Norwegian authorities monitor journalists.

Quite scary. Tundratabloids has also been very helpful to refresh the memory of how Berit Reisel, who represented the Jewish Community during the process of restitution of Jewish property in Norway, was not only threatened by the commission leader, but also wire tapped by the authorities…. This comes on top of an already sordid history of spying on politicians with an unpopular point of view.

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Posted on 25/03/2013 by KGS
Nothing surprises me anymore about the Norwegian government. It acts as if it borders Saudi Arabia and Syria. Oil sheiks of the north.

We all know what would happen if this scandal was taking place in a ‘certain Middle Eastern country‘, all hell would be breaking loose right now with Norway leading the charge.

Also: Norwegian government agencies nor companies are well enough secured against cyber attacks

Norway’s National Security Authority NSM (Nasjonal sikkerhetsmyndighet) released a report on Tuesday warning that neither government agencies nor companies are well enough secured against cyber attacks and industrial espionage via the Internet. NSM stressed that individuals working within both public and private sector entities are now the biggest targets of online crime.

NOTE: Which at times comes from their own government. The Norwegian people would be better served if its government would focus on itself, cleaning up its own act, than looking for bogymen elsewhere.

norway spies on its journalists 25.3.2013

More here.

To show the lengths that the Norwegian government will go in violating the civil liberties of its people (journalists or otherwise) is not an anomaly, I supply below the fold, a couple of pages from Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld’s well sourced book,Behind the Humanitarian Mask, available free online.

Pages (55-57) depict the Norwegian government’s wire tapping the phone of Berit Reisel, a member of a Norwegian government appointed committee  Unheard of in democracies. I am told that her phone was tapped by the government for years, because she disagreed with the socialist point of view and wrote so. This is an extreme illustration of Norwegian duplicity.


Government Obstruction

Two years later, after the settlement had been announced, Reisel gave an interview to the Dutch Jewish weekly NIW. She said that by fall 1995, she and her colleagues had realized that no commission of inquiry had been established at the ministry. The team now started to investigate the matter and discovered that there had indeed been problems with the postwar restitution. They informed the Justice Ministry about their findings.

In January 1996, the WJC had released information on the Norwegian 56 Behind the  Humanitarian Mask: The Nordic Countries, Israel, and the Jews government’s shortcomings in postwar restitution. The spokesperson of the Justice Ministry asked Reisel, before they jointly appeared on a radio program, to lie and say that her team and the Justice Ministry had already been collaborating for a year. She promised that this would mark the beginning of good collaboration.

Reisel agreed to her request.156

When, two days later, Reisel met a top official at the Justice Ministry, he said the Jews had received all they were entitled to after the war. He added that she could not be a member of the commission as she was prejudiced and unreliable. He told her the same regarding Bruland. Reisel told the journalist from the Dutch paper that, at a further meeting at the Justice Ministry chaired by this top official, there were a professor of history, a professor of law, two accountants and a representative of the National Archive. They were all very aggressive against the Jews and said the issue of the restitution had been a simple administrative matter that one should not judge ethically or morally. A representative of the Foreign Ministry was the only one who did not agree with that and a quarrel

A few weeks later a commission was established and the Jewish communities of Oslo and Trondheim were each entitled to name a member. They chose Reisel and Bruland. Reisel recounts that in the first meeting, the chairman Oluf Skarpnes said he could not find in the law that the Jews had to give up their property before they were murdered. Regarding the Holocaust, he also said the Jews to whom this had happened must have done something terrible. Being a lawyer he considered that “one could not kill people and take their property unless they had done something wrong.”158

Bruland observed, “I had the feeling Skarpnes was mandated by the bureaucrats of the ministry to silence this problem. I cannot prove it and he certainly never told me about it; yet it seemed clear to me. Skarpnes had no understanding of Jews and couldn’t imagine what it meant to be a Jew after the war.”159

Bias in the National Archive

When the members of the Skarpnes Commission were to be appointed, the representatives of the Jewish communities opposed the naming of an official of the National Archive who showed a preconceived opinion in meetings so that he could not be considered neutral.160 Instead his wife was appointed. When this was discovered she withdrew and thereupon her best friend was appointed.

In her newspaper interview, Reisel said that in a meeting where many commission members were present, the latter had said: “We will help the Justice Department with this issue and see to it that the Jews will not receive a penny. The miserly Jews must keep their trap shut.” Manfred Gerstenfeld 57

During the summer vacation of 1996, Reisel found that Skarpnes had concluded a contract with the National Archive without the knowledge of the commission members. The contract stated that the two women against whom the Jewish representatives had objected would be the researchers. This caused the atmosphere in the commission to become very unpleasant. It was clear that the authorities were continuing to obstruct the process.

