May 1 – the annual Israel hate fest sponsored by the Unions

and lest we forget, it is the unions that bankroll the Labour party and the red-green coalition. So no matter what polite pillow talk our selected politicians utter in English after it emerged that Norway indeed had a strong bias again Israel and Jews, this is what goes on in Norwegian and when they think nobody is watching:

In Bergen they called for boycott of Israel, and also – as it befits the neo-antisemites – labeled Israel as an apartheid state.

In Oslo they towed in some verborragic person from Gaza who was given free rains to portray Israel as the big bad wolf with no mention of Palestinian terror attacks or war crimes perpetrated from Gaza and/or Ramallah. The guest of honor further stated that she understood rocket attacks aimed at Israel, although she stated that she did not wish to see any Israeli civilian killed. But Israel is due the rockets since Israel is killing the Palestinians the whole time…

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions also issued a three page dossier on why it is important to boycott Israel and also break relations with the Israeli counterpart Histadrut, while not mentioning with a word the war crimes perpetrated by the PA/Hamas, and also pretending that the State of Israel is a modern concept, sweeping under the carpet that the Nation of  Israel has been around in the area for thousands of years, in particular in the Samaria and Judea.

So, nothing there, and as pointed out, they bankroll the red green coalition and general elections are only a few months away…

Nevertheless, this is how one observer commented on the anti-Israel bias of the labor movement:


Verdens Gang 2013 05 01 p 2, 3

Astrid Mæland, Not Online


Astrid Mæland writes on the Labor party and the Labor movement in a historic context, lampooning today’s Labor activists and also commenting upon reflexive hatred of Israel.


“And obviously, the boycott of Israel. Israel, the lightning conductor country, is always something to agree upon when everything else goes in conflicting directions. Bergen has this year had two anti-Israeli paroles, Oslo one, as has Trondheim. There is a lot of injustice in the world. It might be bad in Gaza; it is outright horrific in Syria

it might also be a good time to remind the labor movement of the consequences of their collective hatred of Israel and Jews. Quite not on the level of Venezuela, but they might want to sit up straight and reflect on where the road they are going down might lead…


Aftenposten 2013 03 13, Cathrine Thorleifsson

The author is a Senior Researcher at FaFo, the Norwegian Trade Union’s research Center.

Hugo Chavez made it more difficult to be a Jew in Venezuela.

The death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was met with grief by the whole world. This man of the people is remembered over his commitment to the poor and non-privileged. The treatment of the vulnerable in the community does not only include the poor; also it includes minorities. There have been few comments over the late President’s attitudes towards the Jewish minority of Venezuela. The perception by minorities over their security is an important indicator as of how far different regimes see themselves duty bound to democracy and human rights.

A climate of anti-Semitism.

Under the rule of Chavez, the Jewish minority was a regular target of anti-Semite representations. In a speech in the Christmas of 2008, Chavez openly attacked the Jews: “Some minorities, descendants of a people crucifying Christ… a minority which has confiscated all the riches in the world”.

Anti-Semite rhetoric was also used as a political tool. In 2008, Henrique Capriles Radonski was a candidate to the office of governor. Capriles is a Catholic; his grandparents were Polish Jews and survivors of the Holocaust. In state controlled media, his Jewish family background was employed in the service of a smear campaign.        This opposition leader was described as a representative of the “Jewish-Zionist elite” and a “genetic fascist”. In another publication, the Star of Zion was affixed to his face. Such descriptions and images plays on classic anti-Semite stereotypes.

Fear and harassment.

Venezuela has one of Latin America’s oldest Jewish communities. Jews took part in the liberation movement of the country’s national hero, Simon Bolivar, always being an integrated part of the community. Today, the community counts between 12 000 and 16 000 individuals within a nation of about 30 Million. Numbers have decreased, in particular in Caracas, the capital, after Chavez came to power fourteen years ago. A Jewish Venezuelan, with whom I met with in Israel in 2009 had left Venezuela due to fears.

Maya described the situation thus: “I was in fear over walking outside at night. Our Synagogue was painted with swastikas and anti-Semite slogans”

There were feelings over Chavez not effecting measures against anti-Semitism; rather encouraging hostility directed at the Jews. One of his closest allies was Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; openly advocating the destruction of Israel. As for himself, Chavez accused the state of Israel of genocide against the Palestinian people. His biased anti-Israeli rhetoric made it more difficult to be a Jew in Venezuela. The dark sides of Chavez will be part of his legacy. However, the inheritance of a decade of anti-Semitism in Venezuela may take longer to change.




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    Hmm, I wonder whether the Norwegian establishment had much contact with Chavez? They certainly compliment each other!

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