MIFF: uneven coverage of Norwegian and Israeli warfare fuels Jew hatred

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Completely different attention to Norwegian and Israeli warfare creates hatred

sThe coalition spends tens of millions of dollars to portray Israeli soldiers as war criminals. Norwegian media are keen collaborators and provide massive cover of the conflict. On the other hand, the Norwegian soldiers’ war efforts are met with deafening silence. In ten years the Norwegian forces have killed more Afghans than the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers during the first and second intifada put together!

By Odd Myrland

Norwegian soldiers have been in Afghanistan for over 10 years. They have been doing something that Norwegian authorities continues to insist is not war. The preferred narrative from the government’s side is how much Norwegian soldiers have been helping  The authorities have first been talking about how much our soldiers have helped the Afghan civilians.
But this week, the Afghanistan Study [PDF from forvaret.no] has been published. It’s obviously not about what’s happened with Afghans, either civil or military. It’s about the mental health of the Norwegian soldiers. This is a very big and important topic, but it continues the Norwegian trend with an almost total lack of interest in the fate of  the Norwegian soldiers Afghan enemies, or Afghan civilians who happened to be in the way of a bullet, a grenade or a bomb.
Response rate
Although the survey was prepared by the Office of psychiatry and stress in the military, the survey possibly says more about how Norway has waged war than much else.
In total, more than 4053 of the 7232 Norwegian soldiers responded to the survey. This is the total number who have served in Afghanistan in the period 2001-2011. Some of the respondents wrote on anonymous online debates that they have not always stated  what they really meant in the survey citing that they had to provide so much personal information that they did not find the privacy well enough protected.
But we assume that they responded reasonably appropriate to the questions we will look at in this article. It is likely that questions about  their own mental health that they have provided somewhat “improved” versions which, according to what they themselves suggest.
The authors of the report argue that the 43.3 percent who have not responded, would have responded similarly. We have therefore included all 7232 soldiers in the numbers we use. It also has reporters Eystein Rossum and Christina Pletten written in articles in Bergens Tidende . Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan may have taken thousands of lives, they wrote in an article on the 19th of February 2013.

On the radio program Here and Now at 19, NRK P1 February 2013, it was estimated that the Norwegian soldiers have killed at least 2,000, possibly upwards of 4,000. In comparison, approximately. 3900 Palestinians, terrorists and civilians, have beenkilled by Israeli security forces in the 16-year period from 1987 to 2003. During ten years in Afghanistan, Norwegian forces have killed about as many Afghans as the total number of Palestinians killed during the first and second intifada put together!

Victims of Israel and victims of Norway
As Israel wages war, it’s a number of organizations that examine every victim, if the Israelis used the stronger weapons than necessary, if it had not been possible to be more careful about the attack was necessary. It will not take much time before we are talking about war crimes. As MIFF revealed in a separate article on 20 February 2013 the Norwegian government pays significant amounts to such Israeli organizations. Also international and Palestinian organizations whose main purpose is to denounce Israeli soldiers for the smallest misdemeanors get tens of millions of dollars in funding.
These 2-4000 Afghans killed by Norwegian soldiers, no one cares about. Or can anyone tell me what investigations have been made of each skirmish and how the war was conducted there?
The difference between the immense eagerness to document and prosecute Israeli soldiers and the total lack of zeal against Western troops are otherwise extremely striking. The effect becomes extreme misconceptions among large parts of the Norwegian people – such as that 4 in 10 believe Israel treats Palestinians as bad as the Jews were treated during 2 World War. The effect becomes Israel-hatred, and thus hatred of Jews, and I can hardly see other possible motives than those which govern this sick priorities – in spending and media coverage – must be driven by fervent hatred.

Violations of the laws of war
When asked about the Norwegian soldiers have witnessed brutality against civilians, prisoners and detainees, as many as 19 percent yes. This corresponds to 1370 Norwegian soldiers. I assume it is Norway and our allies who have perpetrated these possible violations of laws of war. One percent, 72 soldiers, have seen brutality against civilians 12-50 times.
42 percent say they have seen things that are morally questionable. (It is also well understood that it comes from “our” side.) 11 percent say they have been involved in things that were morally questionable.

