewish”. The core lies in the last sentence of the quote; “Jews as a collective and only over being Jewish”.

Criticism of Israel.

Additionally, the philosopher Bernard Harrison adds an aspect of conspiracy: “Being Jewish is to be a member of a collective, who at all times may be suspected over working for the promotion of its own goals, contrary to the interests of the community as a whole”.

“The Protocols of the Elder of Zion”; created by reactionaries in pre-revolutionary Russia, in which the Jews were attributed plans over securing the political and economic powers over the whole world is one example.

Criticizing the Israelis over the treatment of the Palestinians is not anti-Semite. Nor is it anti-Semite to state it was a mistake to establish the state of Israel in 1948; or a one state solution being the best way to end the conflict. It is anti-Semitic when claims are made over Jewishness disposing to brutality; or all Jews being potential agents for Israel.

Jewish powers in the media.

Unfortunately, the Norwegian left has in later years seen numerous examples of statements coming close to this. Most likely, the most extreme was the peace researcher Johan Galtung, something of a lodestar within conflict analysis and conflict resolution, making comments during a lecture at the University of Oslo in the fall of 2011, referring to the anti-Semite Norwegian author Erik Rudstrøm’s books on “Jewish power”; stating Freemasonry was built upon “Jewish elements”, and might have been involved in the 22/7 terrorist actions.

Later on, Galtung has followed up on this through recommending “the Protocols of the Elder of Zion” as a “guide to the world”; also stating it is time to research on “Jewish control over the media” and the significance of this. For this reason, several institutions have chosen to take Galtung off their curricula. However, this has not happened in Norway, where Galtung only this fall was lecturing to the Norwegian Peace Council, and was a guest of honor at the SILK festival in Skudeneshavn.

’’Jews as “Virus”.

On January the 3rd of 2009; Trond Andresen, an associated professor at the NTNU in Trondheim, wrote in the Klassekampen newspaper of Jews as an ethnic group suffering of a collective lack of empathy to others than their own. This was in the context of the Gaza war. Andresen has also made himself noted through his defense of Hans Olav Brandberg, excluded from the AKP (ml) party in 2004; over dispersing anti-Semite thinking. Among other issues, he had defended authors like Kevin MacDonald, a controversial evolutional psychologist. MacDonald regard Jewry as a “group survival strategy”, rewarding those who care for their own, so that Jews act like a “virus”, in risk of destroying their “host organism”. According to Brandberg, MacDonald’s theories were “a classical critical academic piece of work”; useful in understanding the Jewish lobby in USA.

Jewish identity as racist.

In the fall of 2011; Andresen’s colleagues at the NTNU, collaborating with The Palestine Committee, invited British-Israeli author Gilad Atzmon to lecture. Atzmon resigned his Israeli citizenship in 2002; having been a crass critic of Israel through many years.        He criticize the Jewish identity as being racist; claiming Jewry is in opposition to Christian and humanistic values. Even referring to the Nazi persecution of the Jews as unique is chauvinism to Atzmon. Nor does he hesitate to employ pre-modern descriptions of Jews as Christ killers, recommending the “Protocols of the Elder of Zion”, this being a book describing the world of today with “Prophetic force” or coming close to denying the Holocaust.

For this reason, many Pal activists have distanced themselves from Atzmon, not the NTNU, however. Attempts to make a problem of his invitation were totally irrelevant, according to Professor Arnulf Kolstad. Critics should focus less “on what his homepage says and who his friends are”, and rather concentrate on the main message, “the significance of Jewish identity to the Israelis treatment of the Palestinians”.


Why does the Klassekampen still publish Andresen, the peace movement praise Galtung and the Palestine Committee invite Atzmon when their standpoints are so very obvious?

To many, USA and Israel are in a particular position of their own. They are the enemy; nearly all attacks can be excused. Even physical, as when Muslim youth attacked the Freemason’s lodge in Oslo during the demonstrations against the Gaza war in 2009; receiving support by the Blitz group over this, in spite of it being clear this was a result of conspiracy theories concerning the Jewish influenced Freemasons.                          Without any objections, Israel can be compared to Nazi Germany, as when the Israeli blockade of Gaza is compared to the Ghetto in Warsaw, or Israeli politicians are depicted in Nazi uniforms in cartoons.

