Political Scandal: FM Eide now forced to admit that the Storting ‘might have received misleading information’.

Oh, this is going to hurt a lot….

But excellent news for all of us who are critical of Norway’s open purse policy with regards to Palestinian terror salaries. Now it turns out that ‘some money might have been paid in salaries to convicted terrorists’. Ouch, there is no amount of political smooth talking that can straighten this ugly dent in our ‘peace making’ facade…

lifted from dagen.no, bad google translate:

Admits wrong information about terrorist salary

The Parliament might have been given “imprecise” information about whether Norway finances terrorists in Israeli prisons, admits FM Espen Barth Eide.

– This does not correspond completely with the responses Parliament has received previously. Previous information provided has clarified  that Norwegian funding has not gone to the salaries of terrorists serving sentences or their families, says Anders Anundsen (FRP).

He is Chairman of the Standing Scrutiny and Constitutional Committee.

The Christian Democrats have repeatedly questioned whether the Norwegian aid money goes to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons.

– It is unfortunate
Monday the foreign minister replied in a letter, in response to questions from both KrF representative Kjell Ingolf Ropstad and the Scrutiny and Constitutional Committee.

There it emerges that the MFA has recently received information indicating that “differences in both the means testing and channels of support is larger and more extensive than what we have assumed, according to the earlier information we received from the PA.”

– It is unfortunate that the information was first communicated to the Parliament, which also was based on information obtained from the PA at the time, in retrospect, is imprecise, writes Barth Eide.

– Might have financed terrorists
The Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs will deal with the response from FM Eide onTuesday. Committee Chairman Anundsen is not satisfied with the response from the Minister.

– The Foreign Minister admits here that the previous information we have received not only inaccurate, but incomplete and misleading. I think this happened because the Foreign Office did not go deep enough in the question, but relayed information from the Palestinian Authority, said Ropstad.

Anundsen points out that the foreign minister largely confirms that Norwegian money can be used to finance the livelihood of t convicted terrorists.

– If so, I believe that it is unacceptable and that it must be the subject of political attention.

The MFA to send letter to the Palestinians
The ministry will send a letter to the Palestinian Authority (PA), in collaboration with the UK, to get more details about how the Palestinians are using financial support from donor countries.

Until now, the Foreign Ministry informed the Parliament that the direct support to the Palestinian prisoners ‘ cover food costs and social benefit to the prisoners’ families.

It is based on information from the PA, which was repeated when Norwegian representatives met Prime Minister Fayyad last week.

Might be paying salaries for serious crimes
According to the MFA, around 4600 Palestinians serve prison time after being convicted in the military court in Israel. Among those you have rock-throwing minors, Hamas legislators, and long-term prisoners who have committed terrorist acts.

Information the NRK presented in February, however, shows that support from Norway to these prisoners increases with the length of the sentence, starting at NOK 2300 per month.

According to Palestinian media prisoners who have been sentenced to more than 30 years receive up to 18,000 Norwegian kroner each month.

– too late
Anundsen questions what knowledge the ministry had when they responded to the Parliament on this matter earlier.

– If you conduct no investigation, there is a problem. We must assume that the data from the Ministry is correct. It is positive that the matter now will be investigated in collaboration with the British government, but it’s too late. UD should have done something about this a long time ago. Rather than see this as a real problem, they pushed the matter under a rug, says Anundsen.

Ropstad expects that the MFA now will will conduct a thorough investigation  into payments to Palestinian prisoners  convicted of terror.

– The Palestinian National Authority, shows a double standard when they officially reject terror, but in practice rewards terrorism, he said.


You can read FM Eide’s letter to the Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs committee, for now only available in Norwegian but google translate gives a fair understanding of it.


Happy days are apparently back…

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  1. de Bacle
    March 13, 2013 at 12:57 am

    From the text above, and that in the original letter by FM Eide I detect a not so subtle tone of criticism against the previous position and sloppiness in the MFA.

    I am not surprised that, as reported today in Aftenposten, the new USA Foreign minister John Kerry is getting on very well with Eide and is making a point of broadcasting it. This willbe good for all.