Obsessive scrutiny against Israel, total indifference to our own
Norwegian authorities spend large amounts to pay Israelis to identify and report on Israeli soldiers, settlers and others who do such things against Palestinians. I have not registered any  Norwegian organization similar to Breaking the silence and the like, despite the fact that this study  proves that there is many a claim that could be launched against  western soldiers as well.
Compare and contrast: The Norwegian government gives big money to those who can expose any Israeli violation of the laws of war. The same government provides zero dollars to disclose violations perpetrated by Norwegian and Allied troops.
When was the last time you heard about Norwegian soldiers on trial for war crimes? Or Allied soldiers? Or even an investigation?
It is a question whether or not the Palestinian Muslim reporter Khaled Abu Toameh was right when gave a speech to the British Parliament; I find few Europeans who will really help the Palestinians. What they want is to be against Israel.

The Israelis should receive equal treatment
Should we ignore any war crimes committed by Israeli soldiers? No, we support that Israeli soldiers should be treated equal to Norwegian, Danish, British, American, French etc. soldiers, Western soldiers. Actions that have led to the punishment of those soldiers should lead to similar punishment for Israel. But having one set of rules for Israelis and no rules at all for others  is simply Jew hatred.
The major Norwegian media (NRK, and the biggest newspapers in the lead) which do not investigate the episodes Norwegian soldiers have participated in and given witness about, has in reality given up any moral right to criticize Israel.
But now the Western troops soon are withdrawn. Then we have to forget this as soon as possible so that we can continue to give people the impression that the Israelis are just like the Nazis, while all other warfare is far more humanitarian.

“Over Proportional strength”
The Armed Forces’ Survey  was presented on Monday. So far we have only noted that Bergens Tidende (and on the basis of BT-posting here and now in NRK) have seized on what Norwegian soldiers collectively reveal about the Norwegian war effort. BT has spoken to a member of parliament who was surprised by the high numbers.
– We have seen the numbers in the study, and they must speak for themselves. But there is no doubt that there has been intense and tough fighting. Ten Norwegians’s have also been killed in Afghanistan, said Maj. Christian Øverli the Defense Ministry in the article where BT calculates the high death toll. Many Europeans condemn Israel on the basis of the ratio of fatalities on the Palestinian and Israeli side. It seems clear that Norway is much worse, and is not afraid to use “the proportional strength”.
As far as we can see there are no other Norwegian media or politicians who find reason to question the high number of Afghan casualties as Norwegian soldiers say they have caused. When the matter came up in a parliamentary question on 20 February, it was, according to BT’s abstracts, not thousands of Afghan lives that has caused the debate, however, whether the study was conducted well enough.
It is outrageous to record the total indifference that Norwegian authorities and the media to represent the majority of Norwegian soldiers have done in Afghanistan, in comparison with the huge interest in the same show for the victims of Israel’s war.


Norway wars just like Israel
Norwegian leaders have repeatedly condemned Israel for air attacks against enemy leaders in urban areas. A new book reveals that a Norwegian officer pointed out a supposedly civilian targets – a hotel – for bombing by NATO. Israeli officers being tried on trial for war crimes, Norwegian officer is honored as a war hero.

Norway wars just like Israel II
As new information about Norwegian military action in Afghanistan is revealed in new books, the hypocrisy of former Norwegian criticism of Israel’s “excessive use of force” and “disproportionate warfare” becomes increasingly evident.

What NRK and NTB have never told you about the Gaza war
In all wars, and especially in the wars between regular military forces and guerrillas hiding in the population, is unfortunately affected civilians. When Israel strikes back against terrorists in the Gaza Strip, it is done with more care than almost any other country would do.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 20, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    only part of the original articles is published?

  2. February 20, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    Oooops, thanks for pointing out.

  3. Martin
    February 21, 2013 at 3:39 am

    Is anyone surprised at this? Having read the MIFF report, any further evidence required as to why Israel should not retain diplomatic relations?