Not widespread.

I could also mention the author Fredrik Heffermehl’s claims about the Jews behaving like a group, having no feelings over the sufferings of others, or the aforementioned Kolstad’s hints about Israel being responsible over the bullying of Jewish children. Having such a point of departure, there are no wonders about many reflexively taking such statements as valid criticism of Israeli policies.

However, thankfully, there are few indications over anti-Semite concepts being common among the Norwegian left wing; neither politically nor in newspapers in the category of Klassekampen. Polls indicate expressed negative attitudes towards Jews are more common in other segments of the population. However, at a time when 19 percent of Norwegians holds the opinion Jews are secretly working for Jewish interests, while opposite forces would like to brand all criticism of Israel as anti-Semite, time has come to establish a boundary.

Perhaps not unexpectedly; there are a number of outright anti-Semite talkbacks to the article above. One Mr. John Nikolai Omark distinguishes himself in this capacity, though one Mr. Ingar Holst goes one better, defending the  Taliban(!). Unfortunately, they are not alone.

Some more anti-Semitism from the reader’s pages of Dagsavisen. The translator does not have the capacity (nor the wish) to translate the rants of Mr. Andor M. Aure, but will contend himself with stating that Mr. Aure is an enthusiastic advocate of Hamas. Oh, and Israel is evil personified.


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  1. solinski
    February 20, 2013 at 7:15 am

    Galtung, Willoch and the others of their ilk are just senile idiots desperatly trying to stay revelant, Desmond Tutu is another example. By the way, I allways thought, that masons don’t exept Jews as members.

  2. Gábor Fränkl
    February 20, 2013 at 7:48 am

    Yes. But he also said some unfair things, which are simply untrue and stupid.

  3. Martin
    February 20, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Well, it is a start. however, there are some statements that I question.

    Freemasonry began as a Christian ideology, employing Solomon’s Temple as a core of the belief. (I write as a non Freemason). It owes it’s belief in the one God and therefore is open to all who believe in God. Members of my family belong to a lodge and I know, that in the finest Jewish tradition, they do a lot of good charity work, without having to named. Many hospitals are in receipt of modern technology, thanks to the freemasons. That, probably is why the left hate freemasonry, a belief in God. Socialism with its manifesto of hate towards decency under the cloak of “equality and political correctness,” is the new god.

    Herr Faerseth commented that criticism of Israel for their treatement of the Fakestinians is not anti-Semitic. Wrong! It is just that! When people openly parade their hateful allegations of this kind and not against other more deserving countries, what else would Herr Faerseth call it? Double standatds? No Herr Faerseth, it goes much deeper than that.

    To be against the sole tiny Jewish state of Israel becoming an independent state is Jew hating. The late (much admired by me) Martin Luther King stated that to be biased against Israel is, as he called it “anti-Semitic.” Why, after WWI should the Jews not have their own little bit of what was then, worthless land? Why should the land just be another part of the vast Islamic empire, with colonial imposed borders? No Herr Faerseth, is it Jew hateful.

    They say that to try and understand hate against blacks, one has to be black. Well Herr Faerseth, to be aware of Jew hating bastards of the kind you picture in your synopsis above, one has to be Jewish.
    For 40% of Norwegians to even think, (assuming they did in the first place and they have a brain capable of thought)that Israel treats the Fakestinians as badly or worse than the Nazis treated the Jews shows what a shameless nation you represent. Too bad for Norway that its Aryan people did not suffer as much as those in eastern Europe or the Jews. If they had, this comparison would not even been asked. Norwegian society is just plain evil. nothing more and nothing less.

  4. de Bacle
    February 20, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    The author grossly understates the Norwegian antisemtic problem.
    The daily one sided bias from media, not individual Andresen at the University of Trondheim or Galtung in Oslo, are much more gulity of massive antisemitic indoctrination than those nitwits.
    For example, Yestreday Aftenposten published the controverisal picture of a child seen thorugh the viewpiece of a (presumed) Israeli Rifle, cited Haaret and the Guardian to justify this piece of antisemitic garbage, and “discussed” the Israeli defece forces strong reactions against it.
    Now of course the piece in Aftenpoisten can be claimed to be “balanced” and of course they obly cited, e.g. Haaretz, but the problem is that one, possibly “sicko” soldier is here taken as an indoctrinating tool to bash and throw suspiscion on the whole Israeli handling of the occupancy. The article ends with a statement implying as much.
    So the reader is left with an “impression”. The discussion, the actual circuimstances don’t leave a mark, and there are absolutely no reports of Israel seen from the opposite view, (for example there was never one word in Norwegian media of the accountof the British Officer Kemp, in a hearing at the UN, where he withessed and claimed that Israels consideration and humane treatement of the occupied civilians is unique in military History).
    The one sided Israel bashing is the anti-Semitism in Nirway. It is systemtic , it is daily, it is virtually unanimous from all of Norwegian media.

