Some May 1 revelers in favor of Israel

Miff is doing a tremendous job getting the bigger picture across to the general Norwegian public (and that is why they very justly enjoy a healthy growth in their membership numbers), arranging a pro-Israel demo outside the Storting on May 1. Also there were celebrations for the Petrol funds decision to invest in Israeli State bonds:


Vårt Land 2013 05 02,Anders Myklebust


Demo in favor of Israel on May 1st, in front of the Storting, speeches held by Hans Olav Syversen and Carl I. Hagen. Syversen lampooned official government policy on investments in Israel, pointing to the government actually increasing its investments in the country, while at the same time the Labor party demands disinvestment.


Dagen 2013 05 02, Johannes Reindal, Not Online


Article on the Oil Fund’s investments in Israeli state bonds, and the pro-Israel demo in front of the Storting on May the 1st..


“The fund is already involved in a number of Israeli corporations; however, in a hearing in the Storting on Tuesday, the Minister of Finance, who also is the leader of the Fund, Sigbjørn Johnsen, reported of investments in Israeli state bonds. This is in order to, and I quote’ dispersing risks better’, Syversen said, receiving applause”.

Carl I. Hagen:

“The paroles by the LO’s bosses emitted to the nation are their responsibility. Not all 900 000 members of the LO are behind such demands of boycotts. Do not attack the common workers who are not demonstrating. Let the extremists parade, with the Labor party’s and the LO’s leadership”, he said.

“Also, the leader of the Friends of Israel at the Storting, Jørund Rytman, was crass against the LO: ‘The LO demands a boycott on the wrong premises. They ignore more than 100 other countries grossly in breach of democracy and human rights . They only point at Israel. They even demand a breach in contacts with their own sister organization in Israel. LO ought to be ashamed over itself”.

To further drab the Confederation of Norwegian Unions, the Palestinian TUC representative visiting for the congress had this to say with regards to the proposed boycott motion:

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Warns against the boycott of Israeli trade union

LO members who want boycott Israeli LO is no strong support from the Palestinian trade union movement.

Gunnar Kagge, Published: 04.mai. 2013 11:49 Updated: 04.mai. 2013 1:01 p.m.

Boycott of Israeli labor union (Histadrut) and Israeli goods is one of the major themes of conflict on trade union congress. LO leadership warns against such decisions, but can get strong headwind.

Shaher Saed of the Palestinian Trade Unions (PGFTU) is grateful for the commitment of the trade union congress, but told Aftenposten that a boycott of the Histadrut will hardly make any difference to his members.

He is concerned that Norway and other countries need to stop buying goods from the illegal Israeli settlements.

– And you must know that tens of thousands of Palestinians working in these settlements, it is the only way they can support their families. These people must be helped if the boycott is effective, he said.

– The products from these settlements are illegal, they are stolen from occupied territories.

Eide: Important to talk to all
Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide warns LO Congress against boycotting Israeli trade union movement, he believes it is important to talk with everyone.

Researchers believe KrF Israel’s policy is in violation of international law
Middle East scholars believe KrF new Israel policy for the next parliamentary term clearly violate international law.

Espen Barth Eide greeted the TUC and talked about Syria and the Middle East than in Israel.

On the way into People’s House so he banners calling for a boycott of the Histadrut.

– It is strictly for the TUC to decide, respond Foreign Minister Aftenposten asked whether he supports the claim.

– But in general I would say that it is very important to have contact with both sides. There is strong Norwegian tradition.

– Is this a clear warning?

– I will content myself with saying that it is wise to keep all channels open, he said.

The Foreign Minister shows a much greater understanding of the need to boycott products from the settlements.

– Illegal Israeli settlements gobble up Palestinian areas. We work hard to get the ban on trade that benefits the Israeli economy, and which support the illegal settlements. We must identify clear and effective measures, he said.

Powerful forces at TUC will break all contact with the Histadrut.

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  1. Martin
    May 5, 2013 at 7:48 am

    I m sure that all Norwegian products ( there are not too many) will have labels placed on them explaining that the country supports a boycott of Isdraeli products which are produced over the Green Line.
    Boycott is a double edged sword.

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