The unknowledgeable professor and a mad hatter from the North

There is very little going on in Norway with regards to Israel, all eyes are firmly locked on the Easter weather forecast and whether skiing will be safe.

But there have been the usual small stink bombs. small enough to pass under the radar, but eventually they end up making a stink.

Our very knowledgable professor in history, Hilde Henriksen Waage has been hauled in by the NRK as some sort of media expert on Israel to spar with a man with an opposing view on Israel (positively pro) Jan Arild Snoen (Ekko, NRK P2, March 21, 2013).

First of all, NRK is to be commended for having presented a balanced presentation of views on the so-called Israel lobby in the US. I am sure they would much rather have been allowed to carry on as per previous practice, but since they have been put in the uncomfortable spotlight .

To be fair to Ms. Henriksen Waage, she does acknowledge that the alleged power of the Israeli lobby in the US (neatly summed up as AIPAC) are far from as influential as they themselves would like to pretend, but then proceeds to present a string of very unusual or perhaps just weird statements.

First of all, she cannot get her head around the fact that the US in general tends to be pro-Israel, she appears to be personally insulted that the average North American have not seen the light (or her light anyway), but continue to hang on to their religious identities and therefore tend to not buy the anti-Israel substitution theology that has become all the rage in Europe. This is inconceivable for the learned professor, and she seems to be in quite a huff over it. She also presents some other remarkable points of view such as:

There has never been a Jewish presence on the West Bank (or to be very precise, on the topic of settlement construction, she claims that construction is not only going on in areas which are generally expected to fall under Israeli jurisdiction after a negotiated settlement with the PA). On the topic of the failed Camp David Summit where Arafat famously walked out after having gotten almost all he asked for, only to instigate the second intifada; Jan Arild Snoen points out that in the US perception (minute 19 – 20) , the responsibility for the failure to sign the negotiated agreement lies squarely with Arafat and the Palestinians. This is sharply rejected by our professor, who says that this is plainly not true, and that there is no documentation for this allegation, and further that during this particular Camp David Summit, not one proposal was put on the table and that nobody actually knows what happened. Snoen quips back: well we do know that Bill Clinton sides with what I (Snoen) say. Now brace yourself for the brazen reply of professor Henriksen Waage: But he had his own good reasons for meaning this!

Wow, such eloquence! Such refined use of referenced sources! Such a sophisticated argument! Such an idiotic and dangerous woman who when reason is lacking, has no compunction about giving herself to wild speculations.


At a grey little office in one of the Northern towns, a grey little man produces his regular amount of half truths, omissions and outright lies. From what I can gather, he can only have his musings published in Dagsavisen or Vårt Land, on their moderated debate forums. In a longwinded and emotional oped he charges that Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children is cruel and demeaning, citing a UNICEF report he has read in the most selective way possible. This, to our little North Norwegian friend, is evidence that Israel is becoming a military dictatorship.

What a tosser you are Kjetil Nilsen. True, Israel is forced to enforce tough and strict safety regulations on what every Israeli gladly will admit are occupied territories. Yet, they sigh, we have nobody to talk to, and we are tired of being butchered. Only a few days ago, did an infant narrowly escape death after Palestinians pelted the car he was traveling in with rocks. The child is still in critical condition. More or less at the same time, soldiers enforcing a closure of the territories, to prevent such horrific blood shed as we saw in the bloody Passover of 2002, were also exposed to the real danger of coming into close contact with rocks thrown by Palestinian youths. All of this is of course very well known, presumably also by this Mr. Nilsen. Yet, this is totally absent from your “analysis”. Why?

Also, any Israeli will laugh heartily at the allegation that Israel has become a military dictatorship. Perhaps Mr. Nilsen does not know the meaning of the expression and therefore throws it around with such lightness. In a similar manner does Mr. Nilsen appear to be unfamiliar with the agreements regarding Hebron, specifically the H1 and H2 arrangements. A strict separation is enforced to prevent more tragic deaths such as caused by deranged Baruch Goldstein, or for that matter, the wild blood lust exhibited by Palestinian lynch mob that went on a carnage in Ramallah in 2000. Although resisted by many of the pro-Pal buffs in Norway, the fact remains that Hebron has been the home of Jews for literally thousands of years. Until the Palestinians murdered a bunch of them in 1929, and whoever remained after this, were brutally kicked out by Jordan, who quickly settles the areas with their own people.

It is fine if you admit to being not generously endowed in the art of analyzing facts and proof reading before pressing send button, but it is a mistake to assume that everybody else shares this disability. By the way Kjetil, did you know that Norway has been severely criticized in by the UN for both failing to protect children’s rights as well as subjecting children to torture, year on year, but have as of yet not implemented even one bullet point to correct this embarrassing situation. Does this make Norway a dictatorship?