  4. Yevgeni
    February 21, 2013 at 6:59 am

    The coalition spends tens of millions of dollars to portray Israeli soldiers as war criminals.

    which coalition ??

  5. February 21, 2013 at 7:06 am

    The socalled red green coalition government in Norway, comprised of the Labor party, the Center Party, and the Social Left party. A scary bunch of people.

  6. Yevgeni
    February 21, 2013 at 7:20 am

    WOW Marxism all the way in Norway.

  7. Martin
    February 21, 2013 at 11:31 am

    Yevgeni, I believe this hateful bunch of extreme leftwing scum are nearer to Stalinists than Marxists.

    Do not bvelieve that Norway is a true democracy because it is not. The only democratic situation they have is to vote, nothing more. Until this load of crackpots are forced out, nothing will change.

    As the prof, a scary bunch of people. Misfits also sums up their personal attributes

  8. Yevgeni
    February 21, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Martin,Right wing ?? Patriot Parties ?? and i don’t think it’s only Norway seems to me all Scandinavia.

  9. solinski
    February 22, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    Let’s not be histerical, mentioning Israel is not allways a symptom of antisemitism, as to Norwegian soldiers in Afganistan, it’s a mistery for me why they are there, can’t we discuss prisoner X instead.

  10. Martin
    February 23, 2013 at 7:52 am

    Yevgeni, I believe you to be correct. However, for some reason these days, it is Norway that appears to be in perpetual conflict with Norway and is the largest most vile contributor to Israel and the Jews enemies.

    The left especially in the other countries are no better. However, they do seem to have some open form of ther right to reply. Unlike Norway

  11. Martin
    February 24, 2013 at 5:34 am

    Well solinski, what do you want to discuss regarding prisoner X? Do you mean to speculate? The Australian authorities are also strangely quiet! Why do you think that is?

  12. Martin
    February 24, 2013 at 5:40 am

    solinski, do you want to discuss Israeli’s humanitarian treatment of wounded Syrian soldiers? Isarel has not clarified which side of the conflict the wounded are from. Perhaps both sides.

    Your answers here will clarify your views which I am sure, we are all eager to read.

    Either way, all sides are sworn enemies of Israel and Norway and the western world is also strangely quiet politically and with humanitarian aid. Why do you think that is? I would be interested in your evaluation of this ongoing conflict that has seen nearly 80,000 people murdered. In these tyhpe of wars or conflicts, as most western military personnel will clarify, it is extremely difficult to know who is a militant, civilian or terrorist.

    We look forward to your views here, as well

  13. solinski
    February 25, 2013 at 6:42 am

    That is correct that Australian authorities and the deceased family are remarkably silient, but otherwise the case of prisoner X is an example of the uncanny abilitity to shoot themselfs in the foot, gagging press in the age of free information flow and so on, then there are the gatekeepers, former Mossad chiefs speaking from their retirement, if they don’t have an eqivalent of The Official Secred Act, they should. Last, but not the least, a 30 year old Palestinian dying in detention of a heart attack, detained on the suspicion (sic) of throwing stones at IDF soldiers. My point is, that there apparently are many stupid people out there in the key positions, but with no competance.

  14. Yevgeni
    February 25, 2013 at 11:41 am

    can’t we talk about IKEA meatballs with Horse meat?? soon the antisemitic will claim it the Jews sold the horse meat to force Kosher food in Europe.

  15. solinski
    February 25, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    An article in “Ynet” calls them the gatekeepers in love, where can you find such collection of morons? In Israel I presume.

  16. Martin
    February 26, 2013 at 4:02 am

    Firstly solinski, every country attempts to keep quiet when security is an issue and it is obvious that there were strange goings on with prisoner X. so what is new? What would you as chief of security have done in place? Bearing in mind that operatives lives and national security might be at risk. Whatever, it is all speculative. So you had no answer to that.
    So a Fakestinian dies in prison and proves he is mortal, so what else is new? Gaza has fired rockets in response and hit Ashkelon. What is your view of this and what do you believe is the correct Israeli response to this war criminal act of deliberately firing missiles to kill civilians?
    You did not answer my qurestions regarding Iseael’s humaitarian treatment of severely wounded Syrian non civilians. why not?
    Why do you not want to discuss and compare Norwegian military action in Afghanistan killing civilians with Israel’s perceived killing of Arabs?
    You did not answer what you think about the nearly 80,000 killed in Syria and only want to “speculate” about Prisoner. Do you have no compassion for the dead? Only today, I read of an Israeli IDF helicopter rescued and transported him to hospital after he was caught throwing rocks at Israeli troops during the rioting. What do yuo think of that?