    As a further small example, When 78% of Jews in the US voted for Obama (the first time round) the Aftenposten correspondent concluded that this was thanks to Emanuel Rahm (? !) because he convinced the Jews in the US that this would benefit Israel. In other words, in line with the anti-Semitic verdicts of this article, Aftenposten is here indoctrinating anti-semitism again: The Jews of the US vote, note for Israel and not as loyal citizens to further the interests of the US society. Where Aftenposten picked this piece of c-p foreign correspondent I don’t know, but it is well known that 80% US Jews have voted “democratic” for the the past 50 years at least.

    A simple indoctrinating article in Aftenposten like tese are NEVER going to go down as “anti-Semitic”.
    But of course they are.

    So Mr Feseth, you are decieving only yourself and those already indoctrinated not to see all the anti-semitic garbage pumped out from Norwegian media. The situation is much more grave than what you pretedn.
    Your article deserves o be branded a “coverup”.

  5. Martin
    February 21, 2013 at 3:53 am

    de Bacle, very well put in it’s accuracy and explanation. In the UK, Kemp has written columns in various newspapers in the UK. Needless to add, Ha Aretz and its sister UK publications will never repeat his messages.

    I rote some time earlier on this site, that IDF personnel were brought in to help British (and other forces?) forces overcome the terror attacks and to counter the dreaded IED’s that have killed, maimed and seriuosly injured UK Soldiers. Of course, officially, it was all hushed up.

  6. March 14, 2013 at 8:42 am

    Dear Madam,

    I stumbled upon this web page through googling Mr. Færseth and found a reference to my person, which requires some correction:

    “…one Mr. Ingar Holst goes one better, defending the Taliban(!).”

    In general I do defend the Taliban, especially the Afghani Taliban, and first of all for their courageous resistance to the occupation of their country, but curiously enough I did not do that in my comment which you quote. You may have been mislead by that I signed as “Editor of Taliban Norway Magazine”. If you wish to ridicule me, please do it on relevant grounds in each case.

    I suppose mentioning that I am of Jewish descent will not make me less of a bigot anti-semite in your eyes?


    Ingar Holst

  7. March 14, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    Dear Mr. Holst
    I have by means tried to ridicule you or otherwise embarrass you. I have merely translated an article which was published in NRK.no and penned by John Færseth.

    In translating the talk backs added to this article, your entry is in the very least odd, and not representative of what most people think and know about anti-Semitism. To make this more transparent I have translated (sorry, google translate only, which is bound to miss the finer nuances in your reply… but it gives a fair idea…) If you read my comment carefully, you will see I have not called you an anti-Semite, but merely stated that you outdo the others in the content of your comment.

    I’ll try to throw some fire torches into the church:

    First, it looks as if Faerseth writes “anti-Semitism” which he believes “hatred”. Jews are first only to a limited extent Semites and most Semites are not Jews, but Arabs, and most of that Faerseth try to hang-Semitism on the poster, is critical to the Jews, not to Arabs. How to call a spade a spade?

    Secondly, I miss a discussion about the legitimacy of mishagsfølelse, hate and degrees of these. Few people will prosper in all seriousness believe that everyone is committed to equal all. Antipathies and sympathies exist but should prohibit antipathy? Should they be allowed to some extent? He who follows the Norwegian public debate about cultural antipathies must have been with him that most agree that it is okay to infringe. We talk even about “the right to offend others” and “the right to be offended.” Jan Arild Snoen in the journal Minerva argue that there is “no right not to be offended ‘:


    Hetsing however, it is fy. No one wants to be accused of conducting hetsing. But what exactly is the difference between violating and harassment? It is under no circumstances very big.

