the Norwegian railways (NSB) apologize (sort of) for their participation in murdering Norwegian Jews during WW2

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NSB sorry  for deportation of Norwegian Jews

– NSB has done little to clarify what happened when the Norwegian Jews were sent to death with NSB help.
Tuesday 26 February 2013, kl.06: 26

The apology comes after writers Einar O. Risa and Jan Erik Vold called for a more active involvement from  the NSB and the police for their role in the deportations.

The NSB made available wagons that transported detainees Jews from the labor camp Berg at Tønsberg, until the pier in Oslo where the cargo ship Donau transported Jews access to German concentration camps.

The authors Einar O. Risa and Jan Erik Vold has been involved in the case and called for a greater involvement from  both NSB and the police for their role in the deportations, Dagsavisen writes.

Risa believes NSB has done little for to clarify what happened when the Norwegian Jews were sent to their deaths with the help of NSB . NSB responds to criticism with regret for its role in the deportations.

– It is clear that the persecution and deportation of Jews is a dark chapter in Norwegian history which Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg apologized last year. NSB’s participation in this story ais regrettable, says NSB communications manager Åge-Christoffer Lundeby.

He says this is as far as one can get an apology from the NSB side.

Risa is critical of what he calls  the “regret industry.”

– We do not primarily needs these regrets. We need knowledge of what happened when the Norwegian Jews were deported. It is sad that not this story to a larger extent has been written down. I call for a greater willingness among historians to go into this material. And it would be becoming of NSB to show interest, for example, by hiring historians or sponsoring projects on this story. But NSB has not been interested in this story. It is probably due to ignorance, says Risa.

Risa, I think the reason why the NSB is unwilling to take a more critical look at their own actions, is simply that the NSB’s many and various union factions take great delight in singling Israel and Jews out for a very peculiar treatment, frequently passing motions to call for boycotts of Israel and even stopping trains in support of Palestinians when they are busy blowing Israelis to bits

4 comments for “the Norwegian railways (NSB) apologize (sort of) for their participation in murdering Norwegian Jews during WW2

  1. Martin
    February 27, 2013 at 5:20 am

    How about other large Norwegian organisations that profiteered during the nazi occupation? My, such “respectable” icons of Norwegian industry included Nen nrske Creditbank, Fred Olsen Lines, Sorebrand and others.

    Let’s face it, the veneer of Norwegian “resistance” to the Nazi occupation is very slim indeed. Notwithstanding the bravery of those on the “Shetland Buss” and real resistance fighters, with such a large underpopulated country, most Norwegians had a very “difficult” time, as they were considered Aryan brothers by the German Nazi bastards. I believe most Norwegians, as they are today, just put up with the conditions imposed on them.

    Unfortunately, Hollywood (and Rank films)is to be blamed for showing such a brave nation with values. Once the war in Norway was over and the Anglo French withdrew from that country, most Norwegians just got on with their lives as best they could. As I’ve m,entioned before. A real pity that Norwegians did not suffer as those in east Europe had to endure. One would not have to learn how dastardly and cruel the Israelis are to the poor Fakestinians, and compare unfavourably to the Nazi treatment of the Jews.

    Bah, what nonsense and duplicitous misinformation the elite like to put out. When someone like Stoltenberg apologises, we know just how two faced these people are.

  2. Yevgeni
    March 1, 2013 at 4:12 am

    Martin do you think they really care.

  3. Martin
    March 2, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    The elite doesn’t care at all. So long as North Sea oil and gas revenues continue to amass in order to pay for the killing, maiming of Jews, they are happy.

    The only thing they care about is their image, which is ever so slowly being shown for it’s true worth. The veneer of respectability is very thin and is being exposed as hypocricy and duplicity. I do believe that that one day, Israel will be brave enough to kick the Norwegian diplomats out and recall their own from Oslostan
    History is only repeating itself. The spirit of the Donau is well and truly alive and kicking. As for me, I’d rather kick their arse

  4. solinski
    March 3, 2013 at 11:48 am

    Trains at these times were powered by coal, what about apology from coal mine owner, tracks were made of steel and timber, apologies from iron ore companies and forrest owners would be OK.

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