    In the letter:
    “We have relatively recently – and that is after then-Foreign Minister Støre answered questions [to the parliament] – received information indicating that the differences in both the test of means [of needed family] and the [various additional] channels of [economic] support is larger and more extensive than we have assumed, according to the earlier information we received from PA. It is unfortunate that the information was first communicated [by Støre] to the Parliament, which also was based on information obtained from the PA at the time, in retrospect, is imprecise.”

  2. : )
    March 13, 2013 at 2:38 am

    de Bacle,
    for Norway as a democracy the small change in Eides language and a new friend in John Kerry came to late. Its a election soon and most people are not voting for how well Norway does it in international conflicts. Its about safe trade, like most Norwegians really disliked the conflict with China. Its about safe jobs in a Europa in crisis. Its about keeping a feeling that one can know with a large knowlege what will come tomorrow. The Red-Green can’t sell this feeling to the public so why should they win? Politics is about feelings, not facts and language, so Eide what can he do? Have fun untill the election, its no reason for anyone to fier him the last months, its does not pay the energy it costs and he knows it. It must be a good feeling for him to have.

  3. Martin
    March 13, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Does the MFA or Herr Eide distinguish between the reward for the number of Jews butchered? In other words, does a murderer sentenced to imprisonment for murdering just one Jew receive the same as one who has murdered 10 Jews, or is their reward the same?

    This is important because it is possible the bonus for taking just one life might be less than for the murder of more civilians. I suppose if any further proof is required that the establishment will pay terrorists for murdering Jews, this is it. I believe the term is Bounty Hunter in offering monies to murder Jews. Hurrah Norge, how proud you must be.

  4. : )
    March 14, 2013 at 12:34 am

    just the fact that we have unions and a government that have given money to this is very depressing. I do understand de Bacle need to make it look better, but I agree with you we need to know more!

  5. Martin
    March 15, 2013 at 8:27 am

    norwegian, the history of Norwegian aid to the Arab factions and it’s rabid hate towards Israel for so many years now is a documented fact. That Norway as a country has deliberately aided and abetted Jew hatred and hate towards Israel in every conceivable manner is appalling behaviour for any country. Certainly the EU as a whole is bad, even disgraceful in the support it garners for ther Fakestinian cause. However, Norway has been far worse.

    Norway is distrusted by Israel, that must be clear to even the most rose tinted supporter of Israeli Norwegian relations. The sooner Israel stops pussyfooting around and recalls its ambassador and cuts off diplomatic relations with tihs enemy,the better for Israel. Who needs Norway? Maybe Beilin, Peres, Meretz and possible Sender and all the other PA supporters

  6. : )
    March 16, 2013 at 5:26 am

    think there is a lot in Norway that has dobbel standards for most of the things that are not close to them. When I was pregnant a well educated palestinian her in Norway asked me if I had a killer in my stomach. I question him really hard and he went on about Israel. If I had knew that time what he really ment I would just reported him to DMT Oslo. I doubt Anne Sender would care very much about PA after speaking to him. She as all people has a limit.

  7. Martin
    March 19, 2013 at 6:23 am

    norwegian, I responded to your reply a few posts (air strikes) back about Sender.
    It is not double standards when Norway equates Nazism to Israel and shows only full empathy in every manner for the aRab Fakestinians. That ius just hate and is open for every one to see.

    I doubt very much that Sender would even bother to consider what the Arab said to you. She appears to be a member of the farleft who probably now wishes to be viewed as one of the elite. norwegians, you have too good a heart towards despicable people, unlike me. I call these people for what they are. I bet if Bibi were to visit Norway, she would protest at his policies etc.

    forget her, she is really not worth the space.

  8. : )
    March 19, 2013 at 8:04 am


    to imagin the Jewish community protesting against the Israeli Prime Minister would that not just give Kenneth Levin more to write about?

    I agree with you that Sender is not worth the space and she is no longer the leader of DMT Oslo. If one give Kohn more time I think that the environment will be a lot better. Kohn has a really good looking son studing to become a rabbin in Israel. So the Melchior dogma wont last forever : ) Unless Sender want to join in with the Haredi Judaism, she just have to get used to that there will always come in new Jewish women in DMT that will give her a challenge. To me she is this typical systemhuman that know how to get around as long as she can keep the environment stabil.

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