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  1. : )
    April 1, 2013 at 12:54 am


    has anyone made game in Israel equal to Risk on propaganda?

    It would be very interesting since its more or less the same academic people that go out in the press, one can have a kind of betting system where the next anti Israel slogan would come. Players could buy information from pages like yours into the game.

    It would also be easy to write a background of the history to Jew hate and why it continues today in a modern world.

    A lot of you people on this page has so much constructive info and history and since Israeli has gone from growing oranges to IT there should be people that can make a game like this in Israel. If there is not already one.

    One could also have anti-semittic slogan games where one telles about what anti-semittic.

    Is this just a dum idea?

  2. : )
    April 1, 2013 at 12:58 am

    Ps McG,
    I can mail a toy from this page to the grey man:

    I will also help the children at the same time. And he can have his hands free when he is writing. Is the lady on duracell?

  3. de Bacle
    April 1, 2013 at 1:37 am

    “There is very little going on in Norway with regards to Israel ”

    In the past year there have been many postings as letters (to the editor or debate sections) Norwegian newspapers – posts that challenge Jews and Israel. A year ago the newspapers and media were charged from many different groups, abroad as well as locally (MIFF did a great job here !) for their anti-Semitic propaganda through their biased and asymmetric covering of Israel.

    I gather this blog does not undertake to cover these uninformed readers opinons, obviously, one can not waste time on every nut in Norway.

    But this phenomenon may become a growing problem. The editors select indoctrinating seemingly informed “letters” and the biased lefty journalists easily shift the reponsibility of the one-sided propaganda to the dogma of “freedom of speech and opinion”.
    (“Are you saying they shouldn’t be allowed to express their opinion ?).

    Do we tryust the Norwegian editors ?

    A number of notorius posts come to mind – that were never challenged or exposed for their desinformation. There is no way an average reader can see through the desinformation and indoctrination, the underlying anti-Semitism and where it is coming from.

    Perhaps one could start just counting these “letters” and the direction they are going.

  4. de Bacle
    April 1, 2013 at 10:05 am

    One example…
    Late in 2012 Svein Ødegaarden (got) published a letter in Aftenposten (not on-line) where he explains why the Norwegian law is right to make an exception to Sami traditional slaughetr (allowing it) whilest rightfully not allowing shechita.
    He is a medical doctor former Brigadeer General (head of the Norwegian army medical corps) and so easily gets published Aftenposten “letters to the editor”.
    Besides a very shallow knowledge of shechita and relying entirely on Norwegian veterinary proffessors pseudo-knowledge and poorely informed resistance to shechita his account is flawed in a number of places. (Foremost, his argument is irrelevant – he later admitted – because it doesn’t at all apply to small animals like chicken,lamb, and, in the first place, he discusses “death” only, not the loss of consciousness, demonstrating his confusion and lack of understanding of the crucial point.

    What is not apparrant in this post, however, is that S.Ødegaarden served in lebanon in the UN corps, there found and married an arab lady (from close to the Israel border), and that he has posted THOUSANDS of one-sided anti-Israel posts on Aftenposten debate (until they closed – more than 5000 when I last counted).

    His posts are of course not anti-Semitic, only anti-Israel, but suddenly this rabid anti-Israel poster (and lecturer) finds shallow biased half-true arguments against shechita.

    Now, did the Aftenpisten editor of the so called cultural section know of this background ?
    Do they care ?
    Do they not judge the background possibly relevant to the evaluaion of the objectivity of the information presented ?
    Do the editors consider the connection between the pro-sami but anti-Jewish shechita stand likely purely coincidental, non-factual, to his rabid anti-Israel propaganda ?
    How many people, including “The Ghoul” as Martin calls him, will now repeat and propagate his unqualified arguments broadcast by, but not rebutted in, Aftenposten ?

  5. M S
    April 1, 2013 at 10:41 am

    “To be fair to Ms. Henriksen Waage, she does acknowledge that the alleged power of the Israeli lobby …are far from as influential as they themselves would like to pretend”

    Prof, I think you give her too much credit here. She is sly.
    She says “alleged” , and “there are only 2% Jews in the US”, but then contradict herself in the same sentence by saying Jews have critical positions in media and in powerful positions thus determining the outcome of elections.

    Trying to get away with spewing her anti-Semitic cack and keeping it.

  6. April 1, 2013 at 11:31 am

    Yes, I spotted that too. However she tripped up in her own long tongue often enough so to point out all of the nonsense really would be tedious.