    Do I love the French? There was a time (specifically, right after my first visit in France) when I had the French completely in his throat after having found out that they do not necessarily want to speak English. (My French period has passed now, I’ve learned to appreciate their cooking and I speak better French themselves.) But I had in principle entitled to dislike the French? I hope so. Am I obligated to like Jews? Probably not, but am I allowed to dislike Jews? There is no clear consensus and I have yet to see statements about displeasure towards Jews as an ethnic group categorized as anything other than anti-Semitism.

    One issue is that I can not claim my right to dislike the Jews in any official capacity, I obviously can not claim such a right if I serve clients in a business or the like, but I have such a right as a private citizen, in his spare time? Would love to hear Faerseth opinion on this – RSVP. Where does my right as a citizen to have antipathies towards Jews and being an anti-Semite? And if it can not be drawn from such a limit, then we are like odor going into patituret (sympathy and antipatidiktaturet). Nyord in Norwegian, note, Grepstad?

    I after calling for a clearer demarkering of whether, how and to what extent I as an individual right – the complete unjustifiable grounds – to dislike or hate individuals or groups of people just by their own discretion.

    Ingar Holst

  8. March 14, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    I seem to have jumped to conclusions too. I was under the impression that you were female and now I see that that was due to a picture of someone else you were quoting.

    So I should perhaps start this by “Dear Sir / Madam”,

    Google translate explains it. So you write this entire web page about Norwegians and you cannot read Norwegian? Google translate will take you on some hikes at times.

    My thought here is, yes, I do support the Taliban, but not in the comment you quoted. You were probably carried away by my signature.

    I am an anti-semite though by most current definitions, and proud of it. And I am of Jewish descent.

    Best wishes for your work,

    Ingar Holst

  9. March 14, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    Whatever makes your day.you have the exclusive right to have any opinion you like about any subject. It is my exclusive right to call you out when your views stand several miles outside the commonly accepted. If you cannot tolerate this then I suggest you take up bread baking as a substitute activity, since participating in the public discourse carries with it the inherent risk of getting feedback. I think there is a nice Norwegian word: kverulant. Or to remove your google angst: kværrulant.
    G’day to you too

  10. : )
    March 15, 2013 at 12:02 am

    Ingar Holst,
    my question to you is why your generation has this need to defend your own person insted of just accept others as different and let it be.

  11. March 15, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    To answer the question posed by Smiley:

    You mean simply to accept the existence of the state of Israel? In spite of the assassinations of Knut Frydenlund, Johan Jørgen Holst, Per Paust, Anne Orderud and her Parents and Achmed Bouchiki? Well, all of those combined certainly do not make Israel stand out. These assassinations place Israel firmly in a long and rich tradition among all nation states. What made it impossible for me personally to continue to see Israel as merely one among a series of disgusting foreign states was 9/11. That made a definite historic break and for me personally it meant I would never ever again be able to accept any Jewish state, in Palestine, anywhere. To me, Israel is the cancer, the the deadly virus, the plague. It has to go. It has to be removed completely. And no compromise shall be accepted. As long as there is even one Jew left in Palestine, I will not rest, but argue for his eviction.

    Ingar Holst
    Taliban Norway Magazine

  12. March 16, 2013 at 1:53 am

    Did you get your badly needed sexual gratification now? Feeling better? Calmer? Maybe you should also try one of those little lovely pills you can get from the doctors, the ones that help you calm down and avoid making a fool of yourself when you are out among normal people?

  13. March 16, 2013 at 4:36 am

    Yes, it felt nice to get that out. I should say such things more often.

    Ingar Holst
    Taliban Norway Magazine

  14. : )
    March 16, 2013 at 5:19 am


    relax I’m used to this people and I find them very interesting. Today we have a lot better help in the school system for kids her in Norway, this generation had no help and probably an awfull time at school her in Norway. Please read Maria Montessori she speaks about this in a Montessori Mother : )

    Ingar Holst,
    I don’t regard what you say as a sexual need, I have this strong feeling that your generation mix opinions and persons in a way that must be very confusing for your self. My grandfather pointed this out to me and helped me to talk around peoples feelings so that one could conect and figure out what the person really are. Then one can talk about subjects when one know how to meet each other. When I lived in Italy there where no need for this, all had normal behaivior, unless one mixed with the mafia (that is very unusual thing to do).
    I ask you simple question about you and your generation because I care about you. Can you please just respond on the question?

