For the Labor Party, there is only one culpable; Israel

It may very well be that FM Eide (and other ministers) have realized that the continued bullying of Israel is contrary to the interests of Norway (having been shut out on a very lonely and cold corridor might just have given the Norwegian peace makers some time to think through the chosen Middle East strategy), but for grass root members of the Labor party, bashing Israel is a form of sport. As far as I have been able to ascertain, the Labor Party will be passing only one specific international motion at their annual conference, one which will hold Israel only responsible for a failure to achieve a two state solution. This at a time when victim number 1000.000 is fast approaching in Syria (and nobody knows how many Norwegian Muslim “freedom fighters” that might have participated in the atrocities there).

The program committee does not see Palestinian violence and terror as something that might have contributed to the ongoing stalemate, and adds insult to injury by demanding that Israeli produce manufactured  over the green line be marked. If the Government should be silly enough to pay any heed to these instructions (which in theory they are obliged to comply with) one need not be a Nostradamus to foresee that Norwegian diplomats would continue to trot up and down empty an cold corridors anywhere of importance.

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Labor sharpens criticism of Israel
Believes Israel has full responsibility if there is a two state solution.
Published: 21 hours ago
Ingjerd Venture
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In a proposed resolution on Labor national conference on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians be blamed Israel for an entrenched conflict. The proposal is being clubbed by country on the congress’s final day.

Labor sharpens tone now and want labeling of Israel-products produced in the West Bank.

In its statement the Labor Party’s editorial committee blames Israel for the deadlocked conflict. They write:

“If the goal of a two state solution is unattainable, the Palestinian autonomy will crumble, and the occupier Israel alone will be left in charge of the occupied Palestinian population under international law.”

Terror. Chairman of the Editorial Committee, Terje Aasland, stands fully and completely for the statement.

– Do not the Palestinians have any responsibility to stop terrorism or recognize Israel’s right to exist?

– In my opinion, all parties to a conflict have a responsibility. But we must be clear on how we address the main responsibility for the situation in the area, says Aasland.

Two state solution. – Why does not anything in the statement say that the Palestinians have responsibility?

– The statement has been angled in this particular way such , and we put a lot of responsibility on Israel to get peace in the Middle East and go to a track where you can find a two-state solution.

Labeling. Labor Committee also proposes to “make visible trade with goods produced in illegal settlements in the occupied territories.” The decision proposal outlines labeling of goods as a method. This is done to provide a “real opportunity to opt out of such goods.”

– For the electronics too, or is it just oranges?

– It applies to all goods produced in the illegal settlements in the occupied territories.

– Why is it important?

– It is important for people to opt out of goods produced in areas that have a strong level of conflict in itself, says Aasland.

The statement is expectedto be approved without much resistance. The editorial committee was in full agreement on the content.

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  1. herbert deutsch
    April 21, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    Who is the Enemy? – Naomi Ragen, 9/7/2004
    – APRIL 20, 2013
    I have not been able to recover from the terrorist attack in Beslan. Terrorism is not the enemy. Terrorism is a tactic of the enemy. Who, then, is the enemy that fights all those who identify with the civilized world — the world in which children and their mothers are cherished and protected, even in war? The world in which school buildings, and ambulances, and hospitals, and holy places are respected and left out of armed conflicts as neutral zones? The world in which children are taught to love thy neighbor, even if he is different and follows another religion? A world in which there can be no excuse for wiring a school building with explosives, starving children and shooting them and their mothers in the back when they cry, and finally blowing up the roof over their heads, burying hundreds in rubble?The enemy is the man who shot Tali Hatuel when she was nine-months pregnant and then shot her four little girls in the head at point-blank range. The enemy is the man who blew up elderly Holocaust survivors at their Passover Sederin Netanya. The enemy is the man who blew up the nightclub in Bali; who laid the bombs on the train tracks in Madrid. The enemy is the political framework that trains this man and rewarded him. The enemy is the country or countries that financed the political framework. The enemy is the leader of these countries.The enemy is the religious leaders of these countries, who did not teach their people right from wrong. The enemy is the congregations who sat through the hate-mongering sermons. The enemy is the head of the family who went home and beat his wife, and strapped suicide belts on his sons, and slit the throats of his daughter and sister for supposed violations of the family honor. The enemy is the child who grows up in such a culture and becomes one of its perpetrators.The enemy is the Western nations who turn a blind eye, looking to excuse this behavior so it will not have to do anything about it. The Sunday Telegraph, Le Monde, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Bild – all claim that the Russian government has brought this on itself by angering the Chechens. It is the victim who is to blame. Just as Israelis deserve what they get. Tali Hatuel deserved what she got. Her little girls. The little children of Beslan. The only way to stop the murderers of children from murdering is to give into their demands, these newspapers claim. (link is broken)I disagree. The only way to stop murderers from murdering is to destroy them.
    And if you say this is impossible, I say: think back sixty years. The Thousand Year Reich is the dust of history. We destroyed their leaders, their governments, their buildings, their youth movements, their philosophy. We destroyed it all. We didn’t negotiate. We didn’t appease. We didn’t try to show them our softer side. We uprooted the evil from mankind, because no negotiations, no fence, no signed agreement, no borders, no words were effective against them.
    Long before September 11, I wrote: If an Israeli grandmother and her grandchild is not safe in a playground, than no grandmother and no grandchild anywhere in the world is safe in a playground.
    If the children of Beslan were not safe in their school, then no child and no school is safe anywhere in the world; until this enemy is destroyed, root and branch, without mercy or equivocation.
    The breakdown in morality we witness everyday is finally engulfing us. Those in the Western news media who call armed terrorists, men who wire schools with explosives and murder women and children, “hostage-takers” and “militants” are setting themselves up to mourn their own children.
    A generation ago, fifty million people died because the reaction of their governments and their religious leaders and their press came too late. The Neville Chamberlains saw to that. Too late. And for us, who have our Shimon Pereses, and our Yossi Beilins, and our Chiracs, and our Kofi Anans, and Michael Moores and John Kerrys, will it also be too late?
    For the children of Beslan, the answer is yes. And for your children?
    Copyright Naomi Ragen, 2004

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