Skarpnes told Reisel that if she did not sign the text of the report he supported, it would cost her dearly as far as her life and health was concerned. A few days later she was physically attacked. Her impression is that the two events were linked. Her phone was also tapped. On a number of occasions when she picked up the phone to make a call, she heard playbacks of an earlier conversation of hers.161

Ultimately the two representatives of the Jewish community decided to write a minority report. This was unprecedented in Norway for members of an official commission. When this became known, the media devoted major attention to it. This led to a government decision that Reisel and Bruland’s minority report should serve as the basis for the evaluations in the restitution process. The Norwegian parliament accepted this proposal.

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  1. tintin
    March 27, 2013 at 8:07 am

    “Regarding the Holocaust, he (Oluf Skarpnes) also said the Jews to whom this had happened must have done something terrible. Being a lawyer he considered that “one could not kill people and take their property unless they had done something wrong”.158

    He doesn’t deny the Holocaust, he even approuved it because, in his own wordz, the Jews deserved it!

  2. : )
    March 27, 2013 at 8:50 am
  3. Martin
    March 27, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    Sacha Baron Cohen is a very intelligent man and should not be underestimated. He goes too far, too often for my liking. however, he is also very funny.

    I met a Jewish woman in Oslo who informed me that upon her return to Norway, and tried unsuccessfully to regain her stolen possessions she was told “Just be grateful that you are still alive!”

    Nice people aren’t they

  4. : )
    March 28, 2013 at 12:30 am

    Martin I didn’t know that he is Jewish before yesterday, he is just so funny! As a kid my father and garandfater always call for me when Charlie Chaplin was on.

    To me this speak does not make me want to end Norway. Why this way of thinking that one unite in spirit as one as brothers that love each other is to me impossible to see. When it comes to the Jews in Oslo Martin I really care for them but they have to start helping them self! What did this lady relpy to this hater?

  5. : )
    March 28, 2013 at 12:31 am

    I ment to say dangerous in one of the line. Help me her Martin!

  6. Martin
    March 28, 2013 at 4:09 am

    It is very difficlut for me norwegian being here in the UK to offer help to the Jewish community in Norway. You mention the DMA helping itslef. Well with the leader Sender, that was plainly impossible. The community needs to show real spunk with a stronger leadership untied to the Labour party. It should also open itslef to the wider Christian community (as the Muslims do but still not trying to convert others as is Islamic policy) and offer insight, friendship and honesty about the situation facing the community and Israel. Perhaps the SMantiS mght help, it should surely be involved. Why not invited leaders and members of MIFF who do such a wonderful and courageous job in their support of Israel. Leadership requires many positive traits, unfortunately from where I am, they appear to be lacking in the DMA. I do trust that I might be proven wrong and that the leadership might take the time to answer some of the concerns, we abroad show for our religious brethren.

    The bureaucratic elitists in Norway appear to have always hated and discriminated against the Jews. If any further evidence is required, surely the article above proves its own point.

    When I lived in Norway for 2 years between 1971 and early 1973, I saw and experienced an offsetting of apathy towards the Fakestinians and bias against Israel. Of course today, this attitude has become rampant and rabid in its hate towards us by the state. I have mentioned beofre that the socialism practised in Norway is very similar to that in the former USSR and I wonder when it will take the fateful plunge towards that of Nazi Germany.

    If, as a Jew in Norway, I was at all concerned then I would not hesitate to sellup and move elsewhere to another country. If not Israel, then surely the “white” UK commonwealth or the USA offers far better security and a similar quality of life. If I was not concerned, then I believe that I should go to see a psychiatrist.
    The writing is on the wall in Sweden and Norway in particular and Europe generally. There might be bureaucratic hate towards us her in the UK, but at least we do have safeguards which appear to be non existant in Norway.

    Again, I need to question, why anyone in right mind wants to continue life as a Jew in a country wher nearly half the population believe Israel treats the Fakestinians as badly or worse than the Nazis treated the Jews. There is a most serious situation in Norway that should be addressed and would be in a real democracy. Sadly however, Norway does not hold its place in this category.

  7. : )
    March 28, 2013 at 6:25 am

    DMT has fallen for the 1920 trap. Keep calm and carry on. I don’t want to put the blame on one idividual its a collective time travel they are on.

    Krist just read what de Bacle is writing Martin.

    But next time I will ask them if they have read this:

  8. Martin
    March 29, 2013 at 5:33 am

    norwegian, thank you so much for printing out the oslosyndrome. I was unaware of its existance. Excellent report, and those meretz and and extremeleft Jews should be made to sit down and read the report. Absorb it and then be questionned as to what other information they need. Of course they won;t change their minds, as their new god is harleft socialism. But, at least, most people will realize just how shallow most US leaders have been and their Jewish supporters. We don’t need to mention other western leaders as, we all know what czvzxf they are!

  9. : )
    March 29, 2013 at 9:23 am

    The west is one of the best illusions I live on. What is it really? Personally I have no clue : )

  10. Martin
    March 30, 2013 at 6:39 am

    The west usually will mean Europe, north and possibly south America

  11. Martin
    March 30, 2013 at 6:40 am

    It will also include of course Australia and New Zealand. Ino ther words, white people in the Commonwealth. It will not include africa, not even Saouth Africa. Hope this helps.

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