  7. : )
    April 1, 2013 at 11:47 am

    de Bacle,

    to use peoples private life against them in the public is not a democratic way to go. People that just pick up opinions for what ever reason normaly have more than one problem.

    What is nuts for you de Bacle?

  8. herbert deutsch
    April 1, 2013 at 11:47 am

    It must be hard for Ms. Waage to see where she is going since 3she seems to like to have her head up her a__ most of the time

  9. Martin
    April 1, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Let us not forget the deranged Barkuh Goldstein did what he did, after viewing the slaughter of his friends and others by Arabs. Killing Jews is a favourite pastime for these people. Even now a Jewish baby is still fighting for its life in Israel after the car it was travelling in was bombarded with rocks. Not stones, but rocks.

    If this were to happen in Norway what would be the response of the Norwgian polica and army. Would they be so hesitant in just shooting into the air and not ordered shoot to kill? Any ideas anyone?

    By the way, I am sure some Jewish and non-Jewish Norwegians will respond to the ongoing anti Israel tirade in the media. However, it is probably spiked!

  10. :)
    April 1, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    her in Norway most people believe Israel has military all over Israel to stop all kind of people that are not Jewish from having a normal life. The image is how Norway was under the 2 WW. The war history of Norway is now opening a new way to look at what do one do under pressure. People questions them self what would I have done. Some smart people say they would always done the right thing, but a problem is to know what is right and wrong and still be a human.

    There is no one her in Norway asking them self what the Palestinians can do to stop terror just what Israel should do. What can one do to stop people that believe killing others makes one into a hero?

  11. de Bacle
    April 1, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    Misunderstanding, nothing negative insinuated in serving with the UN troops !
    Some of my best friends did !

    Background, however, is relevant to evaluating the objectivity of the information you are fed.

    The scolding is of Aftenposten.
    For comparison, I repeat: When Bernard-Henri Levy wrote a thrashing of Løkkebergs movie “Tears of Gaza” for its anti-Semitic intent, Aftenposten editors so it so urgent to inform the readers of his background that they wrote a full op-ed, telling their readers – right next to Levy’s comment, that he was a playboy son of a rich Jew and a well known lover and supporter of Israel. (They did not do a goodjob of is background thiugh – they dod not include his ferrocious engagement for Human rights, his voice against the US bombings in Jugoslvaia etc).

  12. : )
    April 2, 2013 at 2:11 am


    you are taking over as the bad. McG does this means that I have to use my brain now?

    Problem is that we have global negative people that has started to mix everything as sosiety problem.

    Good luck in fighting humanity!

  13. : )
    April 2, 2013 at 11:09 am

    de Bacle,

    how are fed information? Where is the information coming from? I’m doing my best to warn people that one can very easy be used as a straw man in Norway today in religion debatt. All McG try to do is to make people see this fact.

    The Norwegian press can’t use religion, race or bed habits against a person. Its sad that some religious environments feed seeking people with political opinion,s that may lead people to be uniform in their thinking. It must be very stressfull to be religious in a environment like that!

  14. Martin
    April 4, 2013 at 5:15 am

    Norwegian in response to your question to me in the final sentence. My answer is quite simple.
    Norway rtequires a free and independent free media, with a sound opposition to government. That is an essential part of a thriving and robust democracy. Sadly, Norway is excluded from this faction.

  15. :)
    April 5, 2013 at 12:56 am

    Martin I agre with you, but the reality is that journalists are just humans that need a network to have a job. Some clame to the Bible to see the world others clame to what most people around them see as a reality. Personally have I never meet a journalist in Norway that doubt that there is Jew hate in Norway at any kind of level. That the Norwegian support to PA is a huge failure in every way, but as long as most people refuse to accept it what can they really do? Personally do I think the Muslim and PA does it best when they have the terror stage alone, and I think most journalist agree.
    What I see now is that there is a conection with the warnings MG cam with in 2005 about Israeli against Israel. Her in Norway has people like Halvorsen gone out in public and sad that she regrett most on the Israel comments. To me Halvorsen is a straw man (woman to be PC) that wanted to make the world better. Why on earth DMT want to become the new straw people just now when people that was manipulated see it makes me just feel very sure that politic and religion is something that can’t mix. When it comes to emotions I do feel more positive for Jews in general and I see it as a group, its scary that one can become so and that was what I had not believed could happen. I believed I was a more reflected and free as a individual but reality takes me as well down. My judgment can not be seen as independent I’m still a product of history and my family as the rest of the people I know are. Ups exept Gule he is a real genious, hahahahah : )

  16. :)
    April 6, 2013 at 6:08 am

    New fun song for universitas

    Quite easy to learn and just sing along : )

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