NRK has published a pro-Israel piece!



Very PRO-ISRAEL chronicle published on Norwegian state television (NRK) web site and in a conservative Norwegian journal.

We must love Israel

– It is extremely important that Israel feels that they have allies that never, never will forsake them, says Kristian Meisingset, co-editor of the conservative journal Minerva. He gives five reasons why we should love Israel.

Lifted from MIFF, By Conrad Myrland

Published: 04/12/2013, at. 8:09 am

Kristian Meisingset was in Israel and the West Bank in Easter. After he came home, he wrote the article, we must love Israel on minerva networks. He has so far received 161 comments. The same article was also published on NRK “Utterances”  [statements] two days later. Here there have been 98 comments.

The young editor gives five reasons to love Israel.

1. A safe home for Jews – “it’s incredibly important to have a separate state for Jews feel at home and safe, and this state is now called Israel, and even where it is located for historical reasons.”

2. Want peace in the Middle East – Israel actually wants peace in the Middle East, says Meisingset. There is a large majority of two-state solution in the population.

3. A stunning Israeli culture – “The atmosphere in Israel is delicious. It’s like a mixture of Southern Europe and North Africa. It is exotic and it is Arabic. It reminds both the streets of Rome and on the markets of Marrakech. “

4. Jerusalem’s symbolic power – “I have never been in such a diverse, multi-cultural and multi-religious city.”

5. We will never abandon Israel – “Fifth, we must say that we love Israel because there are so many people who just say they are critical of Israel, which further contributes to the widespread Israeli feeling of being alone against the enemy.”


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  1. Martin
    April 16, 2013 at 7:52 am

    I found the site and of course, there is the usual “poor” Muslim with his complaints. If you check the site out, you will note that I have proven what a racist minded people these muslims are. I am still waiting for his answer as to why a muslim immigrant or son of immigrants can live in Norway, or anywhere else in the world, yet deny the Jews the right to live between the Med and then Jordan./

    It’s not difficult to prove these people are full of ignorant hate.

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