To the Labour Party, anti-Semitsm not a breach of trust, but lying on asylum application is

It is hard to figure out the values of the Labour Party in Norway. Some months ago, it emerged that one of their top politicians in the Hedmark County Labour Party had indulged in a bit of anti-Semitic rant on Facebook – yet this was deemed by the Hedmark Labour Youth party as not a serious enough breach of trust, not to mention social codes, to fire the guy. Now however, it has emerged that the “politician” in question, Khalid Haji Ahmed got his asylum granted thanks to lying on the asylum application papers. Now he has been found out and has “gracefully” stepped down from all his commitments as a Labour politician (apparently until further notice):

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Khalid has quit the Labour party

Hamar Arbeiderblad reports that Hamar politician Khalid Haji Ahmed has quit the Labour Party. He has also applied for an exemption from their positions in politics.


STINE Vander creek OLSEN

Published 07/03/2013 11:26. Updated 07/03/2013 12:03.

– I was told late Wednesday night that he has resigned, leader of Hedmark Labour, Bente Elin Lilleøkseth says.

She says to Hamar Arbeiderblad that she also was informed that Ahmed has applied for exemption from their political office in Hamar and in Hedmark County.

– This decision he has taken on his own and we will take it under advisement, saying Lilleøkseth NRK.

– What do you do on the matter?

– He has even opted to quit the Labour Party and is no longer a member.

Lilleøkseth says that Khalid Haji Ahmed is affected by the severity of this matter, but under the circumstances that he is doing well.
Accused of perjury
Wednesday, it was clear that the Labor Party politician is charged with making a false statement to immigration authorities in connection with an application for asylum. It is an issue that goes back to 2002.

It is Khalid’s identity in question and the Oslo police are investigating the documents in the case.

– We will not say more about what we have evidence, said police attorney in Oslo Police Brita Røkenes.

Accused of perjury for ID
Police recommends prosecution
Hamar Arbeiderblad reports that the investigation is concluded and the case is sent to the public prosecutor for further processing.

– We now know that the police have set prosecutor to prosecute Ahmed for violation of Penal Code section 166, false statement, said lawyer Ahmed Eivor Øen to HA.

If this is accepted by the court, it means trial and possible prison sentence of between 45 days and three months.

If Khalid Haji Ahmed would be guilty of perjury, he risks losing his Norwegian citizenship and to be sent out of the country. It may also have implications for the family of Ahmed, who came to Norway after applying for family reunification.

– Wants to protect Labour
Thomas Jensen Jørgensen, head of Hamar Labor, says that friends of Khalid will support him in the years to come, but that the party that has no obligation.

– We can not do anything other than take this in account and I think he has decided to resign to spare the Labour Party, said Langeland Jørgensen.

He adds, however emphasized that this is a serious issue if it proves to be true, that Ahmed is now charged with.

– In this case, a large breach of trust, he said.

Also has previously been out in rough weather
Also in November last year stormed it around Khalid Haji Ahmed. The party discussed the expulsion after he had participated in a discussion on Facebook where it appeared harassed comments against Jews.

– With this case for such a short time ago, it’s tough to be in this now. It will be a big media push him, so it’s definitely tiring, says Langeland Jørgensen.


So, in the value universe of the Hedmark Labour party, it is just fine to post grossly anti-Semitic slurs on Facebook and get nothing but a mild slap on the wrist but nothing of significance, but to lie on asylum application papers is a big no-no. If the Labour Party had any morals at all, both of the incidents would have qualified for prompt exclusion. But since the anti-Semitic incident took place several months before this latest revelation about Mr. Ahmed’s tatty morals, the Labour Party could have saved themselves this embarrassment, however, since they too have no morals, they now have got their knickers in a twist.


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