    You see solinski, one cannot just keep speculating and making ingnorant and often unfounded comments with questions, when one is not prepared to openly discuss and answer others who question you!
    I understand this is the Norwegian version of events to report and state crap and then not allow truthful or factual answers. In real democracies, such as Israel, this is everyday, unlike Norway.
    So will you start to answer because it is irritating in having to answer you when you are unprepared to enter into a more meaningful dialogue. I mentioned before that I have the impression you are very young and terribly inexperienced in life. Such a pity, that you do not attempt to stretch your comprehension and knowledge, in accepting that which is hateful to you.

  17. solinski
    February 26, 2013 at 7:05 am

    As to prisoner X, he should probably never been detained, what terrible state secrets could he reveal, Israeli agents traveling with fake passports?, what’s new. His death in a high security cell gives impression, that his watchers were asleep, or did they? Syrians treated in Israeli hospitals; one of the hospital’s funktion is to treat the patients, nothing peculiar about that. It was a rocket, and not the rockets fired fom Gaza. Last, the Palestinian prisoner, who by the way was a member of Al Asqa Brigade, you don’t die in the age of 30, unless you have a heart failure or brain bleeding, autopsy negative on both counts. 70.000 killed in Syria, just wait till Assad leaves. NATO soldiers in Afganistan – utter stupidity as any other military intervention in a Muslim country.

  18. Martin
    February 27, 2013 at 5:49 am

    Who are you to state that Prisoner X should never have been detained? On what evidence do you base that upon? your opening question in reply to my own question to you released the fact of your own ignorance. Only fake passports? Get real will you? Did the Norwegian underground during the benign Nazi occupation never issue fake passports? Answer that please solinski.

    Since when does a Norwegian helicopter fly to a Norwegian hospital base in Afghanistan a Taliban freedom fighter who had been firing at them? Has it ever happened?

    Israel has just released 6 out of the 7 Syrian militants who were treated in Israeli hospitals. Would Norway do the same? Who knows, as Norway does not share borders with such neighbours as Israel has? The Fakestinian it was claimed that he died of a heart failure and you state that does not happen. People younger than that die of heart attack and other reasons.

    Assad will not leave, as Putin, and Iran will not allow it to happen, while the west just looks on. Try reading DEBKAFILE, solinski to know what’s really going on and you may learn something.

    What about the rockets again fired from Gaza? Your comments as to what Israel should do now please solinski.

    Your last statement though I agree with. Once NATO leaves Afghanistan, it will be a blood bath just like any other Arab or Islamic country.

  19. solinski
    February 27, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Rockets fired from Gaza are produced thanks to power and water supplied by Israel. As to norwegians resistance fighters, the one and only I’ve ever seen was Kirk Douglas ( a russian Jew by the way ) in a long forgotten film. Like in France and elsewhere everybody was in armed resistance until prooved otherwise (deporting Jews probably eg F. Mitterand, you don’t need a pass for that, an ausveiss did just fine. Before mentioned film was about the heavy water, whitch by the way Norway sold to Israel after the war.

  20. Martin
    February 28, 2013 at 3:43 am

    Again solinski, you really are an ignorant bore by making statements and no answers to any question posed to you. Yet, you expect others to answer you. I note that you are now making a contribution to Honest Reporting.

    Quite honestly, I can’t be bothered anymore, you are a complete waste of space and time. The only people who have tried to make reasoned communications with you have been norwegian and I. Make your ignorant statements, as the good book says, “to correct a wise person, and s/he will love you, to correct those who are foolish and they will hate you. So where do you believe (I leave the word think, out of this) you fit in?

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