bad news for the Norwegian MFA – the PA has been stringing them along the whole time


The convicted terrorists themselves are in charge of the salary from PA

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has previously claimed that the salary payments to security prisoners [in Israel] are social benefits for their families. A Palestinian television program clearly shows that the prisoners themseleves are in charge of the money, and in principle are free to hold them back from the family.

Lifted from MIFF blog,

 By Conrad Myrland

Published: 04/12/2013, at. 9:35 am   

Since 2011, the Palestinian Media Watch presented evidence that the Palestinian Authority (PA) pays the salaries of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, including terrorists with many life sentences for a high number of murders.

– Despite this, the British and Norwegian Foreign Ministry told their MPs that PMWS documentation was not correct. They have argued that the PA does not pay wages to security prisoners, which would be a reward for terror, but provides “social assistance to families similar to other welfare programs in PA”, PMW writes in a new report Wednesday 10 april. The money does not go to the prisoners, but the prisoners’ wives and children, it has been claimed.

The MFA denies problems and refer to the wage payments as social benefits, wrote Dagbladet 4 september 2011.

Palestinian TV program reveals the truth.

An excerpt from a Palestinian television program tells a different story. The program, which was broadcast 17 February on PA TV, shows signs of being in the “TV helps” genre. PA TV is an autonomous government’s official television channel, funded and partially controlled by PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The female journalist Roba Al-Najjar digs into the situation of a Palestinian mother who is responsible for five children from 7 to 17 years. The mother claims that her husband has not given her access to the salary (Arabic: ma’ash) that he receives from the PA as a prisoner in Israel. The man has given his brother the authority to allocate the money, and the man’s family holds money fully or partially back from the woman.

The wife says she does not know how big payouts her husband gets. She has complained to the Department of Prisoners Affairs.

– They told me ‘we can’t do anything unless the prisoner personally transmits it to you,’ says the woman. This confirms that the money is salary to the prisoner, not social benefits that are reserved for his family.

In this case there is aparraently a familial conflict that makes the man withhold the womans disposition of money. It’s probably also why the prisoner’s name was not disclosed, and the wife is completely anonymous.

Minister of prisoners Affaris Issa Karaka confirms openly that prisoner can choose who he wants in the immediate family to get control of his payroll.

– In principle, it is the prisoner’s right, says Karak.


The program shows that only after many years of struggle, and with the help of television and top politicians, a troubled mother hopes to get the money that the man did not want her to get. The wages are his. Norway must make it clear that this reward system for terrorism must take very end, MIFF wrote Tuesday. The conservative party in Norway (H) don’t trust the answers from the MFA in this case, and there may be good reason.

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  1. Martin
    April 16, 2013 at 8:02 am

    On an earlier posting regarding the monies paid to prisoners found guilty of terror acts and the murder of Israelis, I wondered, tongue in cheek, whether the amounts increased for the number of death. It has been proven now that the amounts given to families increase according to the seriousness of the crime. Bounty hunters can be assured of a good standard of living for their families, with the promise of the more Jews you slaughter, the bigger reward for your family.

    I am sure the Ghoul will be delighted at this prospect. Of coiurse, if he had the guts to do thids himself, instead of just arming and encouraging others to carry out the act of murder, he might earn a fortune for his family. Mind you there are so many elitists on the scene, they will maybe meet at dawn with gloves at the ready to dual for the right to murder Jews,.

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