    We can talk about Norway a other time : )

  15. : )
    March 16, 2013 at 6:06 am

    hm, Ingar Holst I think that to get it out of your system if you had no
    intetion to get it out show that you are still a victim for manipulation from your childehood. Hope you can get better : )

  16. March 16, 2013 at 8:45 am


    I will answer your question on one condition, and that is that someone here may succeed in bringing my humble person in on this famous list of Norway’s top ten anti-semites. I am not sure exactly who publishes this list, Though it probably is one of the dozens of zionist blogs funded by the Israeli embassy. I recall that Mr. Trond Ali Linstad wound up on that list last year, but that was most probably just to prevent him from being knighted. What is more, Mr. Linstad doesn’t even see himself as an anti-semite; I do. I am sure that I qualify, and if I don’t, I will be more than willing to walk that extra mile. What does it take? I subscribe to the following views:

    – The state of Israel should be thrown into the Mediterranian (it doesn’t float)
    – All Jews that did not live in Palestine before 1948 should leave. Make that 1880.
    – Sayeret Matkal placed the explosives in the WTC
    – Ahmadinejad is a great guy

    Is this sufficient? Is it required to be a Holocaust denier? I could probably qualify there as well, as soon as I get time to reread all books by David Irving. I will deny any massacre required of me. Do you require me to be fluent in Arabic? I only know how to shout “Al maout li Israel”, but I am willing to study more. Burn the Israeli flag? I could do that, surely cannot be all that more difficult than burning the American flag. Burn the Torah? Tell me where to get one and I will do also that.

    Now, is this sufficient or not? What more do you want? Do I get in on the list?


    Ingar Holst
    Taliban Norway Magazine

  17. : )
    March 17, 2013 at 3:15 am

    this became so navlebeskuende and naiv from Holst that we need something funny:

  18. : )
    March 18, 2013 at 1:23 am

    my only analysis on these men that support the Muslim culture is that
    they are against the modern sosiety where they feel that women are taking their jobs. They have been making a lot of fictions for a long time to stopp justice. Its sad that internett has just become the next new stage for this popcorns! Arg Martin it really feels like waste of time and energy to try to make this people see them self and use more time to be happy and enjoy life than it gives back! Its so easy to just want to be angry on them!


  19. March 18, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    yummy! getting out my pop corn to watch the idiot trip up in his own silly tongue.
    this is so much better than NRK.

  20. : )
    March 18, 2013 at 1:34 pm


    thank you for your time.

    I don’t have a list sorry.


    Have fun : )


  21. : )
    March 18, 2013 at 2:27 pm


    this poor man probably thinks hi is speaking to some kind of secret Jewish movment that are against him. Isnt that just paranoia?

    This one is really good:

    I just love her voice : )

  22. March 19, 2013 at 1:20 am

    I stand corrected on one detail: The list I mentioned was not a list of some obscure group in Norway, the list is published by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. And it nominated the top ten anti-semites WORLDWIDE, not only for Norway. Here is one reference to the said list:


    Naturally, to get in on this list is the ultimate honour. I would do anything to get in there. I will formulate a personal application to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and see if they find me worthy. Even a No. ten place would be terrific.

    Shalom and so on,

    Ingar Holst
    Taliban Norway Magazine

  23. : )
    March 19, 2013 at 4:24 am

    now you have just stoped talking to me at all, you speak out in the air. What is wrong with your generation that has to have all this kind off odd goals? What is wrong whit just accepting life as it is and not make your own fantacy world? Have you lisend to the music I sendt to you, did you notice it was Morten Abel, do you have any memories with this music in Norway? Please tell about a moment in your life where you felt joy and let other people into your life.

    Good luck in writing to Simon Wiesenthal Center, seriously as you write I would be scared to get to an airport. Its just to strip you and you probaly go on about Israel, US conspiracy then you need a injection. Krist man you put it on to your self!

  24. March 19, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Dear Smiley,

    I am not sure how to interpret what you write. On the one hand you said you are not listening to me. On the other hand you answer me and even pose me further questions.

    I did not listen to the music, as I was not aware you sent me any. I did not receive it. Where and how did you send it?

    As for music I am a devoted admirer of JS Bach. Last year I bought a harpiscord and in our family we count several competent harpsichord players. I will have to gracefully pass on Morten Abel and his contemporaries.


    Ingar Holst
    Taliban Norway Magazine

  25. : )
    March 20, 2013 at 12:27 am


    fine to have you attention back, thats nice! As you I to like JS Bach. My favoritte is Jauchzet, frohlocket from the christmas oriatorium. If you are in China you can’t open youtube. Her I send you one anyway:

    My guestion to you about your generation is very important for me as a person as soon you all will lose power and become old and then its no hope to get a dialouge about our time together her on the planet.
    Personally have I had a really cool time with your generation her in Norway, being a girl and be given freedom no generations of women ever before or in the future probably will get. I have no problem to see why a lot of the men in my generation feel suppresed and why there is a lot more violence in my generation. A lot do just hate women and the left. That it should get so bad as Utøya was out of my poor imignation about humans worst mind.

    Please don’t read anything into what I write just give me what I want a reason why you choose to not see what is most close to your heart and continue to work for equal rights in Norway where you belong!

  26. March 20, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    Dear Smiley,

    The Gardiner recordings of the Christmas Oratory! I never remove these two DVDs from my car – I listen to them all the time.

    You are misinformed about YouTube in China. I never have any problems accessing YouTube in China, although I am in Laos now and here the wireless bandwidth is terrible.

    You seems to mention the phrase “your generation” a lot. I just turned 52 years old. And you?


    Ingar Holst
    Taliban Norway Magazine

  27. : )
    March 21, 2013 at 2:30 am

    to just lisend to clasical music and not the one they play on the radio gives you a lack of understanding for the average Norwegian, that to me is the most important character to understand if I at all should say that I know anything about Norway! You are in the generation that today has power, but you refuse to see the difficults in your behaivior when you kick up and down and everywhere. And it gets worst when you behave like a nett troll and use hurted feelings on a page where you are unsure how you speak with and then use pure fantacy!
    If internett should function at all one has to take responsebilety on the web as well. I read with great interest your intervju with Jan Simonsen. You say he is a friend of you. What kind of friend are you with him. Is all this Taliban and hate Israel and US just a temparary show or are you considering about speaking to professionals about this? And why on earth does it matter if your DNA should be Jewis, arnt you a free born human?

    Since youtube function in China, can you give an analysis about this Norwegian song:

    Lets see how well youtube work in China!


  28. March 21, 2013 at 5:15 am


    First of all, JS Bach does not belong in the classical era, he belongs in the Baroque era. (Neither do his sons, which mostly belong in the Rococco.)

    Secondly, one does not “listen to” Baroque music. One plays it, performs it, teaches it, or studies it. “Listening to” came later, with the grammophone record.

    Thirdly, Rock music in my mind defies analysis. It is all noise to me, so I have to disappoint you there. And, as I just told you, I am in Laos, not in China.

    Ingar Holst
    Taliban Norway Magazine

  29. : )
    March 21, 2013 at 8:19 am


    glad to see that this conversation in fact does make you better : )

    As I see you you felt in the interlectual box of conspiracy thinking after the end of the cold war. A lot has and a lot has become burn out by the constant terror focus in the media. Personally have I just given up to think about what can and might happen. I will never have control anyway as one induvidual.

    Rock music might sound like noize. But it does help one to just realax and give one a good feeling, the brain need that too. And its something that is easy to share with others. Im more than impressed that you can perform JS Bach in the care : ) got one more point on you there!

    Our conversation gives me this feeling:

    Its perfectly ok to dissagree, but its not ok to try to harm others!

    Somethimes the best thing to do is to admitt a mistake and move on: )

  30. March 22, 2013 at 4:19 am

    I have to leave this conversation here, as other tasks take priority. One parting word to you all, though:


    Best regards,

    Ingar Holst
    Taliban Norway Magazine

  31. : )
    March 23, 2013 at 12:48 am

    Have fun in China Tore Tang


  32. : )
    March 23, 2013 at 2:18 am

    can’t you digg up better popcorn than this? What a boring page!


    All best, have to have Ester holliday and Exodus